Best Teeth Whitening Product Available?

We all want a bit whiter teeth, but are all the products out there the same? Do they give you similar effects? Honestly I can’t say that they do.

There are a lot of scams out there that offer you free trials and all they want is your credit card number and your e-mail address – based on the discussion on the web they are scams, and looks like they never send you anything but charge your card until it is maxed out. I can’t say this is true for all of them but I can say which one you can trust – and Oprah trusts it too.

Dentists – the experts in teeth whitening – use the exact same amount of carbamide peroxide as Smile4you. This makes it one of the best teeth whitening products that you can get. Click Here To Get Smile4You

Can you imagine having the perfectly bright smile that you have always been looking for? The best part is that I no longer have to imagine that – I only go to the nearest mirror and have a smile that just keeps on growing as I see my white teeth.

This might sound like an overstatement to say the least, but to be really honest, I used to have really bad teeth. I drank a lot of coffee and smoked cigarettes, which gave my teeth a sort of yellowish brown and grey look. Using whitening toothpaste simply was not enough anymore and I started looking for some other products to help me.

After searching for a while I discovered a bunch of different products and chose the best ones..

Well at least the ones that seemed to be the best ones. I tried them one after another, and I soon noticed that there was only one which actually delivered all it promised.

  • Up to 11 shades lighter teeth
  • Notice results after 30 minutes of use
  • Dentist quality whitening gel
  • A humongous 200 treatments
  • 4 times more gel than any other competitor!

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Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer, and if keep on wasting your time you might not be able to take advantage of it.There’s no need to feel ashamed of your smile ever again!

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Dental Bleaching Kits For A Whiter Smile

Red wine, coffee and smoking are just a few things that can discolor your teeth. Brown, gray and yellow teeth are far from what you want from your smile. That is why we have dental bleaching kits. They are an easy, an effective and a cost-effective way to whiten your teeth compared to alternatives. If you have tried whitening toothpastes they sell in the convenient stores then you know they are a scam. People spend hundreds on pastes that do not work at all. The best they can do is prevent your teeth from getting discolored. That is because there is not enough whitening ingredients in them. They just are not strong enough to make a difference. The biggest rip off is the new blue tooth paste that colors your white blue, so it gives an illusion of whiter teeth. So why spend all this money on products that don’t work at all?

One thing that works for sure is getting your dentist or dental hygienist whiten your teeth. They have the good stuff that will actually whiten your teeth, rather than making them blue. They use hydrogen peroxide, which is used to whiten anything from hair to clothing. But it comes at a price, a really big sum. Still, why would you want to pay a professional for something you can do at your home for a fraction of the cost? You can get the same things that they are using with a  bleaching kit. It is not like you need degree to spread some tooth whitening gel. Home whitening kits are very simple to use and anyone can do it. It is not rocket science. They come with simple instruction that are easy to follow.

I have found that the best tooth whitening kit on the market is Dr. George’s Dental White, which you can easily purchase for best price. It is actually the same kit that Oprah Winfrey and many other Hollywood celebrities use to get that wonderful white smile. With the Dr. George’s set you will get mouth trays that you can custom fit for your teeth by putting them in hot water until they soften and the putting them in your mouth to get a perfect fit. You will also get professional quality dental gel, which is made up of 16% carbamide hydroxide. That is exactly what they use at the dentist’s surgery. It is good for up to 200 uses.

Another thing you will get is remineralisation gels. If you don’t know what they are, they are used to replace tooth minerals that are depleted over time. It is great for people with sensitive teeth and it will help to have long lasting results. As an optional extra you can also purchase a blue laser light like the dentist’s use. It will help you get better results faster. You can also get all of them separately. For example if you have special mouth trays made by a dentist, then you can purchase just the gel, which works with any trays. If you need new trays or more remineralisation gel you can also get them separately. All in all it is a great set and the best tooth whitening kit you can purchase. It does not matter where you live. They will ship it to USA, UK and the rest of the world.

Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Really Effective?

If you are anywhere like me you drink some coffee and even if you wash your teeth regularly, it seems that they are just too yellow to look good. Teeth whitening is usually done mainly for cosmetic reasons, and people are paying top dollars to get it done by a dentist – there are home kits for this though many of them aren’t truly efficient, because they lack the required amounts of ingredients. With dental bleaching, it is not like you can just repeat the process more times to get a better result, since most of the kits that are sold, are too mild to even begin the whitening process. I have been able to find a reliable whitening kit, and after a number of uses and experiments with other kits from other manufacturers, I am pretty sure that it is the best one available.

Most of the kits that are meant for home use, do not really come with any guarantee of their performance, and this is something that you should take really seriously. The first thing that caught my eye with Smile 4 You was the fact that it did not only have one study that suggested its use, but more. One of them – titled simply “Placebo-Controlled, 6-Week Clinical Trial on the Safety and Efficacy of a Low-Gel, 14% Hydrogen-Peroxide Whitening Strip” really convinced me of their performance.

It is obvious  by now that brighter and whiter teeth is something that most of us want to have even though it is quite difficult to obtain. This product contains a 16% carbamide peroxide that is of a professional strength, but is safe to use at home because of their perfect and easy to use kit.

With just these four simple steps you are closer to having the white teeth you have always dreamed about.

This is not though the only reason for me to swear by their product, but the fact that they are FDA approved means that it is completely safe and healthy to use, and since you get shipping directly from the manufacture you will be certain that you are paying the lowest possible price for a product of this quality.

It is not a surprise that it has been the most popular home teeth whitening kit solution in USA for over 15 years!

Trust me, if you already haven’t gone through surgery to get whiter teeth, you don’t want to do anything that invasive. Actually most people who I have talked to, and have used this whitening kit prefer the results that they got with this home bleaching kit, over the ones that they got at the dentists. Also they had to pay a fraction of the price, and did not go through the horrible procedure.