Best way to get pregnant with a boy

Do you want to take no risk at which gender your child is? It is not that difficult to make a huge impact on the gender of your unborn child before it’s conceived, but you need to do exactly the right things.

This book will explain everything in detail:

  • Safe And Natural Methods
  • Dietary advice
  • Advice on ovulation
  • Which sexual positions to choose and why

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There are many reasons for people to want to get pregnant and have a child of their own. In many cultures it is preferred to have a baby of a specific gender, and even if this is considered unethical it happens. Unfortunately you can’t usually determine the sex of the child. Having said that, there are ways to get pregnant with a boy that can be used to increase your chances of conceiving a child of this gender. These are based on science, experience and on pure estimations made by people who have knowledge on the human anatomy and physiology.

To be the best way how to get pregnant with a boy, a specific method should produce results that are significant. In my opinion something like this would have to give you a baby boy in over 70% of the cases, and preferably it should be over 80%. There are people who have five or more children and all of them are boys – either they have been lucky, or they just have been executing some of the methods without knowing about it.

All the methods used to increase the chances of impregnating a woman with a boy are based on a few fact on the different types of sperm that the men have. Since the sperm determines the gender of the baby – there are sperm that have the sex determining chromosome X (results in a girl when it fertilizes an egg) and the chromosome Y (produces boys when fertilizes eggs) – it is important to figure out the differences between these two, so it can be possible to make the environment as optimal as possible for the desired sperm to make it first to the ovaries.

The most important difference is that they Y chromosome containing sperm is a lot faster, but at the same time it uses all of its energy a lot faster. It is also more vulnerable than the X-ones. To make it over-simplified this would mean that to be able to get pregnant with a boy, you should make the environment – the vagina – fast and secure. This means that you will have to engage in sexual intercourse during a time of the month, where the secretion of the vagina is consist of fluids that are not sticky, but instead slippery and clear. Also these fluids should be plenty and of the right pH. Since they boy-sperm is more vulnerable the woman should make her lifestyle choices in a manner that would enable her body pH to be as neutral as possible.

The best way to get pregnant with a boy would be combining all these to a sexual position that allows deep penetration – hence the sperm will have a shorter distance to travel, and the faster ones won’t get tired on the way. For more information take a look at this e-book about conceiving a baby boy.