Best Futons For Fat People

When you are on the heavy side, you start noticing little things in your life that aren’t as good as they could be. Regular beds are made for people who weigh in at about 200 pounds, and when you cross the 220 pounds marker, you will notice your back aching sometimes in the morning and generally having discomfort when you are sleeping. This isn’t only because of the bed is not supportive enough, but it is not supportive enough in the correct areas. Many people turn to futons as they are considered a better choice, but still you will have to make sure that it currectly designed. The best futons for fat people have been designed in a way that gives the most support in correct areas, and lets your body sink in naturally.

When we are overweight, the weight distribution in the body changes. People who are fat, usually tend to have relatively more weight in the lower part of their body, which in normal beds will cause their back to arch over the natural curvature of the spine – this is of course if they are sleeping on their. This will not immediately start showing except maybe as poor sleep quality, but in the long term the pressure that it causes to the intervertebral discs will cause problems that are far beyond just small back pain. You might even get a disc hernia because of a poorly fitting futon.

The weight distribution of the person sleeping in the bed is one of the largest demands that you put on a futon. All mattresses have been designed for a specific body type, and some might work well on more than a few body types, but the optimal futon or mattress is always custom made to the distribution of weight that your body has. This way we can be absolutely certain that you are getting the proper amount of lumbar support which allows the natural arch to be maintained in the spine. Also your lower body needs support in the correct places to maintain a natural hip position. The thing is that not all people sleep on their back all the time, and that is also a big reason why all mattresses aren’t equal. If you are sleeping on your stomach or on your side, the bed that is perfect for you to sleep on your back, might not be so good anymore.

Like I said there are quite a bit of differences in the way that the weight is distributed in the body, and just making a stiffer regular futon, isn’t going to make it in the best futons for fat people as it will most likely not support the lower body enough. Besides the weight distribution and it’s effect on sleep quality, you also need to think about the differing dimensions. The shape of the body can be quite a bit different, and if one has a large bottom, the futon has to make it possible for them to sleep in a natural position, which allows the supportive skeleton to maintain in a comfortable position. Not allowing the middle part of the body to sink in the futon is going to exaggerate the arch of the back and result in serious pain.

The lumbar part of the back is the part which is under the most stress on a regular basis. During the day the lumbar spine is mostly in an incorrect position which is caused by the seated position in which most of as work. When the lumbar arch is in kyphosis (reversed from the image above) instead of being in the natural lordosis, the intervertebral discs receive an unnatural pressure which can cause them to hernia in the spinal cord, causing even lower body paralysis. A proper futon designed for fat people can help obese people to relieve the pressure from the spine during the night, and not only reduce the risk of lower back injuries, but also improve the quality of sleep which will result in a better working performance and a reduced risk to be involved in accidents in traffic.

Very common problems that all people have when they are buying futons is that they try to save as much money as they can in choosing their futon. Good sleep quality is one of the largest single things that can influence your mood and your quality of life – instead save on the futon frame. When you choose the cheapest available option, you are also getting cheaper materials. This means that your futon is filled with a really low quality filling. These can usually be even garment fibres or even cotton which hasn’t been designed to give you the proper support you need, on a regular basis. Sure it could feel good at first but it will deteriorate slowly, and eventually you will notice you have back pains.

Poor materials don’t only bring the problem os poor support, but they also might be a reason for allergies. During our sleep, most of us sweat quite a bit, and when you are a fat person, you are going to sweat even more. The futon then has to be more resistant to mold and bacteria. Low quality materials rarely provide you with either of these, and you will soon notice the futon to be greenish or have a bad odor. There is really no other choice then than to throw the futon away and get a new one – money you might have saved back when you bought that cheap futon, have to be spent to get a new futon.

Cheap futons also have problems with the futon cover. Since the tuftings that are the small dimples on the futon, are the ones that keep the fillings in place, you need to have a lot of them. If the material on the muslin is low quality, there normally aren’t enough tuftings which allows the fillings to move inside the mattress. You will soon star to notice a dent in the futon, and eventually you will have everything in one corner of the futon. To avoid this you should be sure the futon is filled with foam and hardly any fiber. A really good quality foam doesn’t shift, and it doesn’t produce these pits in the long term. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of these futons available at really cheap prices, so you will always have to spend more than $200 to make sure you have a futon mattress for more than a month.

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  1. That title certainly caught me off guard, but buying a futon can be a different experience if you are someone on the heavier side. You have some great advice for buying a futon. Saving money when buying the frame is a much better idea than trying to save money on buying the actual futon. My parents have a futon in the basement of their house and they splurged for the nicer futon and it was a great decision. When they have guests stay over they really enjoy sleeping on the futon because it is so comfortable. You might not know it but sells futons AND mattresses. I think that’s where my parents got theirs. The website is great, so if you are in the market for a futon check it out. I hope this information finds you well, and thanks for a great post.

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