What Type of a Menu Cover Is the Best?

The reason that you are likely looking for the answer to this question is because you are likely an owner of a restaurant or a manager in charge of ordering the covers for the menus at your establishment. There is a slight hangup with the answer, because it is not as simple as saying “blank” is the best menu cover. The reason for this is because it is based upon a variety of factors. We’ll discuss a few of those here, briefly, to give you a better idea of how to refine your search.

Probably, the best thing you could do is to figure out the best restaurant menu cover for your needs is to define the category first. In other words, what type of establishment do you own or manage? This will help you to more clearly define what you want your menu cover to look like. If you will be hiring out the design process, then this will also give the designer a better idea as to what direction to head in.

Let’s take just a minute to go into a bit more detail about this step, as it is important. Let’s say that you have a fine dining establishment. In such a place, details are important. They are important in all types of restaurants, but your clientele are especially attuned to such refinement. So, your menu should present them this same attention to detail and taste. You literally want them to be impressed by how you present the food choices to them as well as what choices you have. Does this override the need to have great food and superior service? Of course not. It just means that you are paying attention to details that do help people form opinions of your restaurant. We do it all the time anyway, they might as well be positive and reinforcing of the image you want to portray.

In more cases than not, you’ll likely be using a leather menu cover in this type of restaurant. Leather gives the classic and classy type of image you are after. It never really goes out of style and can actually look and feel better with age. You want this same feeling and ambiance to be carried throughout your restaurant. Sure, you can have those little menu holders that sit atop the tables, but this just portrays a different type of feeling. As we’ve discussed, there is no absolute ‘best menu cover’ just the best one for your needs. As you browse around for ideas and different styles; leather, metal, vinyl, custom, keep this point in mind.

On this topic of custom choices, you should also know that there are ways of creating a very nice custom style that combines the materials just mentioned. For example, you might run or own an Asian-fusion type of restaurant. This is the perfect example of the type of place that could use a combination of a bamboo and metal or cork and metal type of combination. The difference or contrast between the two elements brings the same theme of that fusion that your establishment does. Again, you’re creating and anchoring in that sense of consistency into the unconscious minds of your guests.

This whole idea that there is just ‘one thing’ that you need to do in order to have a successful restaurant is a bit silly, really. There are so many factors that go into it, it is no wonder that they are opening and closing all the time. What seems to be a crazy idea can take off, while other establishments, with better food choices, don’t make it. What is the secret? If there was one, you’d probably be reading about that online, too. The only thing that will keep you around for years to come is great service and a consistent effort to exceed the expectations of your guests. Yes, your little menu cover does play a part in that, too.