Finding a Portland Drywall Contractor

In the Portland, Or area many residents are remodelling their homes in hopes of possibly getting a higher re-sale value in the future or they figure if they cannot move for years to come (because they are so upside down on the home) they might as well make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Chances are you are going to need a drywall contractor to construct your interior walls and ceilings (most of them use plaster and paper panels to do this).

Wait! Before you start calling around you need to know a little bit about what you are doing.  You should definitely not pick up the telephone until you know a) what the scope of the job is and b) what your drywall budget is going to be.

If you are “DIY” inclined maybe there are some parts you can do by yourself. Or not?  Whatever you ultimately decide make certain you have enough money to get your whole house done otherwise you will have parts of your home unfinished.

I may be wrong but I would assume it would look fairly tacky if one section of your house had beautiful walls and the other half did not.

In Portland Oregon a professional mid-sized drywall company will earn at least $50 an hour.

Personally, I believe it is best to go with some of the top experienced outfits in town because even though they charge the highest rates per hour they get the job done the quickest.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to start your quest for the “perfect” drywall company around town.

Locate Some Contractors

Do not go to the phone book.  Guaranteed worst place to start looking over any of the others!  Many of the top listings are people who are crooks and get by because they have a large yellow listing which always attracts new yet naive customers.

Start asking some friends, family, or co-workers.  They will at least be able to lead you to some contractors who know of a good drywaller.  When you go this route you are almost guaranteed to find someone who you can somewhat trust because they have been used by someone you know.

You might also want to ask the employees at the local hardware and lumber stores.  These people deal with all the various contractors in the area, hear people talk, and will usually know who is has the best reputation and who does not.

Look Online at Reputable Sources

Personally, I like to look the the Better Business Bureau and see if any complaints have been made about a drywall contractor I am thinking about going with.  I want to see if they resolved any complaints that were brought against them or if they did not even bother to care.

There are come other ones like Angie’s List and Consumer Reports that you can check.  Any extra information you can obtain will help you make better decisions in the future when it comes to choosing people to work on your house.

Other Important Considerations

When you call a drywall company no quote should be given you over the phone.  Any smart and experienced contractor of this nature will visit your home, take a look at it, write up an estimate, talk with you about what is included in the estimate, and give you time to think it over.  Nothing should initially be done, including giving any specific pricing, over the phone.

Make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured.  Every state, including Oregon, requires any contractor to have a license.  You should has access to that number and every state has a website or number where you can check to make sure it is current.  They also need to have a general liability policy in case a huge mistake is made (it happens) and a workers compensation policy in case an employee gets hurt while working.

Lastly, get some references.  This cannot be emphasized enough.  If your relatives recommend this person then you can skip this part.  If not then you need to ask for the phone numbers of three people they have recently done business with.  Make sure to call them.  Find out if the work was completed on time, if the quality was above average, and would they recommend this company to their mother or a close friend?

Finding a Portland drywall company will not be hard at all if you know the people to talk to and the people to ask.  Companies who are dependable and talented at this work can make the inside of your home look fantastic.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.  Take your time, follow the process outlined, and you will not have any regret over the job you receive.