BPA Free Water Bottles

During the past few years there has been quite a lot of discussion on the harms of bisphenol – A. Simply put it is a compound used in almost all plastic industry, and it does leak from the products to foods and liquids. Even in small amounts (ranging from 0.01 micrograms per pound of bodyweight on a regular basis) it has been shown to cause permanent changes to the genital tract, changes in breast tissue, long-term adverse reproductive and carcinogenic effects, significantly increased prostate weight, signs of early puberty, loss of bodyweight, decline in testicular testosterone, increase in breast cancer risk, distruption in ovarian development and adverse neurological effects. These studies were done with mice, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take them seriously. The biggest sources for BPA are water bottles and food containers because they are directly in contact with something that you eat, and you might even heat the food in the container which will cause further leaking. For water bottles, the water is stored there for a long time, and for that reason there is a lot of time for BPA to leak in the water you are drinking. When you use a water bottle every day, for years, you are bound to start noticing something.

The best way to go is to get BPA free water bottles, in which you use non-bottled water and carry it around with you. The best way to approach this is to remove plastic from everything you use that is in contact with food and beverages. Unfortunately this is not always possible, but you should do the best you can Рif you are storing food in your refrigerator, you should not use  Tupperware, as they are also using BPA in their products, but instead use a ceramic container. Only if you have to take some of that food with you when you go out, you should use plastic for the sake of simplicity, but even then not heat it in the container, but use a plate for microwaving. The same thing goes with water bottles, and I recommend getting a stainless steel water bottle, as it is not only BPA free, but it will also be far superior to a plastic bottle.

The first and biggest benefit that you get is that the bottle is virtually indestructible, and you will never have to get another one. Even if the price for a stainless steel water bottle might seem to be high, but because of this it will definitely be worth the money. With plastic bottles you will always start noticing wearing, and that is exactly why it leaks plastic to your drinks – it is very slow, but as I mentioned earlier, you don’t need a lot of BPA for it to be harmful. A stainless steel bottle will not start leaking if you drop it a few times, and it will not cause these harmful chemicals to enter you body.

Another very big benefit that you get from using a stainless steel bottle, is the fact that it doesn’t start smelling bad. The steel doesn’t absorb aromas from the liquid, and you won’t end up with a bottle that smells like the last beverage you drank out of it. Because the material is steel, you will be able to store very cold drinks in it, and it will stay cold for a long time – the same thing goes with hot beverages. Some people like to carry tea with them, and because the bottle is hot, and it doesn’t absorb the aromas and it doesn’t leak even more plastic in the drink when heated, these stainless steel water bottles are especially good for his purpose.

We did some independent testing, and the following bottles are the ones that we looked at. Camelback was the winner, and you can read about it below.

CamelBak 0.5-Liter Insulated Stainless Steel Better Bottle, Waves

Camelback is a very well known company for making water bottles, the so called “Camelbacks” and other equipment used to stay hydrated during sports and camping. This better bottle is well known and respected and the one in the image is an insulated model. You can get the regular bottle here which is stainless steel, BPA free and not insulated.

Based by our independent testing, this has proven to be by far the best BPA free water bottle that we have seen. We were really happy with the construction as the .75 liter version will cost you up to $30 you will want a bottle that is sturdy. Well we couldn’t find anything wrong with it. A problem that people usually report with poor quality stainless steel bottles is that they condensate, and we wanted to test this in particular. If you want the bottle to be good enough for daily use, and you want to carry it around in your bag, handbag or even briefcase, you don’t want it to leak and you don’t want there to be condensation water that will wet your papers and clothes you have with you.

We filled the bottle with ice cubes and water, and put it on a glass table so the table would not absorb any of the water. After six hours on the table, there wasn’t any condensation water even with the non insulated model. The water was nearly 0 degrees celcius, which means that it was very close to the ice temperature still after six hours.

To test it for leaking we had the following test. We filled it to the top with water and put the bottle in a ziplock bag. If we would have just drawn a line in the bottle we would miss small drops that might have leaked. We then put the bottle in a backpack and our testers went jogging with the bottle upside down in the backpack. After running for ten miles and parts of that off road, we did not see a drop of water coming out of the bottle. This shows that the bottle is very tight.

We exposed a few different bottles to our testing, and here are the rest of them – the second best coming first and so on. The winner was the bottle above.

Sigg Traveler Classic Water Bottle (0.6-Liters, Silver)

Sigg is very well known for their bottles, and they are respected. Their quality is very good, and our testing confirms that. This was actually very close to be the best rated bottle in our testing, but we still preferred the Camelback for the better design and large mouth.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Canteen 40oz. – Single Pack – Stainless Finish

Our test crew was indeed delighted by the sheer size of this bottle. 40oz will last for the whole day for the most, and you can’t really get bottles like this anywhere else. Larger people need more water, and for a big man, this BPA free water bottle is a good choice.

Eco-Friendly Wide Mouth 25 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle – BPA Free, Brushed Metal

We really liked the price, and the wide mouth. It is very easy to put liquid in, and even ice. The Camelback bottle has a wide mouth as well, but it has a separate drinking apparatus. If you lie a wider mouth for drinking, and don’t want to spend too much, then this is definitely a cheap BPA free water bottle that is of a good quality.

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles

When you are trying to live a healthy life and actually achieve something in sports you need to take in to notice a lot of different things. Stainless steel water bottles have been around for quite a long time and even before they have been studied a lot, people using them have found that they are superior to plastic bottles for multiple reasons.

First of all, with a steel bottle you aren’t going to have the problem of leaving the taste of your drink inside the bottle after use. Many bottles tend to absorb some of the aromas that are in the beverages, causing the bottle to lose lifetime – you will have to throw them away after a while when they start smelling rancid. This is a common problem and many people don’t realize that they are also growing bacteria because of this. The material used is simply not really suitable for long term use because of this – you are going to have on-going expenses because of this.

Usually when you use a traditional plastic bottle, you have a small mouth in the bottle, making it hard to drink from it, but also difficult to add the beverage in the bottle. There are wide mouth stainless steel water bottles that are going to take care of this problem also. They have a bigger mouth that allows you to add liquids but also different sports drink powders there. Since the bottle doesn’t absorb the taste from the beverage, you can even use strongly flavored drinks without problems.

One of the most notable benefits that you will get from using the best stainless steel water bottles is that they don’t release xenoestrogens in your beverages. This is very important for people who are trying to remain healthy, and avoid problems with their cholesterol, but also this is highly important men and athletes. If you are in any way involved in sports and you regularly use a water bottle where you store your water, the plastic bottles will release these xenoestrogens to your drinking water and you don’t want to be drinking them at all, especially when you are doing sports, when your body requires fresh water to hydrate on. This is why you should invest in a non BPA water bottle and rid yourself of this problem.

Why should you use stainless steel water bottles instead of aluminium bottles?

This is actually something that I get asked on a regular basis, and the reason for this is that aluminium bottles aren’t 100% aluminium. The inside of the bottle is coated with the same type of plastic than the plastic bottles are, so you actually don’t get the health benefits from using them. The worse part is that people buy these bottles thinking that they are a better solution, where the only benefit that they get is the heat transportation of it.

Using a metallic bottle will definitely help you have a cooler drink, as it tends to transport the heat from the liquid to the bottle, and out in the surrounding air a lot easier, and stainless steel water bottles are definitely superior with this especially when you consider the other benefits that you get from them. For camping and trekking this is the ultimate bottle, since it doesn’t break and it is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. Also you will get a cold drink when you need it, and you don’t have to worry about drinking unwanted chemicals that might come off the plastic when the water is stored there for multiple hours – this process is speeded up when the water is warm.

If you are looking for the best stainless steel water bottles, then I suggest you have a look at the Klean Kanteen Bottles since I have found them being the best that you can get at a reasonable price, and they come with a lot of customization ranging from tons of different colors, sizes and different types of caps.