What Is The Best Hair Straightener?

  • Automatic heat control based on the condition of your hair
  • Heat plates guaranteed not to adhere hair products
  • 150 Watts of pure power

Takes less than 25 seconds to heat upIf you are thinking about buying the best hair straightener then you have come to the right place. This article will present you the number one hair styler on the planet, and a place where you can get it with the best price.

First of all there are a few things that you should think about before you decide to buy anything. There are basically two options for you to to choose from, and they are ceramic and titanium plates. There are hair stylers these days that come with titanium plates because of the slightly faster heating capability, but based on our independet test team, the differences aren’t really notable in regular use.

So we suggest that you go with a ceramic plated hair styler. And which one? Well the GHD Professional Salon Styler Hairstyling Iron with Advanced Ceramic Technology, 1.77″. Why choose this? GHD is the leading manufacturer in hair straighteners, and if you are looking for something that is meant strictly for straightening, then the 1,77″ plates are going to make the process a heck of a lot easier. If you do though, want to get a more of a styler, then I suggest that you get the 1″ version, which you can use to create waves, flip your hair, curl your hair or straighten you hair.

Another great quality makes this the best hair straightener on the market. Their ultimate heating technology creates the perfect shine for your hair and makes it possible for you to create whatever you like with no limitations. The floating ceramic pads on this styler are the best ones there are and it comes with a sleep mode, which puts the straightener off, when it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes – saving you from fires and a large electricity bill!

Due to the 1″ plates you are going to have a styler that is perfectly suitable for all the hair lengths. You can use it on yourself and on your friends because the material that is used in the plates, combined with the heat that this baby is able to produce, you are looking at 99% of all bacteria are going to die, which makes this hair straightener perfectly hygienic.

I know what comes to your mind at first when you have a look at the GHD styler – $150 for a hair straightener – NO WAY! Well if you are one of those people whoe need the best then that is what you are going to spend to get it. People who have real problems with straightening their hair – it gets curled up the minute it gets a bit more humid than usualy – really see the difference between the best hair straightrener and some cheap Babyliss machine. Remember that GHD is the God of Hair, and they only make one styler with different plate widths to be able to keep it the top the stylers around. They aren’t focusing on providing multiple models that each cost a different amount, but instead they just want to give you the best one that is available. If you don’t trust me on this one, then do yourself a favor and keep using your cheap hair straightener for a few months more.

What is The Best Ceramic Hair Straightener?


GHD Professional Ceramic Salon Styler

One of the most often asked question by new hair stylists is “What is the best ceramic hair straightener?”. There is one simple answer. The best ones are manufactured by a company named GHD. Their products are of superior quality compared to others. We have selected here the best ceramic styler of the best manufacturer. It is something that every stylist and hair dresser should have.

This styling iron is called the GHD Professional Ceramic Salon Styler. It is used by many of the top stylists who style celebrities in Hollywood. This styler uses state of the art unique ceramic heating technology. The heating plates heat up to their maximum temperature almost instantly. It just takes a few seconds. It is designed to it locks in the moisture of the hair and the natural oils, which helps to create shiny straight hair and amazing curly, twisty hair. So it can do both: curl and straighten. The results are amazing. Well to see the results you just need to look at celebrities at any red carpet event, because 99% of those hairs  were styled with GHD styler.

This ceramic iron emits great amounts of infrared heat and negative ions, which create less damage when compared to conventional irons, which use PTC and copper wound elements. They don’t emit such numbers of IR-heat and ions, which can cause the hair to dry, become static and less shiny.

This unit has a nine foot long cord that does not tangle. The ceramic coated plates are one inches wide, which make them the optimal size. GHD also makes models that have one inch and 1,7″ inch wide plates. The plates float which means that they are not fixed into the frame of the styler. That way you the plates are always in the best position for the hair.

An important feature which all the best ceramic hair straighteners have is a quality temperature monitor and regulator. That’s because the heat of the plates needs to be constant. Some cheaper cheap thermostat controlled system to regulate the heat. That means that the temperature of the plates can vary up to 30 degrees. That means that the hair can burn or the styler does not create the curls or straightening effect you want. For best results you need an iron that stays at the selected temperature all the time.

This one has a microprocessor controlled heating unit which monitor and regulates the temperature of the plates five times a second. That is amazing. I can’t do anything five times a second. Just in case the thermal fuse is set at 374 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is exceeded the iron switches off. Then you need to wait for the iron to cool down before it can be used again. This can happen when the iron is left on the table with maximum heat. If it happens you can just put it outside and it will be cool and ready to use in just minutes.

What Is The Best Titanium Hair Straightener?

When it comes to hair stylers, you can never really know if it works before you try it. Most of the manufacturers promise certain levels of heat and specific heating times, but when you purchase the straightener it just sticks to your hair. Well with this best titanium hair straightener you will not have the problem of hair sticking to the flat iron, and you will not have the problem of the plates to be warming up too slowly – this is the biggest reason for salons to choose titanium plates instead of ceramics.

When it comes to choosing the best model, we have conducted a survey with some of the top hair stylists and we have come to a conclusion. Amika is well known for it’s stylers, and their titanium plated advanced straightener leaves nothing to question. Their negative ion technology prevents hair from sticking to the plates, and with this styler you are easily able to create the look that you want.

This one comes only with 1″ wide plates which is basically great for every kind of hair styling – you only need wider plates if you are looking to only do straightening. Thanks to the negative ion plating and nano technology this curler destroys 99,9% of bacteria in the hair, making it really hygienic to be used in a salon or by many people in the same household.

Investing in a proper straightener/styler will help you save money in the long run. A high quality product can be obtained at a decent price quite easily, and by paying a bit more than the cost of two regular straighteners, the best hair straighteners have a much longer lifespan and are more enjoyable to use.

The titanium plates are floating, so they allow you to have a better feel to the curling, straightening, or flipping – yes all of these can be easily done with it. If you are working in a salon or just are in a hurry or want to save time when you are doing your hair, then this is great for you. The plates heat almost instantly, thanks to the titaniums good conduction.

When you are trying to find the best you should really not settle for anything less – you will regret it. With high quality professional tools, you are sure to get a great product that will serve you for years to come.