Best Web Hosting Reseller Program

So because of the style of my business, I have come in to contact with quite a few different webhosts, and I have had accounts in many of them. Currently I have three reseller accounts and four shared accounts – all of these are hosted with different providers. All of them are of a high quality but what I have to say is that one of them stands out because of it’s low price and high quality. This one is Hostgator. I don’t feel like there is any problem if I said that it was the best web hosting reseller program out there.

Why do I feel like this?

Many people who have any idea about the search engines, realize that with localized search results one of the factors that need to be taken in to notice is the location of the website. Their Reseller Hosting Package comes with the ability for you to choose between a big number of their servers in different locations. So if your customers company is located in UK they can choose to use a server that is located there and get more visibility for their website. This will help you get customers from all around the world and you will have better success as a web hosting reseller. Simply put – you will get multiple C-Class IP addresses, which means that you are going to have the SEO benefits as to offer for your clients.

Second is the reseller control center. Many hosting companies only use the WHM panel and don’t even bother to customize anything for their services. Hostgator on the other hand has their own Reseller Central v3 which puts you in charge of everything you want. If your clients want to migrate accounts to another country or to another server, they can just send you an e-mail or contact you via the Central Dashboard that they want to move. Then you just select their account and migrate it – the Reseller Central takes care of anything, and within minutes the account is migrated to another part of the world.

Third is their unlimited reseller program. This is unheard of, and no-other hosting company offers so low cost reseller accounts with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH and UNLIMITED QUOTA – this means that your fees will never go up – no matter how many customers you have. After a specific amount of customers all the money that comes in will be strictly profits!

Fourth is of course their high quality servers and excellent customer service. If you don’t know much technicalities about webservers, I will just tell you that Hostgator has recently upgraded all of their servers to state of the art machines. They are running enterprise level servers which makes this the best web hosting reseller program online.

Going with Hostgator will definitely be the last hosting provider that you will have to deal with – at least I can say that it will be the last one that I’ll ever use. Slowly I will get rid of all my other accounts as my prepaid deposits are done, and I will move all my websites and customers to Hostgator.

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