What is the best foundation for flaky skin?

As the winter and the colder weather approaches in the northern part of the planet, there are many people who are suffering from dry and flaky skin. When you are trying to treat such conditions you should keep in mind that it is not just about the lotions and creams that you use, but if you are wearing make up on a daily basis, it is important to choose a foundation for flaky skin to avoid making the problems worse, and to be able to look good.

When you are having a really dry skin in the face it is a good idea to have a routine which aims to prepare the skin correctly for the make up process. You should start first with exfoliating the skin properly with a gentle exfoliating cream. This will get rid of all the flakes and the dry surface of your skin, but also at the same time it makes your skin feel soft and moist. It is a good idea to add a light moisturizer after this to protect and to nourish the delicate skin. There are many different products that I could suggest for this but something like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is probably the best moisturized for dry skin and at the same time it might be the best anti aging cream around.

After the cream is fully absorbed you should use just a little bit of a foundation for flaky skin. Having large pores is going to make the choosing even more difficult and that is why I have to recommend you to look in the inventory of Napoleon Perdis for products to help with this condtion.

There are a lot of great brands that provide a variety of selections for different types of problem skins and companies like Lancome and Chanel are one of the best. Usually you should look for a water based product since they are more suitable for dry skin. Normally people try to avoid these well-known brands because they are so expensive, but the products last long – you can use the same bottle for months since you need to apply just a little. So in the end you are going to save money.

For the foundation there are many products that do the trick and I have found that usually it is more about personal chooses. You are going to have to try out quite a few products before you find the best foundation for your flaky skin. This is just something that all of us have to go through and there is nothing we can do about it.