Playstation 3 Slim

If you are looking to buy PS3 slim with the best price available then this is the place where you need to be.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the PS3 160GB package then this is the right place to be as I will present you the place where you can get it for the cheapest price on the internet.

All in all these consoles are the pinnacle of the video game industry right now, and if you don’t own a Playstation 3 slim you are missing out on something real here.

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There are a lot of comparisons made between the PS and the X-Box for quite a number of obvious reasons – they are rivals, and they are competing between which one is the best gaming console right now. Even though Sony was able to make the Playstation 3 console with better hardware and with the blu-ray player, they managed to get their graphics nearly to the same level at Microsoft.

One of the biggest advantages that they have with the PS is the blu-ray player which is still considered to be the best one around. Actually you won’t find a better player out there unless you insert a high quality graphics chip and a powerful processor in it – that is what it has. So even though the Playstation 3 Slim price is a bit higher than the prices of plain blu-ray players, you will soon notice that it was worth every penny that you paid more. You aren’t only getting a movie player, but a media center where you can play your music, videos, surf the internet and play games online. Also it looks a lot better than any other player that I have seen!

One of the best things that you can do right now is the get the Playstation 3 bundle, because it contains all that you need to make your gaming experience as good as it can get. The price for this bundle is very reasonable, even for the 320GB model. You can get the Move bundle as well which contains the new Playstation 3 motion controller called simply Move. It is a stick which has a lot of sensors in it and buttons to make sure that it will catch every movement accurately which you perform. It is a great thing to play action games, adventure games, sports games, and basically anything that you can think of. If you are shooting, hitting. moving or just bowling you will get a great gaming experience with it.

I don’t think that most people will need to get the 320GB model – that hard drive is going to be way more than most need. I personally own two different machines, the Playstation 3 60GB and the Playstation 3 80GB, which both have more than enough space for my games. If you are going to store a lot of music on the hard drive, you might need to get some more – the 160GB model is the smallest today, and that is what I suggest everyone to get. If you are sure that it is not going to be enough, then choose the larger HD for the console.

If you are looking to buy Playstation 3 Slim, you are shopping at the perfect time. It is going to be Christmas soon, and they have already made all these discounts for the X-mas markets. Because of this I suggest that you have a look at Amazon for all the bundles and the accessories. You won’t need much, but if you intend to play games for the whole family like Guitar Hero and Band Hero, you might want to consider getting a few extra guitars as well, since they will allow all of you to take part in the gameplay at the same time – this is going to make it extra special for you and your children.

If you are going to play online games, then the slim Playstation 3 Starter Pack might be just what you are looking for. You will get a wireless controller with your purchase of PS3. This is the same controller that has been around ever since from the beginning of the Playstation, with minor modifications. They have added the so called Sixaxis to the controller, which allows you to control the game by turning the console, not the buttons or the joystick on it. This allows you to get another function to the controller which you can use without removing your thumbs from the joysticks. They also improved the accuracy of the controller for this release. You will not get a more accurate joystick than the ones mounted on your PS3 controller.

Most people are frightened by the PS3 price when they first see it, but don’t worry you will get way more than your money is worth. If you don’t like playing by yourself, you will get access to the Playstation Network where you can play with or against people from all over the world. So if you are living in the United States, you could play sports with someone from Canada, and you could be teamed up against other people from different Europe countries. Combine this with a headset microphone and you will have the best gaming experience that you can get! If you still are worried about the costs, you should look for PS3 deals online, because there are many places like Amazon which sell it with a great price year round. They also give you great support with your purchases and they are one of the most reliable sellers online. If you are trying to find a cheap PS3 then that is where you need to go.

You can even get a cheap Playstation 3 Slim from there, even if it wasn’t realeased but some time ago. This proves that since they order large quantities they can afford to keep their prices low. They are also selling a lot of these and millions of other products, so they really can provide you with quick and cheap delivery – sometimes even free delivery for your Playstation.

Where To Get The Best Playstation 3 Deals

Because a lot of people have been asking me where I purchase my game consoles, I have decided to add this to the post. I don’t know how many people really understand the fact that if you want to get the best deals, you will need to get them from the largest seller available. I personally recommend that you use the services of Amazon because they have always been able to deliver me what I have wanted, at a good price. Their delivery is very fast, so even if you are only have a week time to get the console for your kids for christmas, you can still order it from them and have it Fed Ex-ed to your doorstep in a day or something.

If you are really on a tight budget and don’t want to spend any extra money, you might look in the newspapers if there is a Playstation 3 for sale somewhere there. This is not going to be likely especially if you are looking for the Playstation 3 Slim – most people are going to sell their old PS3 because they want to get the slim model now!

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The Best PS3 Deals On The Internet

If you are looking for the best PS3 deals on the internet then you have come to the right place. Many people think that if you want the great Sony PlayStation 3 slim for the cheapest price you must buy from a store, but the truth is far from it.You can actually get the best price online. These stores that sell electronics often have have huge stores in the busiest places.

A huge store in a good place means that there are a lot of costs to keep up the place. You need to pay for the rent, you need to pay for all the electricity that the televisions and all that sort of equipment use, you need to pay for the staff that sells the equipment and you need to pay for a lot of other things as well. It all costs a lot of money and you as a customer are going to be the one that is paying for it.

They need to get the money from somewhere and it means that you are going to see it on the price tags. Okay, electronic stores are not all bad. For example if you need some assistance. If you are not sure what to buy or what you need, then the stores can provide the help that you need. But if you already know that you are looking for a PS3, then you just need to find the best PS3 deal there is.

This is where online stores are the greatest. If you already know what you want and you just want it for the least money then you’d better surf the internet. They can offer you a cheap price, because they don’t have so many things to pay for. Instead of a store in a good location they just have a warehouse in a remote location that does not cost that much. They don’t have a large selling staff, just a few warehouse workers that collect and send the packages. It is all about cutting the cost. Still, the product is exactly the same as anywhere, you just get it for a cheaper price. The greatest thing is that they deliver it to your door. There is no need to go to a store and wait in line and pay more than you would when shopping online. The delivery can be very fast. Sometimes it just takes for a day or two.

When you have made the best deal on a PS3, you are guaranteed to have the greatest game console ever made. It has all the good games and better graphics than any other console on the market today. It is also the best blu-ray player for the money. That sounds odd, but the truth is that a Sony PlayStation 3 has a lot more computing power than any game console or blu-ray player there is. That means that you will get better, jitter free graphics on all your games and all the movies that you watch. The image quality is much higher. So get your PlayStation and start enjoying high definition games and movies.

Best Price For Nintendo Wii

One of the hottest consoles on the market is the new Nintendo Wii. Unlike other consoles like Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 slim (PS3) which have very violent games, Wii is game console for the whole family. It is a great seller, but the best price for Wii can be hard to find. Many stores claim to have the cheapest price, but actually you can cheapest online. Electronic stores have to spend a lot of money on a store. The rent costs a lot of money and so does the staff. You can see that in the price tag. Online stores don’t have problem and they can sell things a lot cheaper.

The standard Nintendo Wii has an IBM processor and a graphics processor from ATI. The graphics look great, but the best thing in Wii are the games. There are a lot of games that make you move. Instead of sitting on the couch, you can play games like tennis, golf and you can even dance and bowl. There are lots of interesting games that will help you lose weight while you are having fun. It is especially great for kids who don’t get much exercise otherwise. Wii Fit Plus is a great set of games and you get the Wii balance board with it. You can also buy it separately, but you will get a cheaper price when buy the package. It will instruct you on how perform an exercise and you can keep diary on how you progress and how you get fitter. There are different exercises for beginners and more fitter individuals, so every can start to get themselves in shape.

Many people like the Wii Sports Resort, which is a great game. Now you have the possibility to buy Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports Resort as a bundle for the same price as a standard Wii. It is an offer you cannot refuse. You also get a MotionPlus accessory so you can play different types of games included in the bundle. It is another great game from Nintendo and it really makes the game console stand out as a really unique concept that differs from it’s competitors. You can also get the game console in black, which fits better amongst black televisions and blu-ray players.

One of the best way to make the whole family enjoy the games is making sure that everyone has their own controller. The 15 in 1 family pack is a great set. It comes with fifteen different controllers. Two golf clubs controllers, two racing wheels, two tennis rackets, two wing grips, one combat shooter, one baseball bat, one fishing rod and four wrist wraps are included in the set. The set is not manufactured by Nintendo, but the controllers are still made with the same quality as standard controllers. They are all wireless, so you need to have a lot of batteries to make them all work. You can save a lot of money if you buy rechargeable batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than dead batteries during an intense tennis match.

Warehouse Inventory Control Software FishBowl

Managing the inventory within a warehouse is extremely important. It is becoming more important during a down-economy where only the leanest companies will survive. Do you know what your optimal reorder point is? How much current inventory do you have in work-in-progress? How much shrinkage occurs in your warehouse? These are all answers that warehouse inventory control software can answer.

There are a lot of good inventory management packages available. Finding one that fits your company is a matter of looking at your needs and the current situation within your company. This article will focus on one solution: FishBowl Inventory.

Some Features that Set FishBowl Apart

FishBowl comes with all the normal bells and whistles that normally accompany warehouse inventory software. One advantage of FishBowl is that it integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. This integration by the FishBowl team was looking ahead to the future of warehouse inventory management: enterprise resource planning (ERP).

ERP basically means that you have one piece of software to “rule them all and in the end bind them.” Imagine having one software package to run your entire business. We’re talking accounting, manufacturing, sales, management, human resources, the works. Having one piece of software to run all of your business would cut training time down considerably, but it also has other advantages.

One of the main advantages of an ERP-like system such as FishBowl is data accuracy. An example will help explain. Normally inventory managers keep track of information in a spreadsheet or some other form of software. Once they have all their numbers they send this information to the accountants and management. The accountants then re-enter this information into their accounting software. Not only is this redundant, but it leaves a chance for data-entry errors (which unfortunately happen all too often).

Worse, managers take the information and enter it into a different set of software. Something that will allow them to manipulate the data into information they can make decisions with. Again, the chance for errors arises.

With FishBowl’s integration, the data the inventory managers use and the data the accountants use are in fact the same data. There is no re-entering. This not only ensures more accuracy, but it saves a lot of time. The accountants no longer have to petition inventory for their information, they already have access to it through FishBowl.

ERP systems store data in a centralized location that allows managers to control the data better and it also makes it easier to share the data throughout the organization. FishBowl is not a true ERP system, but it is approaching ERP which is a lot better than most of the warehouse inventory software available.


FishBowl starts at around $3,600. This price will likely go up as the number of licensed users in your company goes up. This is a competitive price. It also comes with one year of support. Prices for support vary after one year depending on the type and quantity of support your organization needs. Note that most of your support issues will probably be in the first year as your organization gets used to the new warehouse management package.


While we’re talking about support, we might as well mention that FishBowl’s support is pretty cutting edge. Sure they have the traditional methods like flying out to your company to help get things going, but they also have Web 2.0 aides like online training videos, remote online training, and web chat. Sometimes it is nicer to watch a training video on your own time, rather than having someone present it to you at an appointment.

Overall FishBowl should be able to handle your inventory tracking and accounting needs. As I mentioned, there are other good options out there, and you’ll want to see if FishBowl is the best fit for your organization. If you’re a small-to-medium sized company that is already using QuickBooks for accounting, FishBowl will be hard to beat.

Free PS3s, Computers, and Other Stuff – Fact or Fiction?

Trying to find something free? If you are looking for a Playstation 3 Slim, you can find all kinds of offers on the internet – but are they to be trusted? They usually say things like – give your e-mail and you will be a part of the free PS3 giveaway. Can you ever really be sure that they actually give out those machines?

How many times have you been surfing the internet when you suddenly are given the offer of a lifetime. There on the page you see an advertisement that promises a free PS3, laptop, or some other electronic gismo that you know cannot truly be free. For most of us, just the sight of these offers stirs an emotional response. Usually, it starts with a small glimmer of excitement, but then is immediately squelched by the feeling of frustration that another scam is circulating in cyber space yet again. There may be a moment of considering pushing that button to see if it might be true, but for the most part we continue on, giving it little serious thought.

So, how would you like to know if all those free things you have passed by were actually free?! Does it make your heart sink to the pit of your stomach when you realize that you have passed up on offers to get anything from an Xbox to an IPad? Before you go beating yourself up, you should know exactly how these free offers work. Then, when you see those offers again, you will know whether it is worth it to push that button.

While you do not have to pay money for the Xbox or other game system, it should be noted that you won’t just go fill out your name and address and it will be sent out immediately. The truth is that these companies have to make money somehow, and they are going to use you to make that money. You won’t have to mail a check, but you will have to do something in order to receive your free merchandise.

Let’s suppose that you are on the board that says “Claim your free Xbox! Click here now!” Since your son has been begging you for this system for his birthday, you are immediately on alert, but you hesitate to hit the button. After a moment or two of consideration, you decide to go ahead and take the plunge. What can you expect to see?

The first thing you will see is the opportunity to sign up for other services. These can be a video rental service, credit cards, or a host of other things. Most of them have monthly fees associated with them, but not all of them. You need to make sure that you know what you are signing up for. You may notice things that give you a free or reduced rate trial membership to different places. Once you give them your credit card information, it will then be your responsibility to cancel them before the bill comes in, or you may be in for a big charge.

You will also need to find out how many of these offers you are required to sign up for before getting your Xbox. Different companies have different conditions. You will have to complete these prerequisites in full before you can claim your free gift.

The other thing that you will find you must do is come up with referrals who will sign up and go through the same process. You may have to give some of your friends a little something for their participation. However, if you are in the market for a PS3, this is a much less expensive way of getting it than going to the store.

Ask yourself this: is that free netbook, iPad, or game system worth the time and effort it will take, or would you rather just save up the money and get it the old fashioned way knowing that your hard earned cash has been put to good use.

Workout Fun with Just Dance for Wii


Wii Dance fans may enjoy Ubisoft’s recent offering, Just Dance. This selection was designed to be part of the rapidly growing trend of games sold specifically to increase the user’s heart rate and to burn calories. While some exercise oriented games focus on completing specific routines and counting daily calories, this one is simply for dancing and having fun. The exercise is a fringe benefit!

How much you will enjoy Just Dance depends on your level of experience with these types of games. It has no other purpose but to get you to dance. This may be a drawback to some and an advantage to others. Dancing is the goal of this game, just like the title suggests. It teaches the user funky dance steps and moves to many different songs that have been popular over the years. If you want to learn some new tricks for the dance floor or just in the comfort of your own home, this game is right for you.

Just Dance has a program of 32 different songs mainly of the pop rock genre. Some among the songs are a bit kitchy, but that’s part of the fun. You can learn some different dance steps as you stroll down memory lane to M.C. Hammer or The Baha Men.

One big advantage to this game is that it is easy to figure out. People new to this type of gaming can start having fun with the game right out of the box. Once the music begins, a character starts to dance on screen in a preset combination of steps. Holding the Wii Mote, one of many Wii accessories, in hand, the player’s job is to copy those steps. The greater the accuracy, the greater the score. The score counter updates quickly and lets you know to what accuracy the player is matching the screen’s character nearly in real time.

Advanced game players will not like that all steps are preset and cannot be customized. Every time you play, the moves will be the same for the same songs. Additionally, there are no progressive levels offering locked or hidden songs or combinations of steps. Literally, what you buy is what you get.

Conversely, if you are frustrated by trying to unlock levels in games such as Guitar Hero, Just Dance may be the choice for you. Another benefit is that this game can accommodate up to four players at once, making this a great choice for get togethers with family and friends. You can choose to play elimination rounds to see which person in the group is the dancing king or queen. Nothing gets good times going faster than a little friendly competition.

If you’d like to buy this title solely for the purpose of fitness, it may not be the right choice. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very entertaining, but you can get a better bang for your buck in terms of health and fitness if you purchase something from the Wii Fit line of games or other games that track your progress while giving valuable calorie and nutrition advice.

Rather, if you aren’t in the market to dramatically increase your athletic ability and simply wish to get some fun, lighthearted exercise into your daily routine, you should try Just Dance. Though it isn’t as intense as some of the other products offered, it still can get you sweating, burning calories, enjoying yourself, and grooving!

You can purchase Just Dance on its own, and some stores offer it as part of a prepackaged Wii set. While you are shopping, check out the other amazing games and Wii accessories that Nintendo has to offer. This technology is taking gaming to a whole new level. Get on board!

If you are looking for a place to get Wii dance games, click here for

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Recipes and Their Health Benefits

Here are some great juicer recipes that you can make at home that are ideally suited for the Jack LaLanne power juicer machines. With each juice recipe I have included some of the great health benefits that specific juice can provide. You can even read our article about the Power Juicer here.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Recipe #1 – Greens Galore

  1. 2 green apples
  2. handful of spinach leaves
  3. handful of kale leaves

There are actually so many health benefits to making a juice containing such healthy produce like apples, kale and spinach that I don’t think I can write it all here. However here are some of the key benefits this juice can provide.

First of all kale and spinach are loaded with antioxidants and because of this they are considered super foods. Antioxidants benefit our health because they protect our cells form oxidative damage that can lead to many health problems. This oxidative damage is caused by free radicals, rogue unstable oxygen molecules that are the natural byproduct of metabolic process in the body and are also found in sunlight, polluted air and polluted water. These free radicals are only a big problem if there are more of them roaming inside us than there are the antioxidants that disarm and stabilize them. So the more antioxidant rich foods we consume the better! Especially as pollution is a big problem these days and greatly increases the amount of free radicals we are exposed to.

There are many different kinds of free radicals and interestingly enough there are many different kinds of antioxidants in food that disarm this variety of free radicals. So lets take a look at one of the antioxidants found abundantly in spinach and kale – chlorophyll. The health benefits of chlorophyll are potent and is one of the reasons that the health benefits of green juices are so highly praised.

Research shows that chlorophyll has powerful anti-cancer properties because it is particularly effective at disarming the free radicals that attack the DNA in our cells. Although the body has a strong tolerance for this kind of DNA damage and will repeatedly repair the DNA cells they can eventually ‘cave in’ under the pressure. There is a higher risk of this occurring during times of oxidative stress. Once this happens the DNA code is irreversibly damaged and that specific code will become altered and give out the signal for the creation of mutated cells instead of the original healthy ones. This process will slowly but surely develop into a cancerous tumor! What kind of cancer will depend upon which kind of DNA cell is affected.

And that’s not all for chlorophyll, it is also helps to create healthy blood. Chlorophyll helps detoxify the blood of pollutants and also aids in the process of building new red blood cells. The chemically structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to a part of our red blood cells called hemin and when we digest chlorophyll it is actually converted to hemin!

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Recipe #2 – Immune Boosting Fruits

  1. 3 kiwis
  2. 3 cups of blackberries

This simple but very tasty power juicer recipe is great for boosting the immune system. Kiwis and blackberries are both a great source of the key antioxidants and vitamins that are essential to the proper functioning of the immune system – vitamins A, C and E. Between them, vitamins A and C are needed to create more than half of the antibodies that make up are white blood cells that defend us from harmful viruses, bacterias and other pathogens; while vitamin E regenerates vitamins A and C after they have ‘gone down in battle’ so they can live to fight again. So making a daily kiwi juice or blackberry juice (or a mixture), in your power juicer, can go a long way to keeping your immunity in tip top shape.

How to choose the best juicer machine for home use

Do you like to live healthily, eat well, and generally take good care of your body? If so, there is a good chance that you already know about the health benefits of drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juice. You may already know that juice is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, and can be a good alternative to artificial supplements. So if you are interested in juicing, here are some tips for choosing the best juicer machine to suit your purpose.

First off, there is no perfect juicer – different applications require different machines. If you want to juice your fruits and vegetables as fast as possible, you will want a centrifugal juicer, which is the most common sort. Centrifugal juicers are the kind you see in department stores, and are quite affordable, from as little as about $60. Some very popular, fast centrifugal juicers are the Breville juice fountain, the L’equip XL, and also the Jack Lalanne Power juicer (this is the one you have probably seen on late night TV infomercials). All of these are very quick, and will make a glass of juice in about 10 seconds. They are ideal juicer machines for a family who needs large batches of juice at one time. The limitations of these centrifugal juicers are that they cannot juice some ingredients very well. This includes anything that is fairly dry and fiberous, in particular things like wheat grass or similar herbs and leafy vegetables. If these are on your list of things to juice (and with good reason, they are very healthy, especially rich in anti oxidants) then you need a different juicer, that actually physically crushes and squeezes the liquid out.

Juicers that operate this way are called masticating juicers, and while they tend to cost a bit more they are the best juicer for wheat grass and other hard to juice things. They are often sold by health food, and specialty stores as well as online of course, and some of the most popular models are made by Angel, Greenstar, and Samson. Of these the Angel Juicer is quite expensive, but built of solid stainless steel and definitely the best machine you could buy for juicing absolutely anything. The Greenstar and Samson juicers are quite similar in their capabilities but come with a more reasonable price tag. This is probably due to the fact that they are made more of plastic than steel, but this does not mean they are of inferior quality – you still get a very good juicer, suitable for all home applications. The trade off with this type of machine, the masticating juicer that is, is slower speed. You will take a good 20-30 seconds longer to make a glass of juice than you would with a centrifugal juicer. However, you do get higher quality juice. The slower speed avoids air being mixed in, and the stronger crushing action releases more nutrients and goodness from the fruits and vegetables you are juicing.

When you are weighing up your options, consider also the warranty arrangements, and build quality of the machines you are comparing. Part of the reason why masticating juicers, like the Angel and Greenstar units are more expensive is that they are built far more solidly to be able to handle tougher ingredients. They do not wear out as fast, and this is reflected in longer warranties, of up to 10 years in the case of the Angel juicer. You need to decide whether you prefer to buy an appliance that lasts a long time, or prefer to replace a cheaper on every few years.

So while there might not be a perfect juicer for every application, there are some basic guide lines you can follow. If you want fast – buy a cheap, basic centrifugal juicer.

If you want better quality juice, and like greater versatility such as juicing your own wheat grass, then you need to choose a more expensive masticating juicer. And remember, shop around before you buy – many online stores offer far better prices than retail, because they are able to cut out associated costs.

You can find our Jack LaLanne Juicer review here.

Reimage Review: Extending The Useful Lifespan Of Windows XP

An interesting outcome of the recession has been the increase in users retaining their old Windows XP machines rather than upgrading to newer systems. This has prolonged the shelf life of XP and fostered support services and PC maintenance software. This Reimage review covers the pros and cons of sticking with XP and how software can automate computer repair and maintenance tasks.

Even prior to the recent recession the Windows XP operating system was still proving popular with customers.

  • The regular services packs made it stable and secure.
  • Vista was not a roaring success/improvement so many users put off upgrading to Vista.
  • PCs and laptops from 2000 to 2004 were already very fast and had sufficient performance for managing the bulk of applications that regular users were using.

Once the recession hit, users chose to stick with the old XP systems, perhaps even upgrading the RAM/CPU if performance was proving an issue. The fact that RAM for 5/6/7 year old computers than for newer machines meant it was economically viable to simply upgraded memory rather than move to a new OS/computer.

Prolonging XP’s useful life has resulted in a need to support the older system, principally around computer repair and maintenance. Ultimately software vendors, including Microsoft, will stop supporting their applications on XP and we will all need to upgrade or tolerate using older applications (which perhaps isn’t such a bad thing anyway). In the meantime there is still a need for people and services for computer repair and maintenance.

There will always be a need for computer experts that you can drop your PC off to for repairs and they can remedy both hardware and software issues. The majority of users will invariably attempt the repairs for themselves first usually using online advice for pointers.

In the case of software issues most users will attempt the repairs themselves prior to resorting to computer experts. There is a growing PC maintenance software industry that can assist users in effecting repairs for themselves, and for XP the Reimage repair application is one of the better solutions (and my tool of choice since 2005).

For a number of years now I have been running 4 computers using Windows XP (media box, music production, work laptop, family laptop). I was not impressed by Vista so didn’t make the move up on any of them. Maintaining the machines involved the usual activities – backing up data regularly, getting Windows updates automatically and clearing out caches/temp files/unused applications on a regular basis. However, when I experienced a blue screen exception I ended up turning to Reimage to attempt the repairs.

When an issue such as this occurs it is hard to know whether it is the registry, the operating system or application files that are at fault. Reimage focuses on repairing all 3 rather than merely specializing in just one.

It works in a 3 stage process, all of which operates from within a browser as it needs to query their online knowledge base

  1. Scan: The application scans the registry for orphaned keys, missing keys and incorrectly set keys. The file system is checked for trojan/virus files, missing files (for applications) and file versions (to ascertain if newer versions exist).
  2. Report: The scan report details the list of faults giving you the information to repair them yourself or let Reimage make the PC fixes.
  3. Repair: The application pull down any necessary files from their repository of over 20 million. The registry keys are set according to their knowledge base of healthy key settings – something which can optimize even a healthy machine to perform better.

The full process took under 30 minutes to scan and repair my blue screen issues (the exception code was 0x80072F76 which relates to a registry issue) and since then I have used Reimage to periodically make repairs on all my XP systems. At the very least, running the scan stage is a good means of checking the system’s health.

Ultimately, we will all need to move over to Windows 7, or whatever follows it, but in the meantime it makes economic sense to recycle and prolong the useful working life of our old XP machines.

You can find a more detailed Reimage Review here

The New and Improved Wii Fit Plus

After Wii Fit made its debut, changing the way people looked at video games and exercise, the game was enhanced and Nintendo released  Wii Fit Plus. Some of the changes to the original game included additional strength, yoga and aerobic exercises. Also added to the game was a calorie burn counter, the ability to create exercise regimens, based on the individual’s specific goals. The user can also create profiles for pets and babies. The game is sold by itself and it is also sold bundled with other accessories.

Purchasing additional Nintendo Wii accessories for the Fit Plus will really enhance the workout experience. Not only do they give a more extensive workout, but they also prevent any sort of boredom from setting in with the game. Many accessories have been developed and many are ingenious add ons to accessories the user already owns. Another fantastic aspect of the Wii Fit accessories is that they can be used not only with FitPlus but other games so it is worth considering the investment.

The Wii Balance Board is the primary accessory needed for Fit Plus. It is a very versitile accessory which not only compliments the Fit Plus game but also supports other games, such as My Fitness Coach 2 and My 10 Minute Workout just to name a couple. It is shapped like a household weight scale and uses bluetooth technology to measure the user’s center of balance and can also calculate the user’s weight.

The balance board can be used on its own or additional Wii accessories can be purchased to enhance its performance further. By clipping onto the bottom, the FriiBoard transforms the balance board from a static motion flat platform to a tilting platform, which will work well with the skiing, snowboarding and skating elements of Wii Fit Plus and is also compatible with other games.

If the skateboarding and snowboarding games of the Wii Fit Plus are a favorite, then Rob Drydek’s Skateboard is another accessory that also enhances those game features. The skateboard clips onto the top of the board which gives the player a very realistic feel of skateboarding or snowboarding and getting an even more extensive workout.

Another Wii Fit Plus accessory, that is offered is the Wii Riiser.  Also clipping to the bottom of the balance board, the Riser adds and additional four inches of height to increase intensity and difficulty to the user’s workout in Wii Fit Plus and other games.

The nunchuk and remote can be transformed using the Riiflex Dumbbells. These are weighted sleeves that go over the remote and nunchuk which gives the player added resistance to add a little more difficulty to their work out. These sleeves are great because they add to the work out while also allowing full access to the the buttons on the remote.

Another Wii Fit accessory is the yoga mat. Placed between the balance board and the floor, the yoga mat is designed to reduce the impact between the player and the floor. It also helps in preventing skidding. This is another versitile accessory because it can not only be used with Wii but it can be used as an actual yoga mat. In addition, it is available in a few colors. Other Wii accessories to consider are slip cases, rechargeable battery packs and cables and carrying cases.

Because there are so many accessories that work with the Wii Fit Plus, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing to know what to buy. To ease this, Fit Plus is available in a variety of bundle packs and starter work out kits ranging from just the game and the balance board to a 5 in 1 bundle pack. Many of the accessories are available in bundle packs as well or purchased separately. Whatever the desired workout level there are accessories available for the Wii to accomplish the goal and create some fun while doing it.

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