Workout Fun with Just Dance for Wii


Wii Dance fans may enjoy Ubisoft’s recent offering, Just Dance. This selection was designed to be part of the rapidly growing trend of games sold specifically to increase the user’s heart rate and to burn calories. While some exercise oriented games focus on completing specific routines and counting daily calories, this one is simply for dancing and having fun. The exercise is a fringe benefit!

How much you will enjoy Just Dance depends on your level of experience with these types of games. It has no other purpose but to get you to dance. This may be a drawback to some and an advantage to others. Dancing is the goal of this game, just like the title suggests. It teaches the user funky dance steps and moves to many different songs that have been popular over the years. If you want to learn some new tricks for the dance floor or just in the comfort of your own home, this game is right for you.

Just Dance has a program of 32 different songs mainly of the pop rock genre. Some among the songs are a bit kitchy, but that’s part of the fun. You can learn some different dance steps as you stroll down memory lane to M.C. Hammer or The Baha Men.

One big advantage to this game is that it is easy to figure out. People new to this type of gaming can start having fun with the game right out of the box. Once the music begins, a character starts to dance on screen in a preset combination of steps. Holding the Wii Mote, one of many Wii accessories, in hand, the player’s job is to copy those steps. The greater the accuracy, the greater the score. The score counter updates quickly and lets you know to what accuracy the player is matching the screen’s character nearly in real time.

Advanced game players will not like that all steps are preset and cannot be customized. Every time you play, the moves will be the same for the same songs. Additionally, there are no progressive levels offering locked or hidden songs or combinations of steps. Literally, what you buy is what you get.

Conversely, if you are frustrated by trying to unlock levels in games such as Guitar Hero, Just Dance may be the choice for you. Another benefit is that this game can accommodate up to four players at once, making this a great choice for get togethers with family and friends. You can choose to play elimination rounds to see which person in the group is the dancing king or queen. Nothing gets good times going faster than a little friendly competition.

If you’d like to buy this title solely for the purpose of fitness, it may not be the right choice. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very entertaining, but you can get a better bang for your buck in terms of health and fitness if you purchase something from the Wii Fit line of games or other games that track your progress while giving valuable calorie and nutrition advice.

Rather, if you aren’t in the market to dramatically increase your athletic ability and simply wish to get some fun, lighthearted exercise into your daily routine, you should try Just Dance. Though it isn’t as intense as some of the other products offered, it still can get you sweating, burning calories, enjoying yourself, and grooving!

You can purchase Just Dance on its own, and some stores offer it as part of a prepackaged Wii set. While you are shopping, check out the other amazing games and Wii accessories that Nintendo has to offer. This technology is taking gaming to a whole new level. Get on board!

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