The Truth About Goji Berries and Weight Loss

A superfood that has been gaining lots of popularity recently is Goji Berries (pronounced Go-Gee) thanks to the many nutrition benefits it provides.

Goji berries are small red berries that naturally grow in China, Tibet and Mongolia near the Himalayan lands which is why it is also known as Himalayan Goji Berries.

Although these tasty berries have been consumed by locals for years, it was only till recently that it caught the mainstream eye when it was mentioned on the hit U.S talk show “Oprah” and also recommended by celebrities including the Queen of Pop Madonna.

Since then Goji Berries have been steadily gaining popularity and now you can find several products including this super food as a main ingredient. Thanks to the nutritional value of Goji Berries these products promise numerous benefits such as overall good health, better sexual health and even fight cancer.

So with so many positive reports on Goji Berries, is it really the next big super food? Or is it all just a bunch of hype? Keep on reading to learn more about the Goji berries benefits.

To start let’s take a look at the history of Goji Berries which is also known as wolfberries. As mentioned, these small red berries grow in the Himalayan lands and have been there since ancient times and back then it was also known for having a high nutritional value as well.

Buy why would many go as far to say that Goji berries can prevent or help fight against cancer? What is exactly do these berries contain that make them so powerful?

A daily service of Goji berries is 10 to 30 grams. They provide you with MORE vitamin C compared to an orange which is known for its high value of vitamin C. It also has MORE beta carotene than carrots and MORE iron than steak!

Aside from those vitamins Goji berries also contain a high among of antioxidants which helps keep you healthy and a high amount of polysaccharides which helps keep your immune system healthy.

If you want to get into more detail then lets talk about ORAC which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. What value of ORAC do you think Goji berries have? Oranges have 650, Spinach has 1,540 and Prunes 5,770. Goji Berries come in at a whopping 25,000! So how is this good?

Recent studies confirm that foods with high valued of ORAC help keep you young by protecting your cell from oxidative damage. So consuming 10 to 30 grams of Goji berries a day will boost your health in many ways, keeping you young and healthy.

So let’s get to the important information, how do Goji berries help you lose weight?

Thanks to the nutritional value it contains, Goji berries help you control your appetite and increase your energy as well so you can get that extra boost to do some exercise.

Goji berries also contains chromium which helps control your blood sugar as well as help you keep your lean muscle mass while you lose weight. These powerful berries also contain vitamin B1 and Calcium among other minerals which help you convert the food you eat into energy instead of keeping it stored in your body as fat.

It’s amazing to discover how powerful these small berries can be and how much they can help our body with the many vitamins and minerals they contain. The truth about Goji berries is that not only can it be used for weight loss but to simply help your body get all the nutrition it needs to keep yourself strong and healthy. Today Goji berries can be found in many presentations such as dried Goji berries and the very popular Goji berry juice.