Powermat Charging System – The solution for a wireless life

I previously wrote a post about the powermat charging system and today I am going a bit further. If you already are not familiar with this great product then read my previous article about it to get a more detailed view about it. There is a simple and a noble idea behind the product and the whole wireless charging system – they are hoping for all the electronic manufacturers to join their forces and start making devices which have a wireless charging unit already integrated, so that no-one should ever have to struggle with a pile of mixed up charger cords. This will not only make it easier to charge your gadgets, but also you are not going to have go through the cords when you are trying to clean your house.

Their product line is not that versatile yet, as they are a new company, but even so the items that they offer are useful and right on the money. Currently there are to different models of the mat that is used for the charging. There is a portable model and also a home/office model which is of a sleek and modern design. These mats both offer three charging spots, that can be used at the same time to give power to your chosen electronic gadgets. All you need to do is set your mobile phone, camera, Nintendo DS or other similar gadget on the mat and it will start charging it – well at least in the future, today you need to have an external wireless charging (WC) receiver for the product to function properly.

Powermat also manufactures these WC-units for a wide selection of gadgets. This means that you can find them for the products mentioned before, but also they offer an universal charging unit which has 8 different heads for different gadgets. Besides just offering wireless charging, Powermat is also promising faster charge times which should at least attract people with a lot of gadgets to keep powered.

How cool is the Powermat Wireless Charger?

I am the kind of guy who likes his gadgets – especially if they come with an Apple logo. I have the iPhone, an iPod and before I started spending all my time building websites I was constantly looking for something cool that I could buy. Nowadays I have almost completely started searching the internet for anything cool, and I have made my life quite aschetic and try to focuse on the one most important thing. Well evne though every now and then something extraordinary comes up and I get excited. That is it this time? The powermat wireless charger has to be one of the most innovative things to hit the markets in the near past.

Why is it so great? Recently the electronic companies have been just trying to fill their gadgets with more specifications – I really don’t care if my mp3-player can edit videos, play 3d-games and has a very powerful processor so that I can do this all at the same time. Always bringing the latest invetion to the gadgets has gotten boring, and most of the big companies don’t even focus on making their players better, they just want to be able to succesfully add another great specification to it and make it work. Does anyone need it? Probably not but heck, now they can build up the specifications – list. This is most likely the reason why I like Apple products since they are not focused on selling you specs – they don’t readily advertise the hardware that their products have, they are more likely going to show you what it can do and how easy it is to use, and most of all how clutter free everything is.

Well even with the advances that the industry is making they have forgotten about one major thing – the charging. When you are the proud owner of a wide variety of different electronic gadgets you are going to need to have a charger for each. They are not compatible in most cases since for some reason no-one started to make universal standards – probably because they all want to be able to sell their own chargers. When you have 10 gadgets you have 10 chargers and you have to be constantly rotating them in your extension cord to get everything charged. You will have cords lying around and it is not going to look pretty. Well this is where the powermat wireless charger is going to make a difference.

The best thing about this product is that you can use it to charge all your small electronic devices. You don’t need to have a charger for them all, but instead you are going to have a small dock for each device which are going to make a contact with the Powermat and start the charging. For now you are going to need the wireless stations attached to the devices, but in the future manufacturers are hopefully going to integrate the wireless charging receivers in their devices to make them easily wirelessly charged. Think about it – you can wirelessly charge your laptop, cell phone, mp3-player and anything else when you just put them on the table after use. Get rid of the extra cords, and get a Powermat Charging System! You won’t regret it. Priced at just below $100 it might feel like a big investment to some, but remember that don’t have to buy another charger ever again.