Shoud You Use Weekly Meal Plans For Weight Loss

If you don’t know where to start, you need someone qualified to prepare weekly meal plans for you for weight loss. Spending countless of hours doing the research yourself isn’t worth it, when you can learn as you go.

  • Learn healthy meals as you make them
  • Have a professionally designed individualized meal plan!
  • Lose weight eating tasty, healthy foods
  • Maintain your final weight forever!

There is always a few things in common with diets that work. They all seem to take in to account individual differences, and they all are versatile. The most common mistake that people do, is stick with the same foods over and over again. They eventually start developing food sensitivities, which will make them feel bad after eating, and in the end they discontinue their project.

Another common reason for failing, is taste fatigue. When you notice that it is easier to just eat the same food over and over again and not plan new meals, it’s easy to develop taste fatigue. This means that your body will start to physically resent the taste of the food, and you will feel nausea because of this. (Ever heard of someone going on a cabbage soup diet, and never be able to eat cabbage after tbat? 🙂 )

The reason why this happens is that since the meals have to be planned in order to get the right amount of calories and nutrients, people don’t have the time to plan a lot of meals. If you are eating four times a day, and you want to keep it versatile, you will have to plan dozens and dozens of meals, week after week to make sure that they comply with the principles you are using for your diet.

This is where weekly meal plans for weight loss come in to play. But the thing is that you don’t want to get just any weekly meal plan that you can get, you need to make sure that the person who designed it, knows what they are doing. Also there has to be individualization since not all diets work for everyone – some people do better with low carb meal plans, some do better when they have some extra carbs planned in their diet.

When you have a weekly meal plan for weight loss, you have a clear plan on what you are going to do to achieve your results. Since you have every meal planned already for you, you won’t make mistakes and eat unhealthy foods by accident. You won’t have to worry about not knowing what to eat.

The Benefits Of Weekly Meal Plans

When you have everything planned out for you, it is much easier to use fresh ingredients and make healthy choices. Food preservatives and chemical additives are a big concern in the food that we are eating today, and food delivery services don’t always take this in to account.

When you are eating fresh vegetables, preferrably organic, your body isn’t going to be as taxed trying to remove the chemicals from your system, and it can focus on burning fat for energy. A good meal plan will help your system lose weight and give you more energy while you are following it.

Have you ever been on a diet? If you have, you know for a fact that there are days that you just can’t think of anything healthy to eat. You might be in and out of the office, and be forced to eat out, or think of something to grab while you are on the go.

It can be really difficult to come up with something that really fits your diet, and having a weekly meal plan will make it easier. If you have prepared your foods in advance, you will not have this problem, and if you haven’t you can use the plan as a guideline when you place your order at the restaurant. Just make sure that they aren’t adding anything extra, and you are making a safe choice.

In the end, when a highly trained, and experienced professional is doing the planning for you, you will learn how it is done, when you are losing weight. You won’t have to waste time studying, until you can start planning those healthy meals!

Honest Review of The Dukan Diet

Deciding which diet you are going to follow, can be quite difficult these days as there are so many of them readily available. Not many of us have the experience needed to be able to combine the best diets for one that best fits us.

The Dukan Diet was originally developed by a French doctor Pierre Dukan, who was not satisfied with the health of the average person. Almost any health problem can be linked to obesity and unhealthy eating habits, and that is why it was important for Pierre Dukan to create a diet which was easy to follow, and produced results really fast.

It has been spread in to four different phases, which are in fact a great way to keep the dieter motivated as they are constantly looking for the next phase, and doing the work so that they can get to the next level. The fourth phase is a maintenance phase which is designed to help people keep their weight at the ideal.

What we did find was the best thing about he Dukan Diet is that you are not going to count calories, and you will not have to measure your food. You have easily over 100 different foods that you can eat to avoid boredom and taste fatigue, and food sensitivities.

What Is The Dukan Diet?

Consisting of mainly different meats and vegetables, it will give you a lot of protein which will maintain even blood sugar levels, and fight cravings for sugary foods. Because there are a lot of vegetables, you will get a good source of fibrous carbohydrates, and you can’t accidentally overeat on them – not many people can eat 20 grams of carbs from vegetables in one meal.

Depending on the phase you are in, you have a different variety of foods available, and this is what gives you motivation for it. You know that once you reach a certain point, you can start adding different foods, and it doesn’t seem like an endless project.

Phase 1 of the Dukan Diet (Attack!) is simple – eat only meat! This phase is designed to give you a good head start for weight loss. The reason why it works is a bit complicated for most, but let’s make it simple. First of all, most of the people who are trying to lose weight, are falsely avoiding meat. When you avoid meat you easily start using allergen containing protein sources such as dairy.

Many people are obese because of food sensitivities that keep their cortisol levels high on a regular basis – doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, if you are sensitive to the foods that you are consuming. A meat only diet will help your body to rest from the allergens, and it will also give your system amino acids which are needed for detoxification.

A very high protein diet is going to boost your detoxification. Because you are using mainly meat in your diet now, your body will start getting rid of different chemicals which come from various sources, and the extra protein intake is going to help with this.

Since meat is very low with the glycemic load, you will also improve your insulin sensitivity. Since your blood glucose levels will not rise very high, you will not feel the crash that follows – you will not be hungry and feel faint! Since you don’t have the spikes in your blood glucose, your body will learn how to use fat as energy more efficiently, and it will also have time to repair the damage that elevated blood glucose can cause.

This is indeed the most important phase of the Dukan Diet for success. You need to get your body adapted to using fat as energy, and not control your energy levels with sugary foods.

The phase 2 of the Dukan Diet (Cruise) is what you will be doing as long as you need to lose weight. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then this is the phase at which you will be the longest, and it is what you will get used to. After a while you might notice you are hoping to get to phase 3 already, but if you stay in phase 2 for a long time, you will be able to get rid of all cravings for good.

Many people who have followed a meat + vegetables diet only for extended periods of time, have reported to lose all their cravings for carbohydrates and unhealthy sugary foods. Your body will thank you for eating a diet like this, and reward you with zero cravings!

The biggest reason we think is that your body gets so used to managing the blood glucose and energy levels by using adipose tissue as energy, it forgets everything about sugar. Your brain is what usually craves the sugary foods for a quick fix of glucose, but after a while it learns how to manufacture it’s own energy!

The pounds will literally melt off, as you are alternating between protein only, and protein and vegetables one day after another. Pierre Dukan advices that you stay three days in the phase 2 per each pound that you think you need to lose. So for someone who needs to lose 10 pounds, using the phase 2 for a month should be enough.

Someone who has to be in the phase 2 for a longer period of time, will notice how easy it is to follow, and how good it makes you feel – it might be difficult to get away from it! This is actually one of the reasons that we think it works for a long term solution; people using it will make “Phase 2:ish” choices even when they are in their goal weight.

The phase 3 of the Dukan Diet (Consolidation) is where you have to be really careful! This phase is in turn when your diet has taken you to the weight where you want to be in. It’s time to start shifting your mindset from weight loss to maintenance, but it has to be done slowly to avoid the Yo-Yo effect!

Carbs can be very addictive, and if you don’t monitor your intake at all in the beginning, you might go over the board, destroy your new found insulin sensitivity, and gain back the weight in record time.

You are going to add foods to your diet one by one, and eat two meals each week of whatever you feel like. Keep in mind that these are meals, and once you are done, you can’t go for seconds in an hour! It’s no longer the same meal!

Just like the Phase 2, Phase 3 has a timeline. Every pound you lost so far, multiplied by 5, is the number of days you have to stay in the Consolidation phase. This will make sure that you don’t bounce back to your old habits. It is recommended that you keep eating mainly similar foods as you did in the previous phase, and add the other foods slowly to your diet.

Finally the phase 4 of the Dukan Diet (Stabilization) has arrived, and after spending 60 days in Phase 2 to lose 20 pounds, and 100 days in Phase 3 to make sure that you are able to maintain the weight lost, you can get back to “normal life”. This doesn’t meant that you should order a pizza for breakfast – you want to keep the weight there!

There are three rules for the rest of your life!

  1. Every Thursday, get back to phase 1 and eat protein only. This will help you maintain the insulin sensitivity, and it will help your body repair itself. Why Thursday, and not any other day of the week? Well most of us, tend to lose it during the weekend, and eat unhealthy foods and even drink some alcohol. Social events that require you to eat unhealthy are usually held during the weekend, and when you deplete your glycogen on Thursday, most of the excess energy you consume, will be stored inside your muscles, instead in the fat!
  2. Eat oat bran daily. Simple. You need the fiber to keep your satiety.
  3. Exercise when possible. This doesn’t mean you will have to hit the gym, but instead walk when you can drive, run when you can walk, and use the stairs where available!

Overall the Dukan Diet is one of the most sain diets that work out there today, and you can find many Dukan Diet reviews which will agree on this!

How To Reduce Fat Fast

There are many people struggling with overweight, and now as the summer is once again approaching, you want to reduce fat fast to get to the best shape of your life. To make this happen, you need to increase the rate at which your body burns fat, increase your metabolic rate and reduce your appetite. How bad do you want this?

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When it comes to fat burners, you don’t usually want to go with the latest gimmick, as they are generally a marketing hype, and since they have been around for only a short period of time there is not proof on how it will work for long term. Phen375 is a new formulation but it has years of proven results. Today the improved formula is bringing outstanding results for thousands of satisfied returning customers!

The problem commonly with fat reducing products is that they only target a single problem. For example they could just speed up the metabolic rate, which basically means that you would be using more calories to get through the day. If the supplement doesn’t help with fat oxidization, you are going to look at lower energy levels, as your normal bodily functions are taking all the energy!

This is not all, but you will also notice that you are hungry all the time. When you burn more, your body wants to eat more to compensate for it. Phen375 is a really high quality product which will increase fat mobility, that means your body will be able to burn more fat, but it will also reduce your hunger! So you won’t have cravings and you might even reduce your eating, which will result in getting rid of that tummy even faster!

Getting rid of belly fat is a big problem for many, and it can really hurt ones self esteem. Being fat and tired isn’t fun, and it is easy to just stay on the couch, eat ice cream and feel depressed because of your overweight. Using Phen375 you will not only burn large amounts of fat, but you will also notice an increase in your energy levels, have better self confidence, and in the end you will be more likely to go out and exercise to further boost the results you are getting!

Phentemine375 is produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs, assuring the highest standards and guaranteeing you that it is safe and consistent!

When you are losing weight, you aren’t only getting rid of the fat, but you are becoming healthier. The very first things you will notice is that you will no longer have as much problems with you gut – you know the occasional indigestion, and heartburn. They will literally go away as your body has no longer the stress of extra weight on it.

Sleep quality is something that is often low with obese people, and you might have noticed you are always waking up tired. The instant you start losing weight you will start sleeping better, and breathing better during sleep. Snoring is a clear indication that you should lose weight to allow a more free ventilation to your lungs. Phen375 has been shown to increase the sleep quality and users have reported to be well rested after sleeping through the night.

One thing that is especially important for men besides just reducing fat is the increase in sex drive that they get. The adipose tissue in men produces a lot of estrogen, which will work contradictory to the testosterone in men – the single hormone which causes the increased sex drive in men. After using Phen375 for a few weeks, many users have noticed an increase in the sex drive, but also in the confidence that they have in bed.

If you are single, you will also benefit quite a lot from the improved appearance from the weight loss, which will make it more likely for you to get in the bed with someone! If you are dating someone, chances are they will feel more attracted to you, and you will enjoy more and better sex.

If you really want to reduce fat fast then this is the best thing that you can do. Ordering Phen375 is the fastest step towards the figure that you want, and as we all know, with a better body, comes better health and a better life!

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips

There are a lot of ways to to reduce the inflammations in your body through diet, and if you feel constant joint pain, are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, have trouble sleeping or have a lot of overweight, you could benefit from including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. Being overweight does not only mean you are carrying extra fat around, but your body will have a mixed hormonal state, an also a chronic inflammation.

An inflammation like this can be the root cause for numerous different illnesses, and the biggest problems it can cause are usually related to cancers, but even heart disease and Alzheimers can be a manifestation of long term chronic inflammation.

The root cause of inflammation is to bring more blood and lymphatic fluids in the area where the inflammation is happening – this will help the immune system be more efficient in removing the root cause for this problem. If you are eating foods which you are allergic to, or have problems in your gut, your  body will be constantly inflamed, and it this can cause elevated cortisol which will cause you to have trouble sleeping and also eventually adrenal fatigue. In worst cases people have to take sick leave from their work for months and months to repair this kind of a problem, but still the fact that chronic inflammation can cause Alzheimers and cancer, is a bigger problem.

If there is a constant state of inflammation in your body, the tunica intima, which is the innermost layer of your blood vessels will suffer damage which is caused by your own immune system. This can cause such problems as high blood pressure. The same thing can happen with your endocardium, which can result in myocarditis at worst case.

#1 Start with using a glutamine supplement

Now that I have frightened you with all the possible harms that this can cause, I am going to give you a few solutions for the problem. First of all I recommend you start using glutamine on a daily basis, since it is going to be the staple in getting rid of inflammation. It is the single most important amino acid for your body, and it is crucial for proper function of your immune system. Besides this, it will also help you control cravings for sugary foods – they are another thing that hurts your immune system. Eating sugar will shut down your immune system for several hours, and it will further increase the inflammation in your system. Using glutamine will help this way, but also because it is a gut healer.

Most of the problems that people have with their body these days, can be linked to a poor gut – a leaky gut so to say. This means that their intestinal lining has been compromised, and they are more prone to getting bad reactions from different allergens. This isn’t all because some of the foods you eat will be in contact with your blood without them  being properly digested first. So let’s say that you eat meat which contains traces of cartilage. This cartilage then gets in contact with your blood, where the cells of your immune system will realize that it doesn’t belong in your body. After this they will start cloning the cells which destroyed the cartilage from the food, but since animal cartilage is very close to humans, you are going get inflammation in the joints as well – your body is now destroying its own structures.

#2 Eat foods you generally don’t

Many people eat only 10-15 different foods on a regular basis, and because our genes were developed during time when humans travelled constantly, we are not used to eating the same foods over and over again. If you do eat the same foods all the time, you will get sensitive to them, and in the end you are going to have intolerances to them. Each time you eat them, your body will start a heavy immune reaction. Because your body will adapt to fighting against… well… anything, the immune reaction will be stronger every time you eat it. This is unless you take a really long break from eating it and eventually get rid of the intolerance.

I personally recommend that you use something like Leap MRT to screen whether you have these intolerances (surprisingly people usually do, and they are the foods that they regularly eat). This way you can be sure which foods to avoid for a while. You will get a complete guide from them on how you should proceed.

When you are regularly eating new foods, and perhaps not eating the same foods twice in a week or two, you will also start soon realizing which foods make  you feel bad after you ate them. These are foods you are intolerant to – normally when you eat these foods all the time, you won’t even notice the nausea, trouble sleeping and digestive issues you might get from them, because you are used to feeling bad. Getting rid of food intolerances is the best anti-inflammatory diet tip that you can get!

It is best that you mix all kinds of berries, fruits and vegetables in your diet as well, as they are filled with antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins which will help your immune system work properly. Today it can be difficult to get all the minerals and vitamins you need from your food, because everything is grown at a rapid speed while using artificial techniques to boost the growth speed. This leaves less time for the plants to develop the antioxidants, and absorb the minerals from the ground, so using a multi-vitamin is definitely in order. Here is one of the best multi-vitamins I know of, and here is the same for men and post-menopausal women (you don’t need the extra iron in your diet). Using it on a regular basis makes sure that your body is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to carry out every enzyme reaction it has to.

#3 Use antioxidant supplements

I don’t generally recommend people to use a lot of supplements, but when you  want to reduce the inflammation in your body, there is something that you need to do. The very first thing is to start using a fish oil supplement which contains a lot of EPA. This is a fatty acid which will naturally lower your inflammation.

Another thing is to use Vitamin-C which is a very potent antioxidant in the water based fluids in your body. For something in the lipid based areas in your body, I recommend using Vitamin-E to get complete antioxidant support for your body.These are the basic things that you should do, but there are additional ways to to further reduce the inflammation in your body.

Weight Watchers Points Plus – What’s Wrong With It?

South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight TodayWeight Watchers is on outdated program, and even with the latest updates it hasn’t been able to meet the requirements of the modern day weight loss programs. The South Beach Diet is is highly recommended by physicians!

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  • Eat out when you need to
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Costs only $5/week!

5/5 Stars

Don’t waste your time looking at anything else. The South Beach Diet will make losing weight easy for you, and you can eat delicious foods while losing weight. All you need to do is sign up!

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During the years I have been able to follow a lot of different weight loss programs come and go, and there are very few that have been able to stick around no matter what has happened to the industry. We have gone from avoiding fat, to avoiding carbohydrates to eating raw foods and so on – basically there are trendy diets varying from one extreme to another. People seem to like extremes, but they don’t really produce long term results now do they? Many people who are following the “WW” are able to keep a healthy weight, and for that reason I would consider it being quite effective. Weight Watchers have always had their point system, and now they came out with an updated version on it.

How Do Weight Watchers Work?

Basically the whole point of the point system is to get people from stressing about the calories of the food, and understand how different components of their foods can be more or less significant in avoiding weight gain, even if they don’t have such a high caloric density. During the years of their existence, Weight Watchers has been able to weed out the flaws in their system and today they have probably the sainest version of it running.

Points Plus Is The New Program

Unlike most thought, the Points Plus isn’t a rehashed update on their original system, but it is instead considered to be a completely new program. Weight Watchers have clearly put a lot of effort and money in designing everything again but have they succeeded?

Weight Watchers Points Plus Is a Failure In Rehashing What Others Have Done Before Them

All of the people who received the new program, and are extremely excited on it, here are some things to consider. Eat Right! Be Active! Repeat! Changes? It should work right? Do you need to pay $40 month for that advice? Well some people do.

The whole point of the WW system used to be that people would not have to get deep in to the nutritional values of the foods to figure out whether it is a good food to eat. They had their points system to make it easy. What do you do now? The first thing is to check the protein, carbohydrate and fat content of the food before you can figure out whether it is good for you. They are calling their favorite foods “Power Foods” and they consist of such as lean cuts of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, healthy whole grain (since when whole grain has been healthy? Maybe if it’s organic, and you are 100% immune to gluten, but that’s not very likely!), healthy fats and WHOLE (non processed foods) FOODS! Well this seems to be the general direction that every diet is going to, so I guess they had to put that in to keep the trend-dieters with them as well. The funniest thing that I saw on their book was that on the page that they have their “Power Foods” they also have the following sentence:

“Because we know members eat bread, we are introducing reduced-calorie breads and rolls, they are the best choices – weight loss wise – in the bread category”

“Certain foods in the fish, poultry and meats category have been eliminated because of their fat content. Same thing with avocados.”

How can you really say that the new system favors NON PROCESSED FOODS and WHOLE FOODS, then throw in artificially reduced calorie breads (bread is a whole food and it’s not processed right? Wrong.) and throw away whole foods like fish, poultry, meats and some fruits?

Looks to me like Weight Watchers is just trying to keep up with the trends in weight loss, without really knowing what they are doing! If you want to really get permanent results, eat a wide variety of foods and eat healthy whole foods that are not processed, I suggest you save yourself a few hundred dollars each year, and get The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, it’s $13.51 and has all you need! Is it trendy? No. Is it exciting? No, but it simply works! You can get some Paleo Cookbooks to go with it, and you will still save a boatload of money compared to the hand holding community of Weight Watchers and their new hack Points Plus program.

In general the Weight Watchers is a good way to improve your health by being more active and conscious about the foods you eat, but  I don’t know who wrote their advice when it comes to nutrition. If you are going with their Points Plus system because you want to eat non processed whole foods and be healthy, don’t do it, they aren’t going to help you with that.

Green Tea Drinkers Stay Slim

I have been writing quite a few different posts on Green tea and it’s health benefits. This is all because I am quite interested in the subject, and that I like to investigate simple things that can improve your overall health, and even speed up your weight loss. We are living lives that are very different from the ones of our ancestors, and that is why we are suffering from a lot of chronic disease and obesity, which is usually always linked to these diseases.

There are literally dozens of scientific papers out there that have found a link between drinking tea and staying slim. It is not only Green Tea which has been shown to speed up your metabolism at good rate when you drink as little as three cups a day, or use under 300mg of EGCG per day. Long term studies that have lasted as long as 20 years show that people who drink at least two cups of tea each week are a lot less likely to be obese in the long term. Scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason for this, but that is exactly the reason why I write this blog.

Have you ever noticed how people who drink tea are calmer than people who drink coffee? You think that it’s the caffeine that gets the coffee drinkers wound up, but there are other reasons for this since some teas also contain quite a bit of caffeine. Tea contains an important amino acid called theanine, which has been shown to have a calming effect on the brain. This will eliminate restlessness and will help someone calm down and stay focused. The Chinese have known this for thousands of years, and they didn’t need a scientific study to prove this – they have been using teas for a long time to calm down and help one center their focus.

Why does this help someone stay slim?

If you are on the top of your “health knowledge” you know how bad elevated cortisol can be for someone. It isn’t just about keeping you stressed, but basically it will multiply the bad effects of anything. It is like pouring gasoline of flames – if you are seriously ill and you are stressed at the same time, the illness will get worse. If you have cancer and you get really stressed out because of it (who wouldn’t?), it will slow down your recovery. This is one of the biggest reasons why people who accept the situation get better faster – they aren’t stressed about the cancer as much anymore. You need to be able to deal with something like this.

Elevated cortisol doesn’t only make your illnesses worse, but it also eats your muscle tissue and stores it as fat. What happens when you lose muscle tissue? The most notable differences are that your weight might initially actually drop since muscle weighs more than fat, but since it will also slow down your basic metabolic rate significantly, you will soon start storing more fat. It isn’t only about your metabolic rate though, but your insulin sensitivity as well. By the way – Green Tea has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity drastically. The more muscle tissue you have in your body the more insulin sensitive you are – the more cells your body has where to push glucose from the blood. If your blood glucose stays elevated – with someone who is stressed out it could be elevated even if they aren’t eating because of the cortisol – you will store fat.

Where does green tea come in to the picture?

If you read all the ramblings above, you are somewhat familiar with the fact that your body doesn’t do well with a lot of cortisol, and that teas contain theanine which will eventually help you control your cortisol. Green tea has one of the highest concentrations of theanine, hence it will also help you calm down.

Many people drink decaffeinated green tea, but I can’t recommend that as the chemicals that are often used to remove the caffeine from the tea are much more harmful than the caffeine itself. I usually only drink green tea in the morning and afternoon because of the caffeine, and I usually combine it with licorice root tea. Licorice has quite a few benefits, but one is it helps your gut to repair itself, and it helps your body to be more efficient with cortisol. This means that your adrenals don’t have to produce as much of it.

At night I would suggest that you drink basically any tea that doesn’t have caffeine in it – all teas contain theanine to some extent, and they will help you relax when you are going to bed. But keep in mind that no matter what are your favorite teas, having at least a few cups a week will help you to avoid weight gain in long term. For tips on using green tea to speed up weight loss, read this article.

Best Green Tea For Weight Loss And Health

One of the best ways to improve the rate at which you lose weight and fat is to use a green tea supplement to help you boost the results. The problem with most supplements is that the leaves that they have been using for the supplement aren’t organic, and can contain heavy metals and pesticides. Also most of the supplements are weak and do not contain enough EGCG to have the weight loss results that they should. The most powerful and the highest quality green tea for weight loss is Tava Tea. Unlike most green tea supplements, you won’t have to take any capsules, just drink the tea to get results.

If you are new to green tea and want to learn more about it before you choose to use it then here are some of the best benefits that you can get from using it to help with your goals.

The largest problem with people who have weight issues is insulin management. Their body is not able to properly produce insulin at right amounts and it isn’t able to use it as efficiently as it should be. The reason for this is that they don’t have enough nutrients in their foods, and they are on a diet that is high in sugars. This can lead to health problems and even in serious cases to diabetes. The best thing about Green Tea is that it fights these problems, and it has actually been used by the Chinese for quite a long time for this purpose, and also because of the fact that it gives you more energy.

Green tea contains a very strong antioxidant called EGCG – there are literally thousands of studies that are proving it works great for people who want to lose weight. The problem is that if you want to get rid of some extra fat with green tea, you will have to consume it quite a lot. It is not easy to find organic green tea, and drink it five cups each day. There is an easier solution and that is called Tava Tea. This supplement is an easier than a capsule that you can take with your meals to improve your metabolic rate and also your insulin sensitivity.

When you consume once capsule with your meal your body will not only be able to burn the calories from the food more efficiently, but you will also manage your blood sugar more efficiently. This means that you will not be hungry so soon after the meal!

So you are preventing diabetes and overweight when you choose to use green tea for weight loss, but that isn’t the only thing. Since another major factor in obesity these days is also faulty estrogen metabolism Tava Tea will definitely come in handy.

EGCG that is found in this product also helps prevent the faulty production of female sex hormones in men, and it will also help regularize the production in women. So if you are a man, you will gain weight because you are producing estrogen – very common in men these days. Taking one capsule with a meal will help reduce that.

How Much Do You Want To Lose Weight?

If you are a woman, you will also gain weight if you produce too much estrogen – another very common problem. Taking one capsule with meal will help you normalize your estrogen production in as short time as a week!

The speed of results often comes as a surprise when you use a high quality herbal supplement like Tava Tea. Lower quality products rarely produce the same results because of poor ingredients – when the plant is malnourished during cultivation it will not have similar properties as a better product.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Besides just having weight loss properties, green tea also comes packed with health benefits. Most of them are linked to the fact that it will help you lose fat which will improve your overall health, but some of them come from the fact that it is packed with unique antioxidants. Remember that when you are choosing to supplement with any product, you need to make sure that they are guaranteed to contain what they promise and nothing else. These supplements are the highest class of herbal supplements, and they go through the strictest testing and they are guaranteed to not contain any allergens such as gluten, wheat, artificial colorings, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. If your supplements contain any of these, I suggest that you change them immediately, since these chemicals might actually prevent you from having the results that you are expecting!

Is that all? NO

Green tea has many different ways that it can help you be healthier. Weight loss is not the only one. If you are at all concerned about your cardiovascular health, or you have cancer in your family, it is time to start lowering your risks. Simply using Green Tea you will have a significantly lower risk to get any of these illnesses, but you will also improve your overall health. Many people find themselves being more energetic and enjoying life more when they use the supplement.

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If you want to learn more about supplements, check out our weight loss pills section.

Resveratrol Supplements Help With Weight Loss As Well

If you haven’t already heard about the myriad of health benefits that resveratrol has, you have been living under a rock. The hype started soon after Barbara Walters featured a segment about all the anti aging properties that this miracle molecule found in red wine has, and ever since it has been studied vigorously with more and more promising results found every day.

If you want to learn about resveratrol supplements all you need to to is a quick search on one of the search engines on the internet. Even so I will do my best to list a few of reasons why it can speed up weight loss, but also go through some of the health benefits that you can get from increasing your resveratrol intake – keep in mind that you should not directly link this to drinking more red wine since over consumption of alcohol will definitely have some adverse effects as well. Even so a glass or two every now and then should not be so bad after all – as long as you aren’t drinking the whole bottle.

Improvements in insulin sensitivity

One of the biggest health problems in the world right now is type 2 diabetes. This is caused by a decrease in insulin sensitivity and other abnormalities in insulin metabolism. In general all of this is caused by overweight and unhealthy eating habits, and that these problems can almost certainly be removed by losing weight.

There are supplements like resveratrol that actually help increasing the insulin sensitivity which will also make weight loss easiler, and that is why most of the personal trainers and dieticians will suggest you to use a supplement of this kind when you are trying to get rid of excess fat.

Increase in the amount of mitochondria

Another thing that is often talked about when weight loss is concerned is the rate of your resting metabolism. This is basically the amount of energy that your body consumes when you aren’t doing anything. The faster your metabolic rate is, the more energy you are going to burn and the more fat you will use for energy.

Mitochondria is the power station of your cells, and it takes care of most of the energy production in your body. Increasing the amount of mitochondria will indirectly increase your metabolic rate and help you lose weight at a faster weight. Since most of the enzymatic pathways that turn glucose in to ATP  – the most important molecule used for energy by our cells – it will give your more energy and it will also help you lose fat while that is happening.

Men get more testosterone and less estrogen

A mans body is designed to be lean and muscular – this is easily readable from a healthy hormonal profile. Testosterone has many functions but a few of the most visible ones is the increase in muscle mass and the decrease in fat mass. Estrogen on the other hand is a female sex hormone that has a tendency to make men fat – they will start storing excessive amounts of flubber especially on their chest and on their thighs. Androgens – male sex hormones – have also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, which is a definite bonus for anyone looking to be lean.

Resveratrol supplements have been shown to promote healthy function of the enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase functions mainly by aromatizing different molecules such as testosterone, by adding an aromatic ring to the steroid chain that is found in all hormones. When this aromatic ring is added to it, it will be an estrogen and cause emotional problems and also excessive fat storing in men. When the enzyme functions in a natural way, it will not convert too much of male sex hormones to female hormones.

Resveratrol supplements should be used consistently

If you are looking for the best way to stay healthy, and also maintain a healthy looking figure, then adding one of the best resveratrol supplements do your diet is definitely something that you should look in to. It is one of the most promising health supplements there are, and using it on a daily basis should help you get the results that you are after.

Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss

Getting rid of extra weight can be difficult, but you don’t have to fail anymore. The lemonade diet is designed to make you lose weight, like never before.

  • Detox your system
  • Weight loss within days
  • Easy and effective way to get results
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The lemonade diet aims to assist the body in detoxification and get rid of harmful toxins caused by poor hygiene. This diet is as well referred to as the maple syrup diet or the master cleanse. The liquid portion is intended only for the cleansing process, but will also result in weight loss within days. The diet consists of a mixture of lemonade with natural ingredients that assists in developing the dieters’ health and makes the weight loss process faster.
This weight loss plan is a type of crash diet that may lead to immediate results. Since the dieter is attempting to lose weight, one needs to follow the program strictly. A recipe for the lemonade mixture would include simple ingredients such as lemon juice, distilled water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. These natural ingredients are identified for their detoxifying properties. Cayenne pepper is good for increasing bowel movements, while the maple syrup is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium.

The intestines, in particular the colon, are an organ in the body which benefits most from this program of detoxification. The mixture effectively washes out the toxins from the body. The digestive system is also cleansed which indicates a good amalgamation of nutrients for the body. The intake of the mixture can also clean the urinary tract and kidneys. A lot of users of this system have witnessed the effects of detoxification as well as feeling revitalized after the diet process.

The liquid mixture is prepared by mixing fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of maple syrup in a glass of water. Add a dash of cayenne pepper to taste. It is recommended that his diet be carried out for a period of ten to fourteen days. Other foods such as dietary supplements and solid foods are strictly not allowed during the initial stages. Since the program is low in fiber, the laxatives can be administered to avoid constipation. When the dieter is hungry, it is suggested to drink a glass of the lemonade mixture instead of consuming solid foods.

At the completion of the regime, slowly resume the consumption of solid foods. Now that you have cleansed your system, keep up the healthy momentum by consuming clean foods and avoiding processed foods and sugar as much as possible. This will help you to keep any weight you have shed off as well as maintaining a clean environment in your system.

Focus on leafy greens and whole foods. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables should be the focus of your diet. Try to consume at least 50% of your vegetables in raw form each day – by doing so you will be preserving the nutrient content in your food which is so valuable for your body.

One of the intricacies noted about the lemonade diet is that only a small number of dieters can carry out the plan for a full two weeks. For this reason, a lot of them fall short of attaining the full outcome. The diet is basically low in calories, which causes a person to shed unwanted pounds. Loss of water may also be a reason why a dieter drops off pounds which is the reason why the diet only is limited to a few days.

However, there are some dieters who exceed the number of days required to achieve maximum detoxification results. It is important not to adhere to the lemonade diet for longer than the suggested amount of time. Exceeding two weeks on the plan may lead to adverse results, so it is imperative that you check with your health nutritionist prior to following any diet regime, especially one as extreme as the lemonade diet.

Weight Loss Tips for Men

People who are obese have a higher probability of developing health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes. However, many of these can be easily avoided through exercise and a healthy diet. Read on to learn more about our weight loss tips.

Another thing that poses health risks is the extra bulge in the stomach or beer belly, which is common in men who have an apple shape. This makes them more prone to diabetes and heart disease than women who have a pear shape. But compared to the weight on the thighs and hips, abdominal fats are more metabolically active since it can quickly enter your bloodstream and increase your blood sugars and cholesterol levels.

On a more positive note, abdominal fats are easier to shed. When a man decides to be more active and eat less, his efforts will be compensated faster than women who do the same.

What should be your target weight?

You can use either of the two weight measures to set a weight goal:

1. Waist Circumference

Measure the largest part of your waist using a tape measure. The waist girth for men with Asian descent should ideally be under 38 inches (95 cm) or 40 inches (102 cm).

2. Body Mass Index (BMI)

Measure your height and weight in meters and kilograms, respectively. Then divide your weight by the square of the height. For men who are over 18, the BMI should ideally be lower than 25.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Men

Never rely on weight loss supplements and fads. The basic are much more effective in helping you lose weight surely and steadily.

1. Cut your alcohol intake by half. Alcohol contributes a lot of kilojoules (calories), causing that huge bulge on your belly. If you’re drinking red wine, limit it to 1 to 2 glasses a night. Stick to low-carb or light beers, with water or soda in between.

2. Lower your food portions. For instance, limit your chicken or meat portions to 200g and your fish portions to 300g. Seconds are a no-no.

3. Cut down on carbs like pasta, rice and potato, and put more salads or vegetables on your plate. A cup of rice or pasta, or a large serving of baked or boiled potato would be enough for men. Easy-to-cook veggies for men include mushrooms, corn cobs, broccoli, tomatoes (improves prostate health), onions (great companions to barbecued steak), and peas (fresh or frozen are equally nutritious).

4. Avoid fast food which usually comes in big sizes and contains tons of artery-clogging fats. Go for healthier alternatives like plain burgers, filled rolls like Subway, sushi rolls, Asian stir-fried with vegetables, and BBQ chicken. But the healthiness of these foods really depends on the outlet. You should also avoid chips.

5. Have wholegrain bread instead of white bread, and oats or high-fiber flakes instead of frosted ones. These have lesser kilojoules but they can make you full just the same.

6. Buy high-fiber soups, breakfast cereals, vegetable sticks, and cracker biscuits instead of eating the regular options.

7. Buy fruits that you can snack on while on the go and do not require peeling like grapes, blueberries, and cherries. You can also dice 4 to 5 fruits and make fruit salad which you can pack for work or eat for snack.

8. Skip entrees if you are eating out, and order steak and fish for your main dish. Ask for salad or vegetables to go with your food. Avoid gravy and creamy sauces. It’s okay not to finish your food if you’ve had enough.

9. Always eat breakfast. A serving of wholegrain cereals with milk for breakfast has lesser kilojoules compared to a Danish or pizza that you eat later.

10. Be physically active. Walk your dog or stroll with a buddy twice a week. You can also swim laps or work out in the gym. A good tip is to write down your activists so you always remember to do them. Aim for 30-minute brisk exercises every day.