Fingerprint Door Lock Is Easy And Safe

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Biometric locks have been used in quite a lot of places because of their efficiency and the added safety that they provide. Using a biometric fingerprint door lock you can be certain that your lock isn’t picked and that your family is safe inside you home – nobody is getting in by opening the door. These aren’t just something that you see in the movies, but because of the improvements in the manufacturing techniques and an increase in the demand, the prices have come down to a level that is reasonable for the majority of consumers. Basically you will not pay a lot more for a biometric lock than you would pay for  a regular lock. You will never have to change locks again since you can’t lose your key and if you don’t want someone to have access in your home anymore, you can just simply delete their file from the database.

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How does it work?

Even though it is not fictional, you must have seen these fingerprint scanner door locks in the movies at some point. You will only need to either place your finger on the reader, or swipe it through a scanner. What happens then is the scanner sends information to a built in CPU about your fingerprint, and the CPU compares your fingerprint to a database where you have entered the different images that will be granted access. Normally these locks also store a lot of your previous scan images so that it is possible to keep track of small changes in your fingerprint, and that  way avoid errors.

If you are thinking of buying a fingerprint reader door lock, you are most likely looking for the traditional model. This normally includes the door handle as well, and the keypad is mounted to the handle. There are all kinds of designs so you don’t really have to worry about getting the wrong looking handle! You can easily get a nice antique brass looking handle, but you can also get the most modern brushed aluminium looks if that is what you are looking for. There are also basic handles that look just like a regular contemporary door handle.

The fingerprint keypad door lock usually comes with an easy to use interface that makes it all quite simple. The most simple models have the keypad mounted just above the handle. You will just press your thumb on it and open the door at the same time. You can enter all the users in the database simply by using the very same reader that you use to open the door.

These keyless entry systems were originally developed for the hotels to use, and that is why most people think that a lock like this will make your front door look like a hotel rooms door. The advancements that have been made in both design and technology, have allowed a small enough container for the electronics that is required for a fingerprint front door lock to prevent a large locking mechanism being installed.

Since biometrics have developed quite a lot in the past few years even, it has been possible to take the level of an inexpensive fingerprint recognition door lock to the place where it is now. Basically you will never have to worry about losing your keys again once you choose to get something like this to your home, but there are other benefits as well. Some of these locks come with great features like auto-locking. This will lock your door depending on the setup that has been put it. If it can be customized on the particular model you can actually set it to activate at night, or by a short delay like three to five seconds. That way you won’t ever forget your door unlocked but your fingerprint ID door lock is doing all it can to keep your home safe. There are setups where the reader can actually be connected to your home security system should you have one. This way it is possible to avoid all kinds of false alarms, but also activate the alarm if there are too many false attempts.

There are also biometric fingerprint deadbolt door locks that are very popular. These are easier to install since you won’t have a handle – the whole system isn’t as large as it could be. These can be used as additional safety on the top of your regular locks, but they can also replace your other locks completely. Since the mechanism is smaller, the chassis of the lock is more discreet, allowing it to be placed in places where it matters. The benefits aren’t as good as you would get with a full blown exterior fingerprint door lock, but you can be sure to get a good system even this way.

What I always suggest to people who are looking to buy anything, is to look on the internet. The thing is that you can find online stores that can offer you prices that are unheard of in the local locksmiths shop. Why is this? Large companies like Amazon handle all their shipments from one huge facility, making their storage space really cheap and at the same time very efficient. Someone who is renting at in the city, is going to have trouble getting as affordable storage space as they do. If you want to save money on your fingerprint door lock, then I really do suggest you to check out their selection from the links at the top of this article. That way you can be sure that you aren’t at least going to pay too much, and you can even try to haggle the price down . Keep in mind though that you are searching for a security solution, and you don’t necessarily want to get the cheapest model out there – you just want not to pay too much on the good one. So spending a little time trying to find one for the best price is a good idea.