What Is The Best Migraine Treatment?

If you are thinking what is the best migraine treatment, then you are in the right place. We have tried to list here the best ways treat, cure, relieve and prevent the symptoms of this annoying disease or rather a syndrome that is very common and it seems to trouble some many people, especially women.  We have pharmaceutical cure, herbal relief and all other types of solutions to treat pain. Severe acute prolonged brain pain is not something that anyone enjoys, that is why you should try to everything to prevent it from happening. It can be done with some precautions and supplements. This type of pain management is a lifestyle, but it is the type that will produce the best results. You should aim to find the causes and the triggers of your pain. So you can make sure to avoid them. Surgery is a risky choice that can even lead to death. That is why it should be avoided. If your symptoms are hormone related then you should consult a doctor for the best treatment. Make avoiding pain a constant daily choice.

Here is our list of products that we hope will show you how to treat or even how to cure migraine:

Click Here For The Original Shakti Mat

Some people find acupressure migraine treatments very useful. Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, but instead of inserting needles to specific points on your body only pressure is applied. But usually these treatments can be quite expensive. Spending 50-100 dollars each time you suffer from a headache attack is not something that most of us can afford and when you feel an episode beginning there is rarely a qualified acupuncture or acupressure practitioner present. It is a good thing that there is solution that you can use when ever you need it. Shakti mat is a spike mat that you lie on and the spikes will apply pressure on your acupressure points for relief. You are going to feel relaxed and the muscles in your back and neck are going relax. It works for a lot of other things as well. If you have trouble sleeping, 30 minutes on this mat before bed time will make fall a sleep faster than you can imagine. It will also help you relax when you feel stressed.  I know some of you are afraid on lying on a mat full of spikes, but trust me there is no need for that. Sure they will a little tingly at first, but within minutes back will go numb. After a while you will become addicted to feeling of spikes under your back and you’ll start using it every day. I know I have.

Click Here For Source Naturals Magnesium Malate Tablets

For some people magnesium has been a solution for their migraine headaches. People who are deficient with magnesium are more likely to suffer from headaches as it is a very important mineral for the nervous system. Magnesium is not exactly a treatment or a relief for an acute attack, but everyone suffering from them should make sure that their red blood cell magnesium levels are optimal. The best sources of magnesium are magnesium citrate, malate, glycinate or anything that ends with -ate. Stay away from magnesium oxide, because it is the cheapest and the worst kind there is, because it has a very low bioavailability. Much lower that the ones I listed before. One of the best places to buy magnesium from is iherb.com. When checking out use the discount coupon code PEK476 and you will get a discount of 5% on your first order. That is place where I buy all my supplements from as they have the lowest prices and the quickest delivery.

Click Here For the LG TENS Unit

Transcutaneous Electric Neuromuscular Stimulation  or TENS for short has been used to treat and rehabilitate different types of muscle conditions for decades. It works by attaching electrodes to skin and applying low currents of electricity through them to stimulate muscles and nerves.  Using TENS for migraine headaches is new application for old technology. Unlike old TENS units, new units are small and easy to carry everywhere. They are easy to use when needed. Apply the electrodes to your neck muscles  and experiment with different types of currents and pulses to see which one suits your pain the best. Of course you can you also you use for stiff and achy muscles as well. I find it very helpful when my back if stiff.

Click Here For Excedrin Pills

Non-Steroid Anti-inflammatory Drugs  or NSAIDs for short have been used to treat headaches for decades. Many over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen (paracetamol), ibuprofen, ketoprofen, aspirin, naproxen and diclofenac are marketed for headaches. But not all pain medication is the same. The best migraine medication at the moment are Excedrin Geltabs, which is a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. Only three OTC medicines are approved by the FDA for the treatment of migraine and  Excedrin is one of them and the only formula that uses three different active ingredients, where as the other two (Advil) use only two ingredients. Sure there is new migraine prescription medication like triptans and sumatriptans, but they can be very expensive. A single tablet can cost up to 10 dollars. Prescription medicine often has severe side effects and are not safe for children. If you only suffer from mild migraines, then it can be better for you to stick to an OTC product. Remember that you should always consult a doctor and a pharmacist, before taking any medication. Not all drugs work with all people and all of them have side-effects.

Click Here For The WellPatch Cooling Headache Pads

Today you can get all types of patches: nicotine patches, slimming patches, hoodia patches and so on. So it should not come as a surprise that there is a migraine patch available. The WellPatch cooling headache pads are a drug free alternative for treating headaches. So it is safe for children. They work by cooling your head which makes your blood vessels smaller and reduces circulation. Some people have find this very helpful. They are small and easy to use and carry where ever they are needed, at home, at work or any where else. For extra cooling, store them in a fridge, but never in a freezer. The pads are a single use item, so discard a used pad and use a new one each time.

Click Here For The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cooling Cap

For a long time people have had help from cooling their head with ice. Migraine caps are one of the best ways to cool your head. These cooling caps were originally designed for people suffering from alopecia or people going through chemotherapy to prevent hair loss. People also started noticing how well they work for head pain so they become very popular for treating it as well. The problem is that a cap needs to be in the freezer all the time. So it is not a good choice for work or when you are travelling unless you have a carry-on freezer. But it is one of the best things you can find when you are at home.

Click Here For Nature’s Way Mygrafew Feverfew Tablets

If you are looking for a herbal solution, an alternative medicine, an ayurvedic herb or a homeopathic cure for migraines then the herb you are looking for is feverfew. Many people have reduced the amount of attack and the length and the severity of the episodes with this herbal treatment.  Feverfew is a herb that normalizes the function of blood vessels in your brain. So the blood circulation is more steady and there are less painful episodes. Some studies have found feverfew more powerful that prescription medication. Nature’s Way Mygrafew is the best feverfew supplement there is on the market. Mygrafew is also available at iherb.com. Use the discount code PEK476 for a 5% discount on your first order.

Click Here For Dr. Zakk’s Pillow

Neck pain can be a trigger for head pain for some people. Neck tension and migraine usually go hand in hand. People who suffer tinnitus and headaches usually suffer from stiff neck muscles, because one third of tinnitus is actually caused by aching muscles rather than something wrong in your ear.  That is why you should keep you neck muscles in working order. One of the best way’s to do that is to use Dr. Zakk’s headache reliever. It is easy to use. You just lie down on it and let it do all the work.

Click Here For the Tranquility Zone Neck Massager

A neck massager like this will also help keep your neck muscles loose and prevent episodes. It can also cure tinnitus caused by stiff muscles. Is there a person who does not like a good neck massage?

Click Here For Nature’s Way Ginger Root

Nausea and vomiting are something that migraine sufferers often face. Throwing up is not fun, clean or hygienic and when an episode last for three days and you have trouble eating you would like that that the food that you can swallow stays in your stomach. Pharmaceutical nausea pills can have side-effects like drowsiness, which is not what you ideal when you usually suffer from it already. I have found that ginger pills are a very good all natural herbal supplement for nausea. So have many other sufferers as well. Nature’s Way Ginger Root tables is also available at iherb.com. Use the discount code PEK476 for a 5% discount on your first order.

Click Here For The Centrum Multivitamins

There are no specific “migraine vitamins”, but any everyone should use a quality multivitamin supplement. That way you can make sure that at least your episodes are not triggered by a vitamin or a mineral deficiency which is actually quite common. Pre menopausal women should use a vitamin supplement that has added iron, because women lose iron when they menstruate. Men and post menopausal women should use a supplement that has no iron. Stay away from multivitamins that are cheap and have cheap ingredients like magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, D2-vitamin and so on. You can also tell a lot by the size of the pill. Smaller pills are usually the worst. If the daily serving is two large pills, then you know it is packed with lot’s of quality ingredients. Good multivitamin supplements are also available at iherb.com. Use the discount code PEK476 for a 5% discount on your first order.

Click Here For the Elasto Gel Sinus Mask

If you suffer from optical or sinus migraine then best treatment for you is an cooling sinus mask. Ocular symptoms can be very disturbing. A mask that is cooling and covers your eyes can help with these very annoying eye symptoms. It also helps with your sinuses as it reduses pressure in the cavities inside your skull. You can also use it whenever you have puffy eyes or when you have clogged nose. It has many uses and when you combine it with a cooling cap, it is the ultimate head cooler. Put on some ear plugs and you are in the best place for you can be: a cool, dark and soundless space.