Why Buy Power Shower Units With Built-In Pumps?

If you’re considering buying an electric shower, or need an upgrade, or simply need a hot water system for showering, and if you have very low water pressure, then a normal electric showerhead heating device will likely not function the way you hope, in fact it could be of no use at all. What you may need is a unit that includes a pump, which boosts the water pressure enough for your on-demand heater to work. There are several popular manufactures of such devices, like Triton, Briston and Mira, as well as collections from a division of Kohler, like Aqualisa, and a few other companies I think you should consider.

But before I get carried away with details about products, let me give you…

A list of reasons why you should be considering a power shower:

  1. If your have irregular water pressure or if the water supply is not mains water with a stable or constant flow, or if you currently need a pump and it’s not working well….then consider a built-in version…..where your pump is so small it fits in the unit that is mounted to your wall, and from where the hose and showerhead will come from.
  2. If you find that your current water supply system or pump offers less than 10 to 18 liters per minute of water, you may be at risk of getting scalded when the electric shower does not have enough water to keep the temperature constant. This is dangerous. It is not recommended to use an electric shower if you don’t have a constant flow….get a power design and change all that.
  3. If you have children, elderly or handicapped individuals who may get scalded or be more sensitive to temperature changes, you will want a shower that has a built-in pump to keep water flow even, allowing for continuous temperature and less risk of scalding. The best will be the thermostatic power showers that have maximum settings to guarantee against anyone getting injured by a sudden blast of hot water.

What To Buy

If you’re looking for something in the Triton range, try the Aspirante which offers a design that is very reasonable, just over £100. For another good buy try Mira, which is a part of Kohler, but has an affordable temperature control power shower system called the Vigour that’s around £130, which is good considering the quality. The Bristan thermostatic power shower collection has a product that is worth noting: the 1500 power shower head and compact unit which is about £140 to £160. Another similar product is the Newteam Showerforce, similar price range as Bristan. Some other good products that UK residents can choose from, and even order online and get free UK delivery, are the Gainsborough creations.

Why buy cheap power showers?

Because they offer a means to have hot water when ever you need it even if you have very low pressure from your natural water source. They are reliable if you choose a temperature controlled design, and they are more energy efficient than heating a tank of hot water and not using it, and if you select a POWER version that a buil-in pump, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on a separate pumping system that may be noisy, clumsy and awkward to mount somewhere where it doesn’t look awful. The power shower pump models are sleek, compact, modern units that don’t detract from the look of your bathroom or shower enclosure.

These days you don’t even have to leave your home to find the perfect power shower for your needs. Simply do a search on the Internet and your find plenty of retailers who can provide what you need, and you might even save a few dollars in the process.