How Businesses Benefit By Using Self Storage

The year 2008 has revolved around immense economic crunch that has adversely affected every professional sector. The banking sector has also received a tremendous blow from this breakdown. This in turn has affected the various businesses often curtailing their profit and prospects. Thus, saving mechanisms are the need of the hour for every business establishment. One of the most effective ways to benefit amidst this crisis is to opt for self storage. Every business starts and builds prioritizing cost-cuts and cost effectiveness. In this regard, self storage is a brilliant strategy to save money from paying lump-sum amounts as rentals to house their stocks.

Flexibility factor

Self storage is a flexible storage option for stock based businesses. Self storage service has its share of uniqueness that draws special appeal. The following are important details pertaining to flexibility of self storages:

  • Short notice- Self storage is flexible in terms of both facilities and space. All you need is a license to access it. There are storage agencies that do not need more than 7-day notice to expand or reduce the storage space as per your requirement. This saves you from paying extra for unnecessary space.
  • Flexible rentals- The rentals are flexible. During festivities, stock volume normally has tendencies to increase with increasing demands. This in turn calls for extra space in the warehouse hired. The rentals nevertheless go down when these stocks are sold out after the festive season gets over.
  • Flexible space- Stock based businesses often experience fluctuations in stock levels. Self storage houses are flexible and are ready to provide with and charge for just the space that is needed.
  • No long-term lease – If you wish to hire a self storage house, you do not need to issue along lease. Self storage companies provide flexibility with respect to commitment so that you can get a license and maintain short-term commitment as per your convenience.
  • Flexible facilities- Facilities are vary in correspondence to the stock mass. For bulk storage, these storehouses loading bays and drive-up units. They also offer forklift facilities so that bulk orders are dispatched without much effort.
  • Short-term commitment- These self storage houses also offer an array of services ranging from car parking to conference rooms. All these are available through short-term commitments without having to get associated with the set-up for a long time shelling huge amount of money. The self storage operators are in charge of coordinating rates and electricity charges thereby letting you concentrate on other important responsibilities related to your business.


Self storage is the best way in which a company can make the most out of its office-space. There are many benefits associated with self storage services. Few of them are as follows:

  • Non urgent material- There is offices that involve hefty amount of paper work that leads to unwanted piling of files and documents, which kills useful space. Besides, non-urgent equipments and temporarily unused furniture need not acquire office space and cut down available area for the staff. The self storage units come to use in order to store such non-urgent stuff; this creates space in the office that can be used more effectively.
  • Easy relocation- It is easier to expand or relocate with access to self storage units. This huge opportunity is offered by self storage facilities. With availability of space, self storage allows to expand staff-strength, which saves a business unit from costly relocation. This makes it convenient for the customers and suppliers since they can find the business house easily and for the staff, it remains easy to commute.
  • Travel time- Self storage cuts down the time consumed for travelling to a large extent—this benefits chiefly the sales representatives who need not relentlessly travel in search for samples and materials all over the territory.
  • Archives storage- It also allows for archive storage. Housing archives in a self storage unit allows you to save money and at the same time hire a safe place for documents and materials that are important yet do not have use on a regular basis.


There is always a close nexus maintained between the self storage unit and the business house. A self storage house is easily accessible 24×7 and it is very comfortable located maintain mostly close proximity with the client’s base or otherwise it enjoys a convenient location in terms of commutation. Though it is an off-site stock for a business house, its accessibility is no less immediate that stocks maintained inside the office.

Thus, a self storage unit is undoubtedly a good bet. It is a cost-effective solution for business units. Self storage companies maintain flexibility in compliance with the needs of the clients. It is an excellent solution to house stocks, with proper accessibility and is definitely beneficial for stock-based businesses. Self storage is increasing getting popular amongst stock-based companies because of the service, facilities, and satisfaction they offer in affordable prices.

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Internet Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

The internet is finally starting to reach the tipping point in which it becomes an accepted, main stream method of doing business.  You know this is close to happening when Grandmothers and Grandfathers are comfortable surfing the web and interacting with websites.  Historically this demographic is the last to embrace any new technology and with the advent of social sites like Facebook and video sites like Skype this has occurred by way of keeping in contact with their grandkids.  Now the only question for you is what type of internet business opportunities you are interested in pursuing to cash in on this major growth market.

The sky is really the limit on what can be purchased online now that people are comfortable with providing their credit card numbers and shipping has become so easy.  If you are interested in a web based business then the first step is to find something that sells well offline and create an online presence selling that same product or class of products.  The chances for success are increasing every day and it is really getting to be true that things no one would have thought could be sold online a few years ago are now exploding.

I think Amazon’s bookstore is a great example.  Who would have thought 10 years ago that people would be comfortable buying books online.  Up until that time the way to purchase a book was to actually go to a store and look at the book.  Customers would pick it up, skim through it, read the back jacket and maybe the prologue; then when they were sure they would enjoy the book they bought it.  It really seemed like people needed to be able to hold the book in order to feel a connection with it.

Amazon proved this is not so.  They provided all the information noted above other than the actually tactile experience of feeling the book.  It turns out this really didn’t matter to people.  They were happy to give there credit info without any physical contact.  This phenomenon will only get more pronounced as more and more people get comfortable buying online.

Just before the dotcom bust there were several websites launched which attempted to market everyday products and food stuffs to the public.  Most every one of them failed as people really didn’t like the idea of buying commodities online.  It just really didn’t make a lot of sense to people when they could run down to the local mall or grocery store and get the same item.  People just weren’t ready for this service.

Again, what a difference ten years makes.  Now people routinely buy all kinds of items online from pet food to baby diapers.  People are starting to realize the importance of time and are utilizing every minute as best as they can.  There is no reason to spend a Saturday afternoon fighting traffic and crowds when you can sit down at the keyboard for 5 minutes and get the same result.  This doesn’t even take into account the transportation cost to go buy that bag of cat food.  With the price of gasoline you could very easily spend more in fuel than the shipping charge to have the product delivered right to your door.

Online shopping has also allowed people to find specialty products they used to have to search all over town for.  If you are interested in Kosher food, you can find it.  If you want organic grains, you can find them.  If you have a taste for Eastern Mediterranean spices, they are only a click away.  The internet has turned into one big market place where you can find most anything you could ever want.  And the great thing is there are no crowds and you can shop in your pajamas if you want.

There has never been a better time to jump into a new marketing adventure.  Millions of new customers are coming online every day and they are hungry for everything under the sun.  Pick a business opportunity that interests you and get started today.

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Internet Business and the Power of Residual Income

What is residual income? More importantly, what can you do to produce this type of income so that you may have a chance to one day retire well before your 65th birthday? Before I get into how to produce this type of income, let me first talk about what it is. There are basically two types of income.

The first is linear income. Although you may or may not have heard of this term, chances are, this is the type of income you currently have. Linear income is money you make by trading your time. Think of any job you have ever had. If you got paid by the hour or even on salary, then it was linear income. This type of income is fixed since you only have so many hours in a day. Even if you are a doctor making $700,000 a year, you are still limited to the amount of patients you can see in a day. With linear income, the downside is that once you stop working, your income will stop as well. The upside is that you can count on producing an income for every hour that you put in.

The second type of income is residual income. Unlike linear income, this type of income isn’t fixed. This means that you aren’t limited to the amount of time that you have. The reason is because you are able to produce the income even if you don’t put in the time. This may seem impossible but think about your savings account. You put money in there and earn interest on it each and every month. Sure, the amount you earn may be insignificant but the fact is that you increased your net worth without putting in any extra time. To give you another example, think of song writers or authors. They produced a piece of work once and are able to reap the benefits over and over again for years and years to come.

With residual income, you can literally retire without even being a millionaire. All you need to do is find out how to produce enough of it to offset your monthly expenses. Someone with a $100k job will need to continuously work in order to produce that amount of income. If they stop working, their income stream will stop as well. And if that happens, they will be in trouble. Even if you had $1 million, it will only last you for so long. If your expenses are $5k for example and you made $5k in residual income each month, you can stop working and live the rest of your life in retirement even if you aren’t making as much as someone who is bringing in $100k a year.

This is the power of residual income. Now that you know what it is, it’s time to find out how to actually build it. There are lots of ways you can do this and one of the most powerful ways is to create an internet business. The reason why is because compared to a traditional business, the start up cost is usually less. On top of that, your “store” will be open 24/7 to people from all around the world instead of just in your local neighborhood like you would with a brick and mortar business. There is a learning curve with an internet business though. You will need to be able to create websites and more importantly, drive traffic to them. Fortunately, there are many great websites that will show you how to succeed with your internet business so take the time to learn from them.

Once you know what to do, you need to put in the work. If financial freedom is at all important to you, then make creating enough residual income to retire on your number one goal. Once you reach that point, life will become a lot more interesting.

Google Adsense Program Still The Best Despite Criticisms

The whole adsense program is making Google billions of dollars every month.  What started as a tiny experiment has now become colossal and it is single-handedly the reason why the shares of this company are over five hounded dollars a share presently.

Not only has Google become insanely wealthy off the whole adsense program, which allows businesses to advertise their website by buying adwords on the actual search results in addition to other people’s websites, but it has made many webmasters and blog owners rich as well.

The whole process is designed to be as easy and self-explanatory as possible.

  1. A person has a website
  2. He opens up an Adsense account
  3. The account is looked at and approved or disapproved
  4. Once account is activated the person goes in a picks which size ad block and color he wants
  5. Special java script code is given to the account holder
  6. Code is copied and pasted onto website and in 10 minutes or less relevant ads are being displayed in location chosen

It is an extremely easy process.  A fifth grader could do it without much difficulty whatsoever.

Unlike other forms of affiliate advertising, where the webmaster has to insert text links and banners in the perfect spot and in just the right location of a website to make any money, adsense takes care of itself once installed.

Many people speak negatively about the whole  program because they say it’s payout is extremely small in comparison to the forms of advertising.  You search the web and hear tons of stories and posts of people complaining that they made only a couple dollars with it during the course of a whole year.

That is most likely true.

For a person to make any money from Google adsense you have to have organic traffic and lots of it.  Anything website getting less than one hundred visitors per day from the search engines (not social media outlets or direct traffic) will not produce a lot of  revenue no matter how well written or informative it is.  You will make a couple bucks here and there but it will not be any consistent income that you can live off.

Nevertheless, there is no other form of advertising I know that will do all the work for you once you sign up.  There is no other advertising program that will find you extremely relevant ads, put them on your website for you, and then pay you every time someone clicks on them regardless of whether they convert into an actual sale.  Other affiliates may pay more it is only if the person who clicks actually purchases something. Google has the only program that does what they do and it is the reason why the most successful internet marketers use it.

There are indeed 2-3 other medium sized pay-per-click programs, like Bidvertiser, but the lack of consistency and trustworthiness of them have been well documented.  Many people who have used them have reported earnings unfairly taken away on more than one occasion as well as non-relevant ads being shown on their websites.

When you are a webmaster you want to be certain the the company you are advertising with, be it the actual one selling a product/service or a third party service representing other companies, will pay you exactly what you have earned and at the time originally stated.  No other PPC program has a solid reputation of doing that.

With the adsense program your earnings are calculated every month on the 15th and the check is sent out on the 21st of the month.  If you elect to have direct deposit than you will get your  income no latter than the 23rd.  If you elect to have a check sent to you then you will have to wait until later in the month.  The point is that everything is fair and consistent.  Google has spent hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting their adsense program and the accountability they hold themselves to when it comes to tracking results and earnings are very high.  Nobody can dispute that.

Yes, despite many criticisms there are many people making great money with adsense on a consistent monthly basis and are living quite comfortably because of it.  The people who are able to do this have websites in every niche imaginable from home improvement to cosmetic dental surgery advice.

Its by far the easier advertising program to implement on any website and despite many criticisms it is still the best in the world.

What Type of a Menu Cover Is the Best?

The reason that you are likely looking for the answer to this question is because you are likely an owner of a restaurant or a manager in charge of ordering the covers for the menus at your establishment. There is a slight hangup with the answer, because it is not as simple as saying “blank” is the best menu cover. The reason for this is because it is based upon a variety of factors. We’ll discuss a few of those here, briefly, to give you a better idea of how to refine your search.

Probably, the best thing you could do is to figure out the best restaurant menu cover for your needs is to define the category first. In other words, what type of establishment do you own or manage? This will help you to more clearly define what you want your menu cover to look like. If you will be hiring out the design process, then this will also give the designer a better idea as to what direction to head in.

Let’s take just a minute to go into a bit more detail about this step, as it is important. Let’s say that you have a fine dining establishment. In such a place, details are important. They are important in all types of restaurants, but your clientele are especially attuned to such refinement. So, your menu should present them this same attention to detail and taste. You literally want them to be impressed by how you present the food choices to them as well as what choices you have. Does this override the need to have great food and superior service? Of course not. It just means that you are paying attention to details that do help people form opinions of your restaurant. We do it all the time anyway, they might as well be positive and reinforcing of the image you want to portray.

In more cases than not, you’ll likely be using a leather menu cover in this type of restaurant. Leather gives the classic and classy type of image you are after. It never really goes out of style and can actually look and feel better with age. You want this same feeling and ambiance to be carried throughout your restaurant. Sure, you can have those little menu holders that sit atop the tables, but this just portrays a different type of feeling. As we’ve discussed, there is no absolute ‘best menu cover’ just the best one for your needs. As you browse around for ideas and different styles; leather, metal, vinyl, custom, keep this point in mind.

On this topic of custom choices, you should also know that there are ways of creating a very nice custom style that combines the materials just mentioned. For example, you might run or own an Asian-fusion type of restaurant. This is the perfect example of the type of place that could use a combination of a bamboo and metal or cork and metal type of combination. The difference or contrast between the two elements brings the same theme of that fusion that your establishment does. Again, you’re creating and anchoring in that sense of consistency into the unconscious minds of your guests.

This whole idea that there is just ‘one thing’ that you need to do in order to have a successful restaurant is a bit silly, really. There are so many factors that go into it, it is no wonder that they are opening and closing all the time. What seems to be a crazy idea can take off, while other establishments, with better food choices, don’t make it. What is the secret? If there was one, you’d probably be reading about that online, too. The only thing that will keep you around for years to come is great service and a consistent effort to exceed the expectations of your guests. Yes, your little menu cover does play a part in that, too.

Best Ways To Make Money Working From Home

It is not uncommon to want to earn an income online, especially when it comes with all the benefits that it does. The most important reason why people are so in to finding the best ways to make money working from home is possibly the amount of freedom it gives. You are not bound to one place but instead you can be working from any place around the world. That means that you can easily jump on the plane tomorrow and head to another country, and work on your laptop from there. You don’t need anything else but a reliable power source and occasional internet connection.

Yes, it does not really even require a constant internet connection, because most of the work involved is going to be writing, and the smaller part of the work will be publishing the articles. Actually most people find it easier to actually stay disconnected from the internet while they are doing this because the internet is one huge distraction, and it is going to take more of your time than it is going to save it when it comes to creating content for websites.

Most of the internet marketers that I know who really understand the ways to make money working from home by creating websites and optimizing them for search engine traffic, know that spending time reading is time wasted most of the time. When you are non building a website you are not earning money, and for that reason alone, it is a good idea to try to make as much as possible, without wasting time online.

One of the best way to actually earn an online income is to create niche based websites that are each targeting one keyword that has minimal competition. Internet marketers have been doing this for years and they are still successful at it because of a few things. First of all search engines seem to love websites that have the search keywords in their urls, post titles and page titles. If the whole site is based on making money from home, then it is going to get traffic who are looking for making money from home.

Secondly, the niches are practically endless, and there are more coming as I am writing this. Every time as someone invents something new, those keywords start getting search engine traffic, and it adds up to being a potential keyword to create a website on.

What is advised to be done, is to build an information rich website that has a good amount of content that is all based around that particular product, service or any invention that it might be about. Since there are no other similar sites you are going to be the one that ranks high on the search engines and your site will be the one that all the searchers find. Once they are on your site, you are going to try to sell them something that is the product that they looked for, or something that they would need. The trick is to learn to monetise all kinds of traffic, and once you can do that you know one the best ways to make money working from home.

10 Best ways to waste time while trying to make money online

There seems to be quite a large crowd trying to earn an income using the internet, and many of them are doing it because they want to stop doing regular work. It is a noble quest but it does require quite a lot of work and almost all of us find ourselves doing something that we are not supposed to do – we are quitly of spending our time with one of the 10 best ways to waste time while trying to make money online. (I am actually doing all of them all the time)

Reading the various MMO-blogs

Almost all of us are quilty of this and it is actually quite normal – you want to have an idea of what other people are doing to make that online income a reality. Every now and then you find a nice blog which you start reading, and sometimes you get hooked. I personally don’t read too many blogs but I do spend way too much time sometimes on the few that I read. You might think that you can’t spend too much time on a blog once you have read the post but oh yes, you can…

Commenting on the MMO blogs

Sometimes you really want to be social and you have to make a comment about the post that you just  read. It might be the fact that you appreciate what the author wrote, have more experience about it, have some questions about it or just want to let him/her know that you were by that blog. You want to socialize because the majority of your time is spent building websites and trying to shut everything social out from your life. Once you start to respect another internet marketer, it is normal to try to be friends with him/her because your thoughts are similar. Well, once you have made your comment it is time to waste some more time…

Wait for your comment to be published

Blogs which automatically approve of comments that are not spammy by nature are the worst enemy of people who refresh the page every five minutes just to see if their comment got through Akismet, and is approved by the author. I have definitely done this at some point of my life, and it has to be one of the most time consuming things you can do. At some point you might even think that you are not going start writing that ezine just yet because your comment might be published soon, and after that comes the…

Wait for your comment to be answered

It is approved now.. What next? Is he/she going to answer it? She must have read it because it is published! WHY IS HE/SHE NOT ANSWERING IT?! Well sometimes people just write comments that can not be answered, and sometimes bloggers just can’t be bothered to. If you commented on Griz’s blog you most likely did some digital fellatio and are waiting for him to ‘approve of it’. You are waiting for the nod of the head from the guru which is a clear sign of the fact that he now is your friend and in future you can bother him with any possible thing that comes to your mind. Comments are great and if you ask something that has not been answered in the post then it is excellent. But you if you claim to be a long time reader and are asking something that has been written 10 times in the 5 last posts and asked 20 in the previous comments, then you are most likely not going to be answered every single time.

Also because of the fact that some blogs get an insane amount of comments, it could be possible that the author did not just see yours – but if you think this is the case don’t go back begging for him/her to answer your comment, it’s not cool. I don’t get an insane amount of comments in any of my blogs, and that is why I feel obligated to answer all of them, even if they are those ‘fly-by’ comments “hi! nice post”. Well if they get through Akismet I do.

Waste your time on the forums

Do you really think that you can make money online reading forums? I am definitely guilty as charged on spending too much time on one of the various forums there are. The truth about forums is this. If you are reading forums like Digital Point or Warrior Forums, you are most likely not learning anything that you can use. There are a lot of people just gaming the forums and marketing useless crap to newbies who are trying to earn a passive income, and they are doing it simply because these guys are ready to buy everything you feed to them. If you identify yourself from the previous paragraph, it is a good idea to get out from there and forget about your username – forums are not going to provide you with any sort of income unless you are selling stuff to the readers.

I spend most of my time on Ben’s make money online forum and I concider it being quite a high quality forum, even though there is a lot of the regular crap there. The fact is that if you are a part of a forum and you are not there to ask questions, you are most likely going to give newbie advice to people who are even newer to the business than you are. Congratulations you have found someone who knows less of internet marketing than you do! I do give advice there and I do spend way too much time there, and I can honestly say that sometimes I think that I am a more experienced marketer than the guy asking the question. Well the problem is that I don’t know how much he is making, or how long has he been doing it. I can give advice that are based on something that I have learnt by doing, or something that I have learn by reading, or something that I have learnt by just trying to figure out. There are usually as many advice as there are people giving them, and you are probably going to get a wide view of peoples opinions if you dare to ask a question that is interesting, There is no one method that works, and there are many success stories and you are going to have to do the work to see the money, not change your methods every week.

Doing pointless keyword research

The Keyword Academy method for keyword research is actually quite great – build a large list of keywords before you proceed to work on that list. When you are constantly trying to do some keyword research and come up with new ideas, you are most likely neglecting the ones that you had last week, month or year. Do you have a website which is built, has a few backlinks but is sitting in the third SERP because you have had too many other great ideas to be able to get that one site making you money? I noticed that I have at least three websites that I have sitting in positions 12-15 for their main keyword, and I have not even done too much work on them. These are sites with potential and I am getting zero visitors because of the fact that I am too busy not promoting them.

Staring at the screen

There are moments when we feel like we are burnt out and don’t have anything to write or do. Don’t just stare at your screen and hope that you are going to get an inspiration on what to do next, but instead take a break or try to get that inspiration from somewhere. If you are spending most of your time writing articles then you are most likely not taking breaks. That is great if you can work like a madman, but if you are one of those guys who can’t write a word once they are done with what they had to say it is time to chill out a sec. You are not going to be efficent if you are working for six hours straight, you need a few ten-fifteen minute breaks once in two hours to be able to keep on working efficently.

Perfecting your MMO blog

Don’t get me wrong here – if you have tons of search engine traffic and are making a lot of money it is a great idea to try to hone that adsense placement and that theme to be able to make the most out of it. If you take a look at the most popular blogs there are, you are going to see a simple blog which is clear. This is because the owners are people who are actually making money online, and don’t have the time to do nice graphics for their header, or make their site look nice. They are doing this as their business, and if you would have a business of your own, would you prefere to spend your time telling a friend how you are doing, or would you spend your time trying to improve your business. People get it all wrong, and think that the MMO blogs are the actual business – they are not.

Not working because it might not work

There are times when you are uncertain about yourself. You will think that you are not going to gain anything from writing this article, and that this one blog that you create is not going to make you money. You will never know if something is going to work if you don’t give it a try. The funny thing with making money online is that usually the thing that you least expect to make you any income is likely going to be the one most profiting thing you ever did. If you think that writing about making money online is going to make money online and that building a niche blog around left handed scissors is not, then you are probably wrong.

Not working because it is too late

I see this asked over and over again on different blogs and it is closely related to the previous way to waste time while trying to make money online. You are afraid that your efforst are not worth anything and you think that you already lost that chance with that one blog because you started out the wrong way. WRONG. You can always go back, change the content and interlinking, build the support sites and reap the benefits, unless, you did something stupid and got a ‘permanent’ deindex.

If you don’t think these are the 10 best ways to waste time while trying to make money online then feel free to comment and add your two cents!