Congested Sinus Help and Treatments

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic sinus congestion then you will be very familiar with the symptoms. Bad headaches, stuffed up nose, post nasal drip, tiredness and often depression are things you will be experiencing. If, like me, you have spent years seeing doctors, taking antibiotics, perhaps even having surgery on your nose (I had a deviated septum fixed with absolutely no improvement) you will be looking for ways to get some relief from this debilitating condition.

There are two methods that I now use whenever I start to feel the familiar signs of congestion, steam inhalation and saltwater washouts. I’ll describe both of them here. They are safe to do and will definitely bring you relief!

Steam inhalation

I use this in conjunction with a saline washout using a Neti pot as I didn’t find it very effective on its own. Add some pure eucalyptus oil to some almost boiling water and, with a towel over your head, breath in the fumes for around fifteen minutes. This will start to make the mucous in your nose and sinuses runnier so that it can be removed easily.

Saline washouts

Washing out the sinuses and nose with salt water has been recommended for a long time but I always found that it wasn’t easy to do. Then, about a year ago, I discovered a Neti pot and I have been using it since. Neti pots were brought to everyone’s attention by Oprah Winfrey and have become very popular since as many people are finding how easy they are to use and how effective. I am so glad I saw that show as I have suffered from congested sinuses for many, many years with little relief apart from dosing myself with decongestants. I bought a Neti pot and was amazed how easy and effective it is to use! At last after all these years I have a way to keep my sinus problem under control.

How to use a Neti pot to treat congested sinuses

The Neti pot is filled with warm water containing an isotonic salt solution. that is a salt solution at the same concentration as in your body. The salt must be non iodised so I use pure sea salt. The Neti pot look a little like a teapot with a long spout. The spot is placed into one nostril an, with the head tipped to one side, the salt solution is gently poured into the nostril where it washes out the front sinus cavities before coming out the other nostril. Sounds horrible but, if the salt solution is made correctly and is at body temperature you feel almost nothing. Repeat the process for the other nostril then you will need to dry the sinuses to remove all of the salt solution and prevent any infection.

Drying the sinuses

The way to dry the sinuses is to hang your head down and with the head tipped to one side breath out ten times, then repeat on the other side. Now stand up and breath out ten times, then holding a finger over one nostril breath out ten times and repeat with the other nostril.

Why is a saline washout effective?

Sinus problems are often caused by allergy to molds and other allergens. The saline solution washes out these allergens from the sinus cavities and the nose. The mucous that is produced by the sinuses is swept through them and out the drainage holes by tiny cilia on the sinus linings that beat continuously. If these cilia become clogged with mucous they can’t do their job and the mucous isn’t moved out of the sinuses properly. A salt water washout cleans the cilia so they can do their job.


If you know the misery that comes from a congested sinus problem and can’t seem to get any relief, try the two methods above. From personal experience I can say that after many years of suffering, I now have the problem under control. These methods won’t cure the problem but, until a permanent cure is found, these two methods will allow you to enjoy life again without the misery that chronic sinusitis can cause.