Natural Cures For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be a really disturbing problem, and it can actually end up with the person suffering from them, locking themselves in their house and being afraid of doing the things that they are normally doing. When the first panic attack hits you, you don’t usually even realize what it is, but if you are already looking for natural cures for panic attacks you are most likely quite sure that it is the problem that you have.

Normally a panic attack starts with the person having fright or feeling that something is going really bad, even if in the situation there is nothing to be worried about. Many times it can escalate from something that has once ended up in dangerous situation. For example, if someone has had a bad car accident, they might not be able to drive to the same location where they had the accident, without experiencing unnatural fear.

It is not uncommon to be afraid after something like this, but when a person is suffering from panic attacks, they become physically unable to face their fear, and they might even lose consciousness when they are approaching the situation. The panic attack itself is so unpleasant that someone suffering from them will eventually start fearing the attack and not the initial reason. Eventually someone who couldn’t drive in a given location, is no longer able to sit in a car, and in the end they might not be able to get out of their house.

Women are statistically more prone to having an anxiety disorder like this than men, and it is usually diagnosed before the age of 25 – children can have it but it isn’t usually diagnosed at that point. A very common notion from the patients who have panic attacks is that they suddenly start believing they die, even if there really isn’t anything pointing to that direction and it usually lasts for 10-20 minutes. Also because of this they start feeling like they are going crazy, since their rational mind is in controversy with what they are feeling. It is often said that when one is having a panic attack they can think that they are having a heart attack at the same time.

Some symptoms of panic attacks:

  1. Strong uncomfortable feeling
  2. Light headed, dizzy
  3. Fear of losing control of yourself
  4. Feeling that what is happening is unreal
  5. Numb or tingling skin
  6. Cold sweat

Most often there is not a real medical condition behind these symptoms, but there are things that you can do to avoid escalating the panic attack to the point where you have the above symptoms. Many people notice it before they start having the attack, and if they can actively calm themselves down at this point, they can prevent it from escalating to a point where it is disturbing.

Natural cures for panic attacks

Panic attacks can be caused by a magnesium deficiency (1) in the  brain, and either way most of the population of the world are magnesium deficient. Using a high quality magnesium supplement will help ones sleep quality and help them with their anxiety. The most efficient magnesium supplement I have found is this cream which instead of taking it orally, you use it on the back of your knees, at night, where it absorbs better.

Most of the people who know they are having anxiety attacks in specific situations, you can use a calming supplement to help you relax already before you are in those situations. If you always have a panic attack when you go to the store, take 1-2 tablets of Wind Down 30 minutes before you leave the house. It is proven to work as an anti-anxiety supplement (2). It is a very good tasting chocolate flavoured tablet which will also help you sleep better at night if you are having problems falling asleep.

Combining these two is probably one of the best natural cures for panic attacks, and you can even get free shipping for them. Both of them are very cost effective, and it would not be a smart choice to ignore this chance of getting rid of panic attacks once and for all. Remember that the longer you wait, the harder it is going to get!

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