How to Repair Your Stained Glass Window

If you have some experience of creating stained glass supplies then repairing your damaged window may be taken up by you without much hassle. In case of an expensive window, it is a good idea to leave the task to some professional  glass artist.

The process of repairing a window is not very different from that of creating one. Rather the repairing bit is comparatively easier as you need not do a lot of cutting, grinding or soldering.
The damage to a window like this is caused by the lead, holding the glass pieces together  losing  its elasticity over a period of time. Please attend to this problem as soon as possible. Else it may result in the stained glass pieces breaking to pieces and that can cause some serious injury.

This issue can be solved by a simple yet time consuming process known as releading the window.The process starts with taking the stained panel out of the window frame. The panel framing is removed and a photograph of the window is taken. The photograph is used for calculating the required length of the lead cames to be used in the process.

The tricky part starts in the next step where the entire panel is taken apart. This is achieved by using the soldering iron to loosen the solder and then removing the old lead cames from the glass frame. Please remember that lead is a poisonous substance and poses significant threat to our environment. That is why care needs to be taken to dispose of the old lead in an environment friendly way. The best way to do so is to recycle the lead.

The glass pieces become separate after taking the came out. Ensure to keep them in a manner that will not result in you getting confused about the right order of putting them together. The photograph taken in step 1 will come handy in this regard.For best results clean each glass piece in detail and dry them.

After cleaning the glass pieces, you can put them together in the original order and put the panel together using with new lead cames. It is possible that some glass pieces may be broken during this entire process. In such a scenario replace the broken glasses with new ones having similar design and dimension.

Once you are done with soldering the glass pieces together, go ahead and apply new cement to both sides of the window. Do not miss out on applying new reinforcement bars to improve the strength of the window as well. At the end of this entire process, the window will be ready to be put back at its original location.
Another problem that necessitates repairing of stained glass windows is the breakage of one of the glass panels in a relatively new window. The solution to such an issue will largely depend on the location of the piece that has broken. In case of a glass piece near the outer edge, it is possible to solve the problem by carefully breaking the damaged parts and the making use of the soldering iron to loosen the lead cames. After this all the steps mentioned in the above part are followed. When it comes to reassembling the broken piece, it is replaced by a new glass having similar structure.

Please remember that the replacement of glass piece is hardly ever a perfect replacement. That is why such repairs tend to compromise the strength of the window. In cases where multiple glass pieces of a window are broken, it makes sense to replace all the glass pieces and create the window from fresh. This will make a new and strong window available to the company.