8 tips on selling your property in Central America when there is no MLS

Selling a property you own in Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua or Panama can be painfully slow and frustrating as there is no Multiple Listings Service (MLS) in these countries.  Before you get started, it makes sense to spend the time to research how real estate agents are motivated, the degree of broker collaboration in your area, and the best marketing strategies tailored to your property type.  Armed with this information you’ll be well placed to develop a selling strategy that works.

Here are 8 tips to get your started on selling your overseas property:

1)   List your property with all the real estate agencies in your region – Yes we used the plural.  In countries where there is no MLS you don’t get true listing agents who focus exclusively on marketing your property.   Open listings are the norm and broker collaboration  is weak so it does not make sense to limit your-self to the marketing strength of just one agency.   You’ll also need to regularly follow-up on your listing to make sure it stays front-of-mind.

2)   Get the price right – In the US this is simple as there are central databases (such as a MLS) that record transactions and sales prices.   This is not the case in Central American countries, so you’ll have to rely on asking prices.  Build a spreadsheet with asking prices of comparable properties and use this data to drive your pricing strategy.

3)   Write a great listing description – The trick is to focus on the benefits.  Your buyers are not really buying four walls or a roof, what they are after is a lifestyle.  Try and explain, in compelling terms, the kind of life they could lead if they owned your property.  A good way to get at benefits is to ask yourself why you bought the property in the first place and capture this in your listing description.

4)   Take some seductive photos that sell – More is not always better when it comes to photos. Too many listing descriptions have photo after photo cataloging all the features of the house.   It’s better to adopt an advertising mindset.  Each photo in your listing should be chosen because it is advertising your property, not merely documenting it.

5)   Ensure viewings can take place – As you live in another country, it’s important to set up easy viewing arrangements.  If you have a caretaker or property manager, make sure they understand that one of their responsibilities is to ensure viewings can take place with minimum fuss.

6)   Prepare your house to sell –  First impressions matter.  Is the paint on the front door peeling?  Is your garden in disarray?  Get these basic things right and you’ll do wonders for the buyer.  Start at the front of the house and work towards the back, cleaning and de-cluttering as you go.  Don’t leave anything to the buyer’s imagination.

7)   Incentivize the developer – If you own property in a real estate development that has more inventory available, the developer may be conflicted when it comes to selling your property.  They’re often more motivated to sell their own property ahead of yours.  So be sure to offer an attractive commission and price your property below developer-direct property.

8)   Consider advertising on online listing sites for added exposure – More and more buyers looking at overseas property start their research on the web, well before they step foot in an airplane.  Get web-savvy, promote your property online and you’ll be able to catch buyers on the web.

Don’t assume that you can simply list your property for sale, kickback and wait for the offers to come rolling in.   In environments where there is no MLS you may need to take on some of the marketing legwork yourself.

For more detailed information on selling your overseas property, have a look at www.revealrealestate.com.

Finding a 2nd Mortgage

In times of financial uncertainty, you need to be aware of all your available options. Credit cards may seem to offer some short term relief, but any financially prudent person will tell you that they’ll only get you deeper into debt in the long run. Payday loans are even worse, charging exorbitant amounts of interest for a short term non-secured loan. If you’re in need of a significant amount of cash, your best bet is to work with a bank or financial institution, as these provide the best security and the most flexible terms. Personal loans are ideal when you’re in need of small amounts of money, but for situations when you’re in need of significant amounts of cash, your best bet is a second mortgage.

A second mortgage is a secured loan that uses an already mortgaged property as its collateral. Using your home or a property as collateral will guarantee that you’ll be able to borrow a larger amount of cash than possible through other means. And since you’re dealing with a bank or some other established financial institution, you will have some flexibility with negotiating the repayment terms of your second mortgage. Financial institutions are also more inclined to clear second mortgages than other types of loans. Because the loan is secured with some collateral of significant value, they view them largely as good long term investments. There are also a few different types of second mortgages that you can apply for.  The first is a straight out loan with a single large payout that must be paid out over a fixed time period under an agreed upon set of conditions. The second type of second mortgage is a line of credit, in which the borrower isn’t given a large cash disbursement immediately, but is allowed to borrow smaller amounts of money several times using the property to secure the loan.

Since the second mortgage is subordinate to the first, it will have a higher interest rate. This is because the lender’s risk is much higher, since the first mortgage will be paid off first should the borrower default. Just how much higher the interest rate will be is going to depend on several key factors that the bank will consider before granting you your second mortgage. These factors include how much equity you have in your first mortgage loan, your debt to income ratio, your credit history, and your employment history. What you’ll use your second mortgage for can also be a factor in getting you the best possible deal. If you’re using the money to help fund an investment or a business, then banks may be more willing to hand out flexible terms than if it were to be used for a vacation or the treatment of an illness.

When taking out a second mortgage on a property, it is best to lay out all your options. Shop your property around different banks in order to get the best deal. Have an idea what your property is worth via an appraisal or a market evaluation. This will give you a rough idea of how much you should be getting. Do business with a bank or lender that you can trust. Some unscrupulous institutions may try to reel you in with a seemingly good deal, and then lock you in under less than favorable terms. Be aware of any second mortgage fees or default penalties that the bank may try to lay on you, both up front and when the mortgage is paid off there may be a discharge fee.  These could end up making the repayment of your second mortgage next to impossible, and place you in even greater debt. Some mortgages may seem affordable at first, but could end up having huge payments due towards the end. Such plans are called balloon payments, and these can sneak up on unwary homeowners who neglect to read the fine print.  Finding a good mortgage broker may help to find you the better deal.

Manage your Debt with the Snowball Method

Once you have fallen into a great deal of debt, it’s quite easy to start panicking. Don’t do that! There are very solid ways to get out of this predicament. It will take some time and effort and some serious cutbacks, but it’ll be worth it. There’s no joy to be found in owing wads of money.

If you want to clear debt by yourself, the best technique I can provide you with is debt snowballing. This is best summarized as paying off your debts with increasing amounts of surpluses. I’ll tell you how to do this.

First you take a good look at your finances and make a list of it. What is your total monthly income? Don’t just put down you job’s income, if you have other sources. Put down every scrap of income you have.

Next you dot down all the your monthly expenses that are vital. A good way to keep track of this is by keeping a spending diary for a month. Your vital expenses are food, water, gas, electricity, etc. Eating out isn’t a vital expense! If you want to be able to clear debt, you will have to let go of these luxuries for now.

Finally you will list all your debts. You list the debts, the interest rates, and the monthly minimum payments. Now there’s two ways to start attacking these debts. The least expensive way to debt relief is to go after the most expensive debts first. The most expensive debts are the ones with the highest interest rates. These are the debts that grow the fastest, and tackling these first will save you the most money over time.

Another way is to tackle the smallest debts first. The major benefit of this approach is more of a mental one. It will provide you with some quick wins when you cross off a couple of small debts of your list. This will give you some emotional momentum to keep going with the snowball technique. Dave Ramsey, a famous American financial TV personality, says that personal finance is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. By crossing off the smallest debts, you’ll see some quick results, and those wins will keep you motivated.

Now which method you choose is completely up to you. On the long run the former is better, and on the small run the latter probably is. If you feel like you’ll be able to stay motivated regardless, I would definitely pick the former method though. For this example I will use the method of paying the most expensive debts first.

Now on to snowballing. The idea behind this is that with each debt you pay off, you surplus increases, which will give you more money to pay off the next debt. First you take you expenses + combined minimum payments, and subtract those from your income. Now if you’re lucky, you’ll have a bit of cash left. This is your surplus. Don’t start thinking that this is extra money you can spend! You don’t want to be just paying of the minimums! Read this article on clear debt solutions to understand why.

You’ll add this extra surplus to the minimum payment of your most expensive debt. This  will make sure you pay it off as fast as you possibly can.

After a few months you’ll have succeeded in paying it off, and your surplus will be your old surplus + the monthly minimum payment of the debt you just paid off. You’ll add this new surplus to the monthly minimum of your now most expensive debt.
Then, when you’ve paid off that debt, your surplus will have increased again. That is basically how it goes. With each debt paid off your surplus increases, and gives you a greater amount to spend on the next debt.

I am very confident that this is the fastest way to handle your debts if you’re refused a consolidation loan. With each paid off debt your momentum will rise, and with it your spirit. I promise!

Investing in the Forex Market

To many people, when you talk about the forex market, they mostly think of day traders or at least short term gains.  In fact, many people look to forex as a way to invest for the future or for retirement.  It’s thought of as a world for rock star traders of large investment banks and hedge funds.  Or guys who sit in their home offices, trading their own accounts.

But in fact, there are many ways to invest in the forex market.  You can invest with a currency ETF or exchange traded fund.  These are funds that track certain sectors.  Also, ETF’s are traded on the open stock market just like any other stock.  That means you can buy and sell shares of ETF’s.  This is a great way to invest in foreign currencies without directly trading on the forex market. You can also try to fond a cheap online trading company which will take care of your trading, and all you have to do is tell them what to buy, and when, and what to sell and when.

In addition, you can also get a forex managed account to put your money in. This basically functions just like a mutual fund.  Similarly to a mutual fund, you pay a money manager a fee to trade your money for you.

There are great benefits to using manage accounts to do your forex investing without trading on the currency market yourself.  This allows you to leverage the experience and expertise of a seasoned forex trader to managed your money for you.  In addition, these brokers who offer these accounts have research, access to information and proprietary software and platforms to give them a competitive edge in the market.

They may use a variety of forex trading strategies or they may just use a few.  Most have a trading approach that they use and have found success with.  Some don’t publish their past performance online due to a variety of reasons, but they will all give you some idea on what the performance is and what you can expect.

Remember, currency trading is what brought the big investment banks back into the black after the recession and all the bailout events.  There were a handful of incredibly bright and skilled traders that brought these giant banks with thousands of employees out of a negative cashflow.  That’s incredible to me.  It shows the power and profit potential of trading on the forex market.  It also shows that a single trader can make huge amounts of profits in a short period of time.  All you need is one or two of these forex managed accounts that have one of these traders of this caliber to be trading on your behalf.  It only takes one to make you incredibly rich.

Remember, these are very similar to mutual funds.  That means you will be paying them a management fee for their services.  But if you are able to see gains like many currency traders see in their forex portfolio, the management fee should pay for itself.

If your working trading capital allows, you should probably have managed accounts with a few different brokers or money managers who have different approaches to trading.  This will diversify your risk.  You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Even if one is very successful, because of the nature of this market, it may make up for losses on your other accounts.

Remember to look very closely at the prospectus and make sure you understand what it all entails.  Also, try to get as much information about their trading strategies as possible.  Many won’t share much of their strategies for obvious reasons.  It’s their secret sauce.  But many money managers will share just enough for you to feel comfortable or choose a different fund.  It’s also good to get a sense of the money manager or at least the managing director’s performance history or a summary of their background and experience in trading.  In this game, it’s all about the trader.

How To Get Same Day Cash Without A Payday Loan

Many people assume that a payday loan is the only way to get same day cash.  This is untrue and a very expensive decision.  Sure, a loan like this will get you the cash that you need almost instantly, but due to its high risk and price it’s important that you at least check out other options first.  In the end you may still need a loan, but with the other ways to get money that we’ll discuss in this post, you’ll definitely need to borrow a heck of a lot less!  In the best case scenario you can use the tips here to cover all of the cash that you need, then be able to laugh at those who waste their cash on a loan!

Before we get started it’s important that you know why a payday loan is almost always a bad idea.  Due to the high price and short terms, you are going to have a hard time coming up with enough cash to repay the loan and still pay your bills after the next payday.  If you have to pay back a $750 loan on your next payday, how much will you have left over to eat and pay bills?  That is the important question that most people don’t ask themselves before applying for a loan.  In the case that you’ll still have plenty of money leftover, then a loan might be a good idea.

There are a lot of different ways to make money fast.  Excluding borrowing it, selling stuff and earning money are going to be the easiest way to do so.  The rest of this post will be dedicated to sharing ideas for each of those that will be easy, and available to just about anyone.

Selling Stuff For Same Day Cash

If you have a house full of stuff that you don’t use very often, like I do, you can sell most of it to cover your short term financial needs.  There are a couple of ways to do this: online and locally.

To sell your stuff online you can use eBay, but expect that you’re going to need at least a week in order to sell everything.  Even once everything sells there will still be an additional delay in transferring money from Paypal into your bank account.  Selling your stuff on eBay is very effective, but not the fastest way to do it.

Instead, use Craigslist.  If the stuff that you have is something that people buy, it will sell very quickly.  Be sure to take good pictures and offer a detailed description of your wares to help it sell faster.  It helps a lot to have somebody help you with this, and you’ll thank them when they help you out in a sticky price negotiation.

Selling stuff locally is generally done at a yard or garage sale.  It’s easy to put these together in a moment’s notice, and you’ll be very successful if you live in an area that naturally has a lot of traffic.

Should you not have the time to put together a yard sale, pack everything up and head to the pawn shop.  Clean your stuff up well before doing this to make sure that you get as much as possible for it.  Pawn shops buy tools, jewelry, guns, bikes, and music equipment the most, but will consider buying anything else you have.

Earning Money Today

Assuming you have a couple of extra hours on your hands, you can earn money very quickly.  Start by talking to those around you, explain your situation, and see if they have anything you can do for them to earn a few bucks.  Generally you will do things like babysitting, yard work, cleaning, and cooking, but if you have specific skills you may be able to lean on those.

In the case that you can’t get a gig like this, turn again to Craigslist.  Once you specify your area, click on the Etc. section to see all of the odd and random jobs that are available in your area.  There is going to be a lot of stuff to sort through, but you’ll see jobs like taste testing and passing out fliers, and these jobs are going to pay cash at the end of the day.

Use the ideas discussed above to find something that’s going to get you the cash you need without a payday loan.  It isn’t hard, and you may be able to cover all of your expenses with a day’s work!

Some Ways to Live More Frugally

We hear everyday that there are financial troubles brewing in not just America but the entire world. Greece, Iceland, the United States and many other countries are reporting economies in decline. On the street level, that translates to an increase in unemployment, salary cuts and general all around hardships.  If you watch the news, they’d have you believe the solution is giving more money to large banks but that still doesn’t help the little guy—you and me. I for one am lucky however, in that there really hasn’t been much hardship for me and my family. It’s not that we’re rich or that I have a good job; in fact, I’ve never really made much more than a couple thousand a month. The way we’re getting by is through my life-long practice of frugal living.

“So what is frugal living,” you might say. Depending on who you ask, you’ll find that different groups of people have different answers.  For example, the main-stream media would have you believe that frugality means spending extravagantly on things you love and cutting back mercilessly on things you don’t. So in their eyes, a $5.00 cup of coffee everyday, is a frugal expenditure if you love coffee. The “Green Police,”  on the other hand, would have you believe that frugality means not taking a shower or washing your clothes to cut back on water use to save Mother Earth. From a strictly, dictionary definition stand point, both views are wrong. Frugality is a purely economic philosophy that centers on the notion of thrift. A frugal person, would make their own coffee at home, for a fraction of the price charged by the coffee shop. Mr. and Mrs. Frugal might also cut back on water use but only as a way to save money.

So now, your next question might be, “Based on the definition above, what are some frugal tips, I can use?”  Some of the more common answers found on the internet and in newspapers, include things like shopping at thrift stores, using your local library, and reducing the number of times that you eat out in restaurants every week. These are fine ideas indeed, but if you’re already finding yourself without a lot of money, you don’t really need someone telling you to eat out less. So without further ado, here are a few “real” frugal tips.

Learn how to cook. According to the USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture), a family of four spends between $474 and $1064 a month on food (2007). By learning to cook, you can feed a family of four for under $200. Here are a few examples of how to do that. By learning how to really cook, you’ll become aware of how much ingredients are in one serving of food. Generally, most people cook more food than what they need for a single meal. This means they’ll have leftovers, which unless controlled with an iron fist, usually end up getting spoiled in the back of the fridge. If you’re able to eat all of those leftovers, say for lunch the next day, that’s great but in my family at least, that’s been a problem. By cooking to create a particular serving size, you’ll eliminate leftovers and waste.

Another way that learning how to really cook saves you money, is you’ll know what to do with all of those perimeter ingredients. People looking to loose weight are often encouraged to shop the perimeter of the grocery store because that’s where processed foods are not. Well it also happens to be where the cheapest foods are. Processed foods are not just unhealthy, they’re also costly. A TV diner for example can cost over $4.50 for one serving. That same $4.50 can feed my entire family! And that’s a three course meal with dessert. Baking is another great example. A loaf of bread made at home costs less than $0.50—in the store, close to $2.00.

Cycling to work is another great way to cut back on costs as well. You’ll save not only the gasoline, but also on the oil changes, insurance and other maintenance related costs. And as an added bonus, you’ll be skipping out on some of those government taxes associated with driving. Finally, look to see if there are some ways to reduce the number of disposable things you depend on or see if there are cheaper alternatives. One example is the cost difference for cartridge razors vs the old-fashioned dual-edge (DE) single blade razors. Cartridge razors refills cost nearly 3 times as much for half as many DE razor blades and DE razor blades are just as comfortable.

It would be impossible to cover all frugal-living tips in a single article but hopefully, you’re mind has been sparked enough to want to delve into frugality a bit further on your own. The important things to take away here are: learning to become more self sufficient as well as having an open mind towards trying new things. I hope you have good luck on your journey to frugal living!

Tips Before Selling Your Annuity Or Structured Settlement

When most people find themselves in some sort of financial bind they look for the  quickest and easiest way out of it.  It is human nature to do so. We all want to avoid any sort of pain and discomfort not only when it comes to our health but also our finances.

For those who have planned ahead in their life and made various investments with the help of a financial planner of some sort they may have an annuity or two in their portfolio.  If they find themselves in a tight financial situation they will often look to sell an annuity for a quick cash out in order to alleviate their current financial pain.

There are numerous companies and organizations that are more than happy to help you sell your annuity.  For a fee.  Sometimes a very large fee.  Unscrupulous operators will often take advantage of those looking for some fast cash to take care of some emergency bills or what have you.

An important thing to remember is to take your time and research all of your options.  Invest a couple of hours visiting with a trusted financial adviser going over different scenarios that you could use.  It could save you a lot of money.

Here are merely a couple of ideas that a person can go about implementing by making use of annuity.  These ideas are equally valid for those thinking about getting cash for a settlement of some sort.

  • Keep in mind that most annuities and structured settlements that are paying out a set amount of monthly or yearly income over time are designed to provide the maximum rate of return with a minimum amount of risk, that is why there are so many organizations out there that are willing to give you cash for them.  They have a lot of value.  If they sense that you really need cash fast then you are going to get a low ball offer.  No matter what your situation is you need to take the time to shop around and get more than one offer.
  • Many people have found that getting a loan against the value of the annuity is the best route.  You will probably find more than one friendly local banker that is more than willing to work with you.  This is often the best option especially if you are still working and or have other cash flow.  The interest rate that your annuity is paying may only be slightly less than the rate you will have to pay against the loan.  It is amazing just how cheap the money you are borrowing can cost you if you go about it in this way.
  • If you do not need all of the money that you can get from selling your annuity or structured settlement you can use the above scenario with your banker and use the majority of the money to purchase some income producing real estate or investing it in some other solid and secure financial instrument.  This will further reduce the cost of the loan and in rare situations can even lead to a profit.

By thinking smart, taking your time, and talking to more than one professional in the business you will be able to make a better financial decision.

There are many unscrupulous operators around looking for an easy mark.  Do not make a rash decision simply because you feel an immediate financial need.  Your creditors will wait no matter how much they try to convince you that you need to take care of your bills now.

By shopping around and talking about all of your available options you may find a better way out of you current financial bind.

How to Make Free International Calls with VoIP

Calling overseas from a mobile phone or landline can be very expensive. So if you have family in India, finding a way to make free calls to India would help your household budget a lot. Using VoIP, you can easily call India or other international destinations for free.

VoIP is a technology that turns voice into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet, and then interpreted at the other end, turning it back into sound. By using the internet to transmit voice, you are bypassing the phone company and their high international calling prices.

There are a few different types of VoIP. ATA is an analogue telephone adapter that hooks a regular landline phone into your computer or internet connection. IP phones connect directly to your network and contain the necessary hardware and software, hooking to the router with a network jack instead of the landline phone jack. The third type of VoIP is Computer to Computer, and is the easiest way to use VoIP, and the easiest way to achieve free calls to India and other countries from your location. Your computer already has the capability, and only a headset and some software installation are needed to start making free international calls from home. There are now also ways to include software on some mobile phones and other devices to allow VoIP calling.

The easiest way to make free international calls is by using Skype and its service is called Skype-to-Skype. As of January 2010 Skype international calling accounted for over 12% of all international phone calls made. Skype has also infiltrated the mobile market heavily by working with hardware vendors to make their hardware Skype-compatible, and by offering software for those phones to allow users to make Skype calls. These devices are either tethered to a PC or are wifi-enabled to allow use in any wifi hot-spot. One limitation with Skype is that it is no longer offered for Windows Mobile and will not be offered for Windows Phone 7 users.

Skype-to-Skype allows any two Skype users to talk for free over the Skype network. When using computers on both ends to use this service, there are no charges and no minutes used. The service requires that both individuals install the Skype software, register on the Skype network, and then use their chosen usernames to make the voice connection. If using a cellphone or other device, you should check with your carrier to find out the policies and charges using Skype. Some cell providers will use up your minutes with these calls; some won’t. This varies by carrier, depending on the relationship between Skype and the carrier, and the laws and provisions for the country in which you are using the service.

There are many other providers of VoIP for international callers. Truphone is one which is making in-roads into the lucrative mobile market, and they currently have applications for the popular iPod, iPhone and iPad devices from Apple, as well as for Blackberry, Nokia and various Android phones.

There are also services that allow you to make a call from a landline into the service, which then connects you via VoIP to a landline overseas, usually using what’s called a conference bridge. You usually pay a small fee to belong to the service, then can make free calls via the service. This is a great option for those who do not have internet or wifi connectivity, and only have a landline phone. Some of the most popular of these are Jajah, Poketalk, FreePhoneBridge, and PhoneGnome. Using VoIP to make free calls to India and other international locations has never been easier.

How To Avoid The Perils Of Payday Loans

For almost everyone who is short on cash, a payday loan is a bad idea.  It’s going to cause more problems than it solves, and can put people into a debt spiral that’s nearly impossible to get out of.  Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to circumvent the need for a payday loan.  All of these things are fairly easy, and carry much less risk than fast cash loans.  In this post I want to break down why payday loans cause so many problems for people, and some simple alternatives that you won’t regret later!

Why Are Payday Loans So Bad?

Many people assume that the only way to get fast cash is to get a loan.  This leads them to applying for loans without considering what their other options may be.  This normally wouldn’t be a major problem, but a loan of this type is so expensive that people simply can’t afford to repay it!  When faced with the choice between feeding the family for the next two weeks, or paying a loan back, survival instincts start to kick in.

How expensive are these loans?  On average, you’re going to pay 25 bucks for each 100 that you borrow.  This equals out to $700 costing $875, or a major chunk of your paycheck gone before you have the opportunity to spend it on something else.  The only way that you can make this work out in your favor is if you can make a lot more money between the time that you accept the loan and you pay it back.  If you don’t bring in some extra cash you’re going to end up just as broke next payday as you are today.

This problem becomes compounded if you’re late or fail to pay the loan back.  The interest rate and fees go through the roof as soon as your account hits collections, and it will quickly become more debt than you’re going to have a shot at paying back.

So What Else Can You Do?

The amount of time that you have from now until you absolutely need cash will determine how you get it.  More time offers many more options, so read through this section with your monetary deadline in mind.

A major chunk of your paycheck goes to paying taxes, and with some simple adjustments you can take home all of that cash for a few paychecks.  Reducing the amount that you withhold from your paycheck will put a major bump in your next payday.  You can do generally do this through your HR department, or manager in small companies.  The risk here is that if you don’t adjust it back to where it was, you’re going to be stuck paying a ton of taxes next year.  Don’t get used to the extra money, just use it for a couple of checks then go back and fix it.

If you have a lot of stuff laying around your house that you don’t really need, you can turn a lot of it into cash.  There are a lot of ways to do this, so choose whichever is going to be the easiest for you.  Craigslist is a good way to sell off a lot of stuff rather quickly.  You get the option to set a price, which is going to yield more cash than going somewhere like a pawn shop.  Another option is to throw together a quick yard sale.  These work really well if you live in a naturally busy neighborhood, but take some promotion if you live somewhere that’s quiet.

For those that have extra time on their hands, you can pick up some odd jobs to help make ends meet.  Jobs that pay cash like this will range from day labor to some pretty bizarre stuff, so be picky with what you choose.  To find a gig like this, turn to the classified section of your local paper or the “etc.” section of Craigslist in your area.  There are tons of different options out there, so be sure to find something that you don’t have a problem doing.

There are a ton of different alternatives to payday loans out there.  Any of the three discussed above will put a major chunk of cash in your pockets fast.  The key is to be both creative and resourceful and you’ll have no problem at all getting the money that you need to keep your life moving in the right direction.

Retirement Investing Plan

Retirement investing is just one of the many things in our life that usually ends up taken for granted. At our young adult age, we have our plates full already of things we cannot even comprehend of attending to all at once. We are just in the peak of starting our careers and the thought of retiring and investing for it is way out of the picture just as yet.

The most common mistake most people do is deciding to enter retirement investing almost too late in their lifetime. To have the best retirement investing plan, it is very important to start early and avoid doing it at the middle stage of your life. This will prevent you from making bigger sacrifices for you and your family, as well as keeping you from giving steeper contributions and not having the time to regularly monitor how it’s doing. This is one reality that you will need to face and be ready for.

It is your job to watch over your money pot. To make sure of your success there are 3 important pointers that you need to know.

  • Seek Guidance – It is always best to have a person around you that knows what retirement investing is, when is the right time to get it and how to get it. Without the aide of financial experts, there is always the risk of losing hard-earned dollars. You can always choose to handle things on your own. However, to become the best manager of your retirement investing accounts, it will take a considerable amount of time before you become very knowledgeable of it. To be on the safe side, it is always wise to seek guidance from experienced financial advisors. Their job is to help you grow your investment.
  • Choosing the Right Plan – Once you have sought advice from the experts, the next step is choosing the appropriate retirement investing plan for you. You need to know what your expectations are, the longevity of the plan and the level of risks that you are willing to take. Finding the best ira rates and working with advisors for a fee is safer compared to those demanding that they provide their service free of charge because they’ll get a commission out of the retirement investment plan that they will recommend. Paid advisors will give you unbiased recommendations. Being familiar and knowledgeable with the market condition is also very much relevant. Taking all of these in consideration will help choose the right retirement investment for you.
  • Staying and Continuing with the Plan – Unless you decide on it with the advice of your advisor, you must stick with the plan that you chose. To be guided by your emotion or by impulse is not a safe bet when it comes to money matters. Too much on being prudent and always playing it safe sometimes will only have you losing at the end.  Waiting for the rise and fall of the stock market to sell is not a very reliable way to go on about it. It is important to have a very good contingency plan and staying with it. This will help you make the right decisions on how to handle the ups and downs of the stock market.

Planning your retirement investment is imperative for both yourself and your family. It is very crucial for you to research IRA rates and to make the right decisions because it will affect on how you will live the remaining days of your life. You must start planning for the future today. By doing this, you will protect yourself, and your family, for tomorrow.