Can You Lose Extra Pounds With Acai Power?

There are many different supplements out there, but I have to admit that most of them don’t meet the quality standards that you should expect them to meet.

Today’s world is veering more and more towards healthier lifestyles and society’s pursuit of a healthy and thin body has greatly increased. Through the extensive reach of the media and the growth of social networking, the longing for a healthy and thin body has become a large part of many people’s lives. Some dramatically change their diets through programs or simply cutting back, while others begin daily workouts such as running and lifting to help achieve and maintain the healthy image. However, while these methods do prove beneficial to many of the people who use them, they do not work for everyone. Some people, unfortunately, need a little extra help to lose that weight and achieve that healthy and thin body.

For people like that, there have been many different supplements and pills produced that claim to aid them in their weight loss, but often fail. However, there is a new and entirely different product available in today’s market. These new “super foods”, as they have been called, give the body a good amount of powerful anti-oxidants that can greatly aid in weight loss and have also been proven to slow the aging process. At the forefront of these new products sits Acai.

Acai is a leader in production of these new super foods and alone is expanding the super food market. Their products have been shown to help users shed unwanted weight and have even reduced toxin levels and produced greater energy in those who eat the substance. Their newest product, Acai Power, does all of these and more. The new product contains the super food Acai Berry, an advanced super food proven to increase weight loss and slow aging, making the new substance the best at what it does. In fact, the producers of it at Acai are so confident in their product that they offer a risk free trial period for new users.

The product can be found in stores across the nation and comes in pill form. Each bottle of Acai Power, generally costing around $40, contains 60 pills and can last a user two months at the minimum dose, a pill per day, and 20 days at the maximum, three pills per day. The $40 dollars is rather inexpensive, in fact, as other products and substances like it can cost upwards of $50 to $60, making Acai Power a cheap yet very effective product.

Unfortunately, some people may find losing those extra pounds and gaining that badly needed energy to be extremely difficult. In cases such as these, a product like Acai Power alone may not give the user all of the benefits he or she is looking for. That is when the beauty of the product truly shines. For people like this who cannot seem to achieve the look they want through alone, combining the great product with a diet or workout routine can greatly increase, if not double, the benefits you receive. Weight loss will quicken as fat is replaced with healthy and toned muscle, aging spots such as wrinkles will begin to fade away, and last, energy levels throughout the day will increase as well.

In all, with society turning its focus towards healthy lifestyles and thin bodies, many people are finding themselves behind or incapable of achieving such a look. For people like them, there is Acai Power and the other wide range of Acai products available to help. Trying such a product through a risk free trial can only benefit, as there is no cost and no harm to you. So head off to the nearest pharmacy or drug store and try some of this new advanced super food, it will not disappoint.

Acai Berry Max

  • 100% Pure Acai – not an extract!
  • The most potent Acai Berry Out there – Not altered in any way!
  • More Acai Berry per serving – 1500mg per serving NO FILLERS!

Why Do You Want It?

  • Lose Weight FAST! The pounds will literally fall off your body!
  • Boost your metabolism!
  • Boost your energy levels – feel fatigued no more
  • One of the most powerful antioxidants – look great, feel great!
  • Helps detox your body from harmful chemicals!

What to avoid when searching for Acai berry products?

  • Avoid FREE TRIALS! They are not free. You will always end up spending money with them, and usually your credit card will be charged for another shipment, even if you don’t want it.
  • You don’t want a product which contains multiple ingredients or extracts of Acai berry. These are all just marketing gimmicks to make the product cheaper to manufacture, and still seem good. You need at least 1000mg per day of Acai berry to see the results. With Pure Acai Berry Max you will get 1500mg per day!
  • Avoid SAWDUST PRODUCTS! Anything that has a long ingredients list is just made of fillers! You want Acai berry, and not much more!

How to Ensure you get the Best Quality Acai Juice Products

Acai juice is one of the most nutritious and health promoting of drinks on the earth. It contains 10 times the heart healthy antioxidants, called anthocyans, than red wine and more healthy essential omega 3 and omega 6 fats than any other fruit or berry. Drinking acai juice on a regular basis can decrease our risk of developing cancer, heart disease and arthritis and also help to delay the aging process. The acai berry truly is a potent natural healer. However, not all acai juice products are alike. Some are very low quality and will deliver minimal health benefits. So here are some key points to look for when buying an acai juice to ensure you get a high quality product that delivers the very best health benefits of acai.

1) Organic juice. To ensure you are getting a genuine organic acai juice make sue it has the stamp of approval by the USDA. This will guarantee that your acai juice has met the highest quality control for organically grown food. To be labeled organic by the USDA a food must be grown on an area of land that has not be subjected to synthetic chemicals or prohibited substances for at least 3 years before harvesting time. There most also be an “organic agreement” between the food producer and the food handler that is overseen by the USDA to ensure organic standards are in place from the growth of the food, to processing and on to the product that we buy in the store. So, if your acai juice has the USDA stamp on it then rest assured there are not toxic chemicals in your juice.

2) Zero added sugar. Sugar is often used to sweeten lower quality products. Too much sugar is also just plain bad for our health and will offset some of the health benefits of acai juice. For example, the antioxidants in acai juice are anti-inflammatory agents that can help with arthritis pain and joint pain after intense exercise. Sugar on the other hand has the exact opposite effect, it contributes to inflammation in the body!

3) Buy pure juice. There are acai juice products out there that will claim to be “acai juice”, but in reality they contain very little acai. Such ” juice” products will contain other fruit juices such as apple and grape with a little  juice added and then label the product as acai juice! Read the label carefully, so you can see what your getting. If you want 100% pure  juice, then the berry should be the only ingredient and nothing else. If you do feel like getting a quality acai juice that is mixed with other health fruit juices, then again, check the labels to see how much acai juice there really is in the product.

4) Stay clear of preservatives. Again this is a matter of checking the label through. Preservatives are straight up hazardous to our health. They are associated with a variety of health conditions such as cancer, acid reflux, indigestion and intestinal problems among others. The very things we are trying to avoid by eating and drinking healthy products like acai.

6) Buy juice that is in glass bottles only. Plastic bottles are bad news and studies show clearly that liquid products stored in plastic containers will be contaminated by the leaching of chemicals into that liquid. Just like preservatives, this leaching of chemicals into out drinks and juices cam cause a variety of health problems. Stick with glass bottles to avoid this issue.

7) Get unfiltered. The best quality juice is more like a smoothie than it is actual juice, because that is actually what a high quality juice is – a smoothie! This way we have a juice that is the whole pulp blended. This ensures we get the maximum benefits of the whole fruit and all the nutrition it contains rather than a strained or filtered juice that leaves behind some of the fiber and nutrition of the whole acai berry.

Pure Acai Berry – Weight Loss And Health In The Same Capsule

Do you want to find out how you can boost your metabolism and really get rid of that unwanted fat? If you haven’t already heard about the magical berry which is called simply Acai Berry, then here is a short introduction. First of all it comes from the Acai palm tree, which is widely found in the Central and South America in swampy areas. The berry is a small round black and purple – almost like a blueberry but darker and fairly comparable to the size of a grape. It has been recently studied for its health benefits and it has also been noticed that it gives a drastic boost in weight loss, when it is used.

It is harvested in the Amazon Rainforest by there locally living people, and they have been using it widely in their foods for centuries. For the vast majority of the world it was a fairly unknown berry until the end of 1990.

There are a wide selection of supplements that contain this superfood, but the largest problem is that most of these supplements aren’t of a high quality, and can not provide you with a similar composition as Pure Acai Berry Max. You need to be sure that the berries that have been used are 100% organic and also freeze dried, for maximal effects. Most of the consumers that have been using acai berry without experiencing weight loss and better overall health, were using a cheap acai berry supplement that was of a low quality, and did not contain freeze dried organic berries.

People who have used it have experienced:

  • More Energy
  • No carvings for foods
  • Increased speed of weight loss
  • Fast and real results

Remember folks that just like with any other superfood the product works through the antioxidants and flavonoids by giving your immune system just what it wants, and freeing the power of your body for the breakdown of large complex compounds, such as triglycerides. Burning fat is a difficult task for the body, and with antioxidant supplementation many different scientists have been able to increase the fat burning speed.

Because your body no-longer is suffering from such stress, your metabolism will speed up, and you will eventually burn more calories. Once you burn more energy, you will start losing weight because even with the same amount of food you are still going to be under your regular caloric intake, and thus you will get slimmer.

Pure acai berry is a great supplement for anyone – even if you aren’t thinking about losing weight. This is because it contains a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals, reinforcing your daily diet and providing you with a long an healthy life. It helps your body to protect your organs and improve their detoxification rate – your body will be more able to cleanse itself from heavy metals, pesticides and any unwanted chemicals.

Another great thing is that antioxidants help fight serious long term illnesses. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules in our bodies, that react with anything they meet – in most cases it is the cell membrane and sometimes it might be the DNA. When it is in contact with the proteins from the previously mentioned locations, it will react and change their composition so that your bodys immune system doesn’t recognize it, and tries to get rid of it. Sometimes our bodies fail and we get tumors as the DNA is mutated and starts to reproduce the modified cell. Acai berry weight loss supplements are rich in antioxidants, which are more prone to react with the radicals. This will help prevent cancer and other serious problems.

If you already haven’t been convinced on the health benefits of Pure Acai Berry Max, I suggest that you have a look at their website; you won’t have to buy anything, just check out and see their best offer.