DeLonghi DHB723 380-Watt Tri-Blade Variable Speed Handblender

Looking for a hand blender which will do it all for you? If you want it to be more than just an immersion blender, this is what you need  – yes it is that simple.

DeLonghi DHB723 380-Watt Tri-Blade Variable Speed Handblender

Many people who are looking for a machine that can do a little more than just work as an immersion blender, find that the DeLonghi DHB723 is way more than they were looking for – and they love it for it! The common scenario is to move in to a new apartment and not having a blender or a food processor which could do what you need, and basically you want something that is worth the money, and will get you all the things you need. Delonghi is a very popular manufacturer in kitchen appliances for many reasons, but on big one is the simple fact that they produce high quality appliances that last long and look good.

When the blender arrived, we were surprised at the size of the box that it came in! A probably 21″ wide, 15″ tall and six inches deep box arrived, and it had everything in it. We didn’t realize that it really came with all the attachments that you could ever need – it is not just a blender with one blade, you get the whole set with the price of one!

The blades were individually guarder with a plastic film which is quite good – it keeps the blades sharp during the shipping and handling. This way you can be sure that you will be getting a high quality machine right to your doorstep!

When we first started using it as a hand blender, we noticed that the handle was very comfortable and you could get a good grip from it. It is made of rubber, and you can hold it even if the going gets tough – this is actually more important than you would think, because when you are using it for a longer time, you notice that your hands start getting weaker. As usually this DeLonghi DHB723 had a power button which you have to hold down – this is a safety measure which is implemented in almost all hand blenders. You don’t want the blender to run if you accidentally drop it, since there is only the small blade guard protecting anything from getting in there.

There is a two button power settings and you have a top dial which alters the speed of the blender. The speed selector has 5 different settings in it, and in total there are 6 speeds. Thanks to the very long cord, you won’t have to worry about it running out. When compared to the Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick this one has definitely more power, even though we kind of were under the impression that was a really powerful model. Well for the slightly bigger price tag, you are getting way more power and a lot of nice attachments.

The attachments are attached with a two button system – you have to press both of them to release the attachment. You will have to twist them to get them on and not just push it. These are the attachments you get with it:

  • Stainless Steel Tube Tri-blade; This is a very god attachment to puree anything. The blades are slanted and they will cause a nice whirl in the liquid, but even if you are going for frozen fruits you will get the job done – remember to add some liquid though. Because of shape of the blades it is supposed to not suck the blender to the bottom of the container.
  • Plastic Tube Tri-blade; The same thing goes here as above, but the whole thing is made of plastic. So you can use it even in metallic bowls and don’t have to worry about braking the thing. One thing that we found especially easy to do was making soups from steamed vegetables.
  • Blending beaker; 24 ounces plastic container that you can wash in the dishwasher. You can use it with any of the other attachments.
  • Food Processor; The cap is attached to the blender, and to the bowl which has the food processor blades in it. Everything snaps on nicely and you can be sure that they stay locked. It is a really powerful food processor, but keep in mind that it is only a hand blender, and even if the DeLonghi DHB723 has a 380-Watt engine, it won’t match a big food processor. But you can do quite a lot of things with it that you would usually need a food processor for.
  • Whisk: If you like to make whipped cream, crepe batters mousses and everything that will end up looking like a foam, this is what you want to have. You don’t have to get a separate whisker, but you can use your DeLonghi DHB723 to do all of that action. Don’t try it for too heavy stuff though, as I am sure it won’t take it.
There are a lot of hand blenders out there, but if you don’t know which one to buy, read our other hand blender reviews. You might be surprised just like with the DHB723 that you don’t necessarily need to get all the kitchen appliances you thought you might need  – one machine could be enough!

KitchenAid KHB100 OB Hand Blender

Looking for a hand blender now are you? One of the best hand blenders available, is the KitchenAid KHB100OB Hand Blender. We have been reviewing quite a lot of hand blenders, and this is perhaps the best immersion blenders that we have found.

If you go through the internet and find some information about this blender, you will find one thing. A lot of people think that you can’t go wrong by buying a KitchenAid. They are well known to make products which not only are easy to use, functional and durable, but also they look good. These are all things that are important for many consumers these days.

When you have a stick blender like this you really want it to work just like one. If you haven’t got one, then I really suggest you get one, perhaps the KitchenAid KHB100OB as it is a really good one. These appliances have been designed to give you fast blending in any bowl or glass, or even a bottle which has a wide enough mouth for you to fit the head in.

KitchenAid KHB100OB Hand Blender

Because they are loaded with power, and the KitchenAid KHB100OB Hand Blender does not make a difference in this area, you will get a fast chop of anything you put in there. Consider you want to make a nice tomato soup for your family. You need a bowl, where you will add the tomatos, and simply put the blender on an squish all the juices out. Add some spices, some cream and you are good to go!

These are things that can be quite inconvenient to do with a food processor, and an immersion blender is superior in these things. If you have a regular blender, you are familiar with the fact that every now and then, everything just sticks in there, and even if the blades are moving there is nothing happening. You had to put a spoon or a knife in there to make it happen once again. With the KHB100OB, this is no longer a problem as you can keep the blades moving all the time. You can control the angle at which you blend, but it is suggested that you keep it quite horizontal to avoid having to wash your kitchen walls afterwards.

In this particular KitchenAid KHB100 OB (Onyx Black), our test group found out that the blender is very precise. The speed control is accurate, and you can just apply short pulses in order to get just a rough blend of something. This way you won’t have to liquify everything you put in there, but you can actually just chop things roughly.

The shaft comes off nicely and it is easy to clean. Many hand blenders have a plastic shaft, and this is not the case in this machine. We have reviewed other hand blenders in the past where we had a metallic shaft, and we have come to the conclusion that it’s better. You will have to sink the shaft in the liquid you are blending, and in some cases the plastic might absorb colors and aromas. This doesn’t exist with a metallic hand blender shaft. We actually think that once you get this KitchenAid KHB100, you are going to enjoy using it for decades to come. It just feels that solid.

When comparing to many others, this machine is a step up, and even if the price isn’t that big, it really fights with the big boys of blending. We might even say that it comes close to being a professional level blender. Some people might be frightened because of the size – this can be a bit bigger than your average immersion blender, but it is packed with features, and does every job you can think of throwing at it.

Because this KitchenAid KHB100 is so easy to use, we think that many people will find themselves using it quite a lot, and finding new ways to keep in in their hand! Just keep the blender on the countertop – it looks good enough for that – and pick ip up when you feel like blending or chopping something up.

You can even buy sets which have additional attachments for you to enjoy. This way you can basically do anything effortlessly, should it be whipping cream, making a soup, or chopping stuff. Just with the cup and the standard blades though, you will still be able to do quite a lot!

Often you find that a hand blender makes quite a bit of noise, and thai is where the KitchenAid KHB100 makes a big difference. You can be absolutely sure that is one of the most silent ones we have ever tested!

Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick Hand Blender

When we first received this hand blender for testing, we were quite excited because we had heard so much good about it. It costs under $30 but it acts like many immersion blenders which cost double – that is why we wanted to see if all the attention it had been getting, was worth it. If you are a lazy person and don’t like to read through the whole review, I will break it to you right here. This blender is definitely way more valuable than it costs – you will only pay under $30 for it but you are going to get a $60 hand blender.

The way we are going to test these hand blenders is that we put them through a series of mundane tasks and see how they perform. We will be making soup from different vegetables and we are going to crush ice, frozen fruit, onions, garlic, nuts, seeds and so on. We are also going to test the durability, and see how long it really takes to overheat one and have it automatically shut down. All these are signs of build quality and the level of the parts used in it. Also we are going to do basic cleaning on them and see how easy it will actually be to use every day. Many people have these huge food processors that they never use because they are hard to clean, a hand blender like the Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick can do many things like a food processor, but requires very little maintenance or even preparation. It is quite small so you can keep in on your kitchen countertop at all times and then just pick it up when you need it.

The Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick hand blender comes packed with a stainless steel blending shaft, which is exceptionally good for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s stainless steel, it’s forever and it’s recyclable! Plastic will start getting stains and you will soon notice that they white plastic is not white anymore. The blending shaft is the part in all immersion blenders which you put in the liquid you are blending – it is bound to get dirty. In this particular machine it can be washed in the machine, but honestly you rarely need to. Most of the time we noticed that just running it under some hot water was enough to clean it – talk about easy to clean! We used broccoli, carrots, tomatos, potatoes and made a soup of everything. Just using water we could clean the blending shaft very well – if you are worried about bacteria you can always use a mild dish washer when you do this, but most of the time this isn’t necessary.

The power in the Cuisinart CSB-76BC Smartstick is quite remarkable as it has a 200watt motor. Some people find it even too powerful, but we recommend that you use a deep bowl or the nice and handy cup that comes with the blender to make whatever you are using it for. Keeping the blade near the bottom of the cup will make sure that you get all the solid parts to get through the blade, and that none of the liquid sprays out of the cup. The cup is especially handy with this as you can support your arm on the edges of the cup – because of the powerful motor in the blender there is quite a bit of suction towards the bottom of the cup.

There are two minor things that we don’t like about this blender, but all in all we are very satisfied with the quality and the price. First is the fact that the upper part of the blender is made of plastic. So the housing for the motor is plastic, and when you have a 200-watt motor which could probably mow your lawn, I would like a heavier case for it. This isn’t a problem though and you will most likely not even notice it unless you were expecting it to be stainless steel as well. The blending shaft is stainless steel though, and that is the part that is the most important.

Another thing is we would have liked to see at least two different speeds. Since some of our test crew didn’t like the all so powerful motor on it, they would have liked a slightly slower speed for less demanding tasks in the kitchen. For example it is a quick tool to mix your hot chocolate, but you don’t really need all that power to do that. Just a small twirl will be enough for those minute things.

Even so, overall this is one of the best hand blenders we have ever tried, and it definitely combats some of the much more expensive appliances.

Hand Blenders

Probably the most used kitchen appliance in the world is the hand blender. Most people use it on a regular basis, and attach different heads to it to spread its uses even more, but if you decide to get one, you should make sure that it is of a high quality. Many people end up purchasing something that doesn’t really work as they expect it to work, it ends up breaking in a few years and then they don’t really want to buy a new one as they have had bad experience with the device. This doesn’t really make sense, and if you would have not bought a cheap hand blender in the beginning, you would have been enjoying it for a few years and you would still have it.

The very first thing that I would look for is a stainless steel blending shaft. This makes it also BPA free, which is not only a healthy choice but also a smart choice. When it is made of stainless steel, you will be certain that it will not start coloring and it won’t start looking like it has been used for ages. The most common problem with small kitchen appliances is that they lose their white color quite fast, and after that they will start looking like a mixture of the color of the foods that you have been using it on. So if you have been hand blending carrots, you can be sure that your hand blender looks orange.

These machines are used for quite a lot of different small and even larger tasks in the kitchen, and even if you don’t think that you will be doing anything else but crush ice, don’t be too cheap and spend that extra $10 or so to get a good hand blender. Sooner than you notice, you will be using it on various tasks anyways, and you might even start baking or cooking more than you do right now. You might feel like you want tomato soup, and all you have to do is take a few tomatos, throw them in a bowl and puree them with the blender – it’s that simple! Now that you have the machine, you will start finding way more uses for it, and you might be baking a cake and mixing the batter with it, making cocktails and using the hand blender to mix the drinks and crush the ice in them. There are virtually endless possibilities.

Things that you should be looking when you decide to buy a hand blender

Many people go their local kitchen appliance store and have a salesman pick their appliances for them. They might feel like they made the final decision, but actually they only saw machines that the seller wanted them to see. It is usually a good way to get decent appliances as you will be shown some of the most expensive models that they have, and even though expensive isn’t a synonym for excellent, the chances are bigger that you aren’t buying rubbish.

What I suggest is that you find out a few high quality models in advance and try to read a few reviews about them. The internet is quite a large place and today you can find reviews on almost anything – even on something as simple as a hand blender. On this website we are reviewing all kinds of equipment, ranging from juicers to blenders, and we will also be doing hand blender reviews so we are able to give our readers exactly what they are looking for. When we are testing the devices we will pay attention to such things as the smoothness of the soup that you can make with it, the noise it makes, how easy it is to clean, how powerful it is, and how many uses does it have. These immersion blenders have quite a lot of uses, and if one is exceptionally powerful, it will be able to do a whole lot more. Some even come with attachments which make it possible for the hand blender to be used like a juicer, a food processor or even more.

Below you will find reviews on individual blenders.