What Is The Best Infrared Sauna Dome?

The modern environment is full of toxins these days. There is no way to avoid them. The pollution in the air and the impurities of the water affect our bodies every day. There are cars and factories everywhere blowing out smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxides, sulfur and other heavy metals. Our food is not really safe either. That is unless you eat only organic foods, but with the prices that are sky high it is really available for the rich and wealthy. The rest of us need to eat meats that are contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified crops and toxins and ever our vegetables and fruits are filled with viruses, bacteria, synthetic insecticides, synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Then there are the harmful compounds that are found in a lot of man made materials like plastics. There is bisphenol A (BPA for short), which toxic compound that can affect fetal development and cause learning difficulties later in life. Plastics also have xenoextrogenic compounds that act like superestrogens in our body. The ruin the delicate hormonal balance and can make you gain weight, grow body hair, lose hair, cause erectile dysfunction, grow man boobs and there are tons of negative side-effects from these.

Even if you stop using plastic cookware, plastic water bottles and switch to stainless steel water bottles and cookware, there is no escaping from plastics, they are everywhere. Just look at the things you have lying around in your house. Your teflon pans have a plastic coating. Your TV has a plastic shell. The remote controls are basically a plastic block. So is your cell phone. Even normal skin care products like creams and lotions have xenoestrogenic parabens in them. So do shampoos and soap. You cannot escape those things. You really can’t. That is why need to be able to get rid of these harmful toxins before they build up in your body. Eating lots of protein and cruciferous plants like broccoli and kale will help your liver detoxify these substances in process called glucoronidation, but that will not help you get rid of everything. It helps you from the inside. You need something that helps you from the outside and there is such a solution. They are called infrared rays (IR-rays), which are invisible rays that are used in many applications like remote controls

Scientists have found that IR-rays specific wavelength (not the kind found in remote controls) have the ability to increase the production, circulation and detoxification in human beings. That is because the adipose tissue (fat tissue) that surrounds our body has relatively low circulation compared to other tissues in our body. That is why toxins usually build up in our fat tissue, causing them to increase in size (that means that you gain weight). IR-rays penetrate your skin, heat your tissues and increase the circulation in the fat tissue and makes it release it’s toxins to the blood stream which carries them to you liver. The liver detoxifies the toxins in to stages and moves them to the bile which is then released to your stools in your intestines. Then the stools exit the natural way. At the same time you obviously start to sweat as your body temperature increases. That helps to get rid of even more toxins. Not only is it helpful for detoxifying your body, but it also very relaxing. It also helps if you have stiff and sore muscles. The added benefit is that you can lose weight. Many people have lost tens of pounds just by sitting or lying. It does not get easier than that.

The best way to enjoy these helpful IR-rays is an infrared sauna. The problem is that saunas cost a ton of money. You can literally spends thousands on one. Not all of us can afford them, but still all of are affected by the toxins. Then, we found out that there is actually a better choice, which is also a cheaper choice and more importantly a portable choice. It is an infrared sauna dome, which differs from standard sauna in that it is not a room or a box you sit in, but a dome that covers your body and you lie in it, which means it is very easy to relax in one. It works totally same as a normal sauna would, it is just cheaper and takes up less space. How much space? Well, you can fit the smallest ones in an large suitcase. So, you can take it with on holidays. That’s something you cannot do with a three thousand dollar room sized model. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, it only takes a couple of seconds and then you are ready to enjoy the healing power of heat.

So, what is the best infrared sauna dome available? Well, we tested a lot of models. We compared build quality, results, usability, portability and price. We came up with a winner and it is the Infrared Sauna Dome DS689. It has tremendous build quality compared to other domes on the market. It does not feel flimsy and it is going to last life time, unlike the others. The results and the whole sauna experience were about the same with all the models that we tested and so was the usability. The DS689 took by far the least space when stored compared to the other models. Really you can fit it under your bed or in a closet. The biggest model we tested took basically the same amount of room as a standard single bed. It is quite needless to say that that model was not portable. When it comes to price the infrared sauna dome DS689 was by far the cheapest. You can get it for only less than 500 dollars, which cheap when compared to other domes and practically free when compared to large sauna units. We can recommend IR saunas to everyone who wants to detox themselves from all the environmental toxins that surround us and to everyone who likes to relax and take care of their aching muscles.