Trampoline Exercise and its Benefits

As summer approaches more parents will be buying trampolines for their children. They provide a fun way for children and adults to gain exercise while having fun and they can keep children occupied for hours. The two most popular commercial trampolines are Garden and mini-trampolines. Garden trampolines usually range from the popular 8ft to 10ft trampoline for small and medium sized gardens right up to the 14ft trampolines for big gardens or wide outdoor spaces.

While garden trampolines are used for high bounces and somersaults mini trampolines are used mainly for exercise. They can be used all the year round and they are suitable for all age groups.

Health Benefits
While many people are aware that there are health benefits to jumping on a trampoline, few people are aware of just how unique and beneficial this form of exercise is. Trampoline exercise otherwise known as rebounding is known to help alleviate and cure a whole range of health problems. Everything from kidney stones to weight loss to Varicose veins.

Why is Rebounding so Special?
Rebounding on a trampoline is a unique exercise in which a weightless state is achieved at the peak of each jump and a force over twice that of gravity is achieved during the lowest part of the jump. These alternating forces help to stimulate the lymph system which is responsible for fighting disease and ridding the body of harmful toxins, dead and cancerous cells and provide one of the most important stations of defence in your body.

Lymphatic system
The lymphatic system is a network of conduits that carry a clear fluid called lymph. The flow is regulated by a series of valves that open and close due to changes in pressure. When rebounding on a trampoline this stimulates the lymph by the changes in gravitational pull, the muscular contractions and the deep and full breathing.

Importance of Gravity
In the weightlessness of space, astronauts will keep themselves fit by applying stress on their bones. This helps to prevent muscle and bone de-generation which can happen quickly without the important force of gravity.

Rebounding does not just stimulate the lymph helping to detoxify your body and strengthen your immune response. Rebounding also strengthens the bones, muscles and cells due to the G-forces experienced during the bounce.

No shock impact
Unlike other exercises such as running there is no shock impact on the body caused by jumping or running on a hard surface. Jogging on a hard surface can cause a shock impact that can harm your knees and joints. When jumping on a trampoline the impact is absorbed by the trampolines surface and the risk of damage to your body is reduced significantly.

Weight loss
Trampoline exercise is considered the most effective exercise for loosing weight. A study from NASA found that a 150-pound individual spending just one hour on a rebounder will burn more calories than the same person jogging for an hour.

While you can be predisposed to cancer by your genes cancer can be used by a combination of poor nutrition, stress, a weak immune system and lack of exercise.

As explained earlier the lymphatic system has a huge impact on the immune system and can be stimulated by the forces produced when bouncing. Bouncing also increases the rate of oxygenation of your tissues, thus flooding your body with cells, oxygen and nutrients. This is good for preventing cancer and also those that may be undergoing treatment for cancer. Also your emotional and mental states will be uplifted by the endorphins released while exercising.

Varicose veins
The blood flow is controlled by a series of valves, which can become weak causing blood to pool in your legs and veins to become much more prominent.

If you continue to bounce on your trampoline over a period of time you should notice improvements in your veins. When you bounce you stimulate the working of both calf muscles. These muscles rhythmically contract during each pounce helping to pump blood through the veins and upward to your heart.

While there are numerous health benefits to trampoline exercise I have not even mentioned hopefully you will have a greater understanding of just how beneficial this exercise can be for everyone of any age.

Best ways to use an electric treadmill

Many people are looking for that simple one thing that is going to give answers to their questions. When you are working out there is no one type of workout that is the best for any type of goal. If you are looking for it you need to make some compromises when it comes to the results. There are no best ways to use an electric treadmill but if you are looking to get the most in all aspects of your physical condition by doing one type of exercise, you will have to go with high intensity interval training.

This could be a little easier to perform outdoors since you are going to alter the speed quite frequently, and if possible you will have to run uphill every now and then. There is quite a lot of scientifical data which shows that a HIIT exercise is very efficent in increasing live enzymes which burn fat for energy, HDL cholesterol and also the aerobic capaciry of the individual as well muscle strength. You could say that it is an overall workout and when you do it with some other piece of fitness equipment, like an elliptical trainer, you will get even more out from it. This article is going to focus on doing it on a treadmill though.

A HIIT exercise consists of short intence sprints which are followed by low intensity intervals and by doing this you are going to recruit all your muscle twitch muscle fibers and all the slow twitch muscle fibers in one exercise. At the same time you are recruiting all your muscles since you are not doing an easy workout and your heart and lungs are going to work extra hard to deliver the oxygen to your muscle and the acids and other metabolic waste products out from your muscle. This will cause your body to consume an extra amount of calories during the exercise and post exercise. Meaning that the EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) which is the measure of the efficency of a workout, is going to be high.

When you do this type of workout on an electric treadmill you will start off with a jogging speed. This is something that you can easily carry on for a long time with being able to speak at the same time – you are not going to be out of breath. Running at the low intesity for about 30-40 seconds and then suddenly increasing the speed to your maximum and make the angle of the treadmill so that you are running uphill. This will cause the resistance to grow and make you extra hard. This will go for about 20 seconds, and after that you are going to switch the settings to the easier resistance and repeat the pattern. This is the reason why you need to have an electric treadmill with two engines,  so that you can change the speed of the belt as well the angle of the belt without stepping off the machine.

Normally a workout like this continues for 10-20 minutes depending on the level of the individual doing the running machine workout, and that is why it is important to start with lower goals. Your first workout could include doing five minutes with 45 seconds of low followed by 15 seconds of high intensity. Slowly increasing the high intensity period, and decreasing the low, you will work your way to doing 25 high and 35 low for twenty minutes. When you can do this you are most likey at top shape with low bodyfat and a good aerobic condition.

Remember that there are no best ways to use an electric treadmill, and that is why you should try to find out the ones that work for you. The exercise described above is something that is quite versatile and works for multiple purposes, but if you are willing to compete at some sport you should contact a professional coach who can plan you a proper training regine.