A Cupcake Stand Makes Any Birthday Party Easier


There are a lot of variables that go into a birthday party, and a simple way to add some control to a couple of those is to use a cupcake stand.  It might not seem like a big deal, but when you have something that takes care of displaying and serving the dessert at the same time, you are free to take care of other things.  In this post I want to share with you how to pick out the perfect stand, and some tips for having cupcakes at your next birthday party.

Shopping For A Cupcake Stand

Before shopping for a cupcake stand, you have to know a couple of things.  First, you need to know how many cupcakes you plan on baking so you can determine the size of stand needed.  Also, you have to decide whether or not you want this stand to be something that you use again in the future.  That will determine the style of stand you pick.
Getting the right size cupcake stand is pretty easy, just get the one that’s suited to hold as many, or a little bit more, than you have to bake.  As for the style, should you decide that you want to be able to reuse the stand, it’s best to go with something that has flat tiers (as opposed to metal wire).  Flat tiers allow you to be flexible in the number of cupcakes that are loaded onto it.  If you were to choose a wire stand instead, these are designed to hold a static amount of cupcakes and look odd if they are not fully loaded.  The only remedy to that is to bake the same number of cupcakes each time you throw a party!

There are tons of different size and shape cupcake stands, so there will be a few to choose from once you have the basics above planned out.  Another thing to consider is the level of decoration you want to be able to add to it.  The more basic and plain the cupcake stand is, the more freedom you are going to have to decorate it.  With that extra flexibility it will definitely get more use since its style can be adapted to whatever your occasion may be.

Throwing The Cupcake Party

If the birthday party is going to be somewhere other than the place the cupcakes are baked, there is another tool that is very necessary.  A cupcake caddy is like big, domed Tupperware box that is designed to transport cupcakes without messing up their decoration.  They are very affordable, and come in a few different sizes.  Cupcake boxes are also useful, but cannot be reused like the caddy can.

Once it is time to set up the cupcakes, loading the cupcake stand is extremely easy.  Be sure that you spread the weight of them evenly throughout the stand if it’s not being fully loaded.  Ideally, you’ll have the stand decorated before arriving if it is to be.  Trying to decorate something while a ton of screaming kids are running around will be tough.

On the top of screaming kids, it’s a good idea to have someone serving the cupcakes out from the stand if there are a bunch of little hands wanting to grab them.  Cupcake stands are very sturdy, but it wouldn’t take much of a push from a grabby kid to knock it over.  Serving is as simple as handing the cupcakes out, so this job could even be put on an older sibling since there aren’t any knives or utensils involved.

Having a cupcake stand for your next birthday party is a great way to simplify things.  There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a decorated cake and no cutlery involved.  It’s the simplest way to feed a lot of hungry mouths at a birthday party!