Everything You Need to Know About Stages of Pregnancy

Knowing all the stages of pregnancy involved will not only benefit you considering that you are the one pregnant, but it will also benefit your baby because you will know somehow what is going on inside of you during the nine months of your pregnancy.

During the first month where your egg becomes fertilized, this is where your baby’s blueprint of genes is already formed. Right after fertilization, your egg will be transformed into a ball containing cells and then attaches itself to the womb’s wall. It will then grow into a size that is smaller than one grain of rice just before it eventually grows the heart and spinal cord.

When it reaches the second month, the baby will now be transformed into a more human figure where the head already becomes more prominent, the features of the face are already formed, as well as the feet and the hands that start to develop its muscles. By the time that the second month ends, an ultrasound must already be able to pick up a heartbeat from the stomach of the mother. In addition, around this time, the fetus will already be 2.5 centimeters long and it will be 10,000 times larger than it was during the time it was conceived.

The third month is when the fingers and toes already start to appear, along with the development of the sex organs. In addition, upon the closing of the third month all of the vital organs have already been formed that will officially make the baby a fetus. Around this time, the baby should already weigh about 14 grams and have a length of about 8 centimeters long.

The baby will continue to grow during the fourth month that the fingernails and toes already appear in the body; in addition, hairs already start to grow in the baby’s body. It is during the fourth month that your baby should have the ability to curl his/her toes and fingers along with the ability to suck the thumb.

The fifth month is when the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair begin to grow along with the development of the senses of the baby. This development is proven by the increase in length of your baby up to 13 centimeters. This is also the time where a white substance that is creamy becomes existent to be able to protect the skin of the baby.

When the baby reaches its sixth month, his/her development will normally slow down. This is also the time that he/she will be able to control more the movements along with the fact that the different systems in the body such as the immune and digestive systems and even the lungs will begin to develop to become more mature.

The seventh month is a vital month because all the major organs in the body except for the lungs are already working properly. The development of the brain happens in this stage and it is caused by the maturity of the cells. It is said that if a baby is born in this stage, he/she will already have a very good chance at surviving.

The eighth month is when the baby will already be able to close and open his/her eyes along with the fact that he/she will already be able to develop his/her taste buds. When the ninth month arrives, the baby should already have fully developed and is already growing healthily. This development will enable the babe to develop a thick layer of fat that will cause a gain in weight of up to 225g every week. During the ninth month is usually when the head of the baby will be attached to the pelvis of the mother that will prepare him/her for his/her birth. It is quite amusing to know that only less than 10% of all the babies come out of their mother on their exact due date, while 85% are those that are born on the first few days of the tenth month.