Innovative Step Stool Designs for Kids

Buying furniture is hard enough at the best of times, but when you are buying for a child you have to keep a few extra things in mind. Obviously the most important of these is safety as you would never forgive yourself if you bought a product that turned out to cause an injury to a child. You will also want to find items that spark the child’s imagination rather than just be a purely function piece of furniture. This article will take a look specifically at the step stool and some of the available designs that your young one will love.

Topping the stool charts as the most popular children’s step stool is the Little Partners Learning Tower and the Kitchen Helper, which are rather elaborate, incredibly well designed, stools that in fact are platforms where children can stand to be at counter level to help mom in the kitchen. They’re so well made that they tout the ability to never skid or slip or trap little fingers. They’re made of Birch and have a non-toxic finish, and they clean easily. Two kids can stand side by side on the platform style stool and be mommy’s little helpers, or the entire unit can be converted into a fun play center that has a chalkboard or is transformed into a playhouse. It’s a bit expensive as far as stools go, about $200, but it really is so much more than a stool.

Personalized and Puzzle Models

More affordable stools include those that are wood and have puzzles or a child’s name painted on it, or even themed stools for girls that are pink with ballet or princess motifs and fast cars and motorbikes for the boys. The best of all the wooden versions for kids are the name puzzles that are personalized but not just painted. Instead the pieces of the wooden puzzle, on the top of the stool can be removed and while a child plays to put it back together can learn to spell their name….then stand on it and brush their teeth or get into bed.

Rubbermaid Practical and Cheap

The very cheapest step stool idea comes from Rubbermaid. Nothing fancy or specific for kids, but a $10 stool that’s flat and sturdy will work just as well as one that $50 or $100 and has fancy motifs or puzzles. If you need a toddler stool for potty training purposes, the Rubbermaid ones are practical because they can be washed easily and you won’t worry of they get dirty or must be thrown away. There are better quality Rubbermaid stools and two step stools and folding designs that cost between $23 and $35.

Cramer’s Kik Step

One of the most innovative all purpose step stool creations comes from Cramer who have come up with a rolling design that’s safe and great for kids. The reason it’s so cool is that it works by kicking it to get it to roll and stepping on it to secure it to stay. That’s why it’s called the Kik Step Stool. It comes in stainless steel and lots of other funky modern colors that kids will love.


Heavy duty plastic stools are good, but they tend to be expensive. Most are over $50 to about $70 and although they are non-skid and have some valuable features, the Rubbermaid designs are cheaper and just as practical.

Where to Shop

For shopping online there are several places to look for the top models that come out. One is called My Step Stool and you can also find some of the Cramer line at Crate & Barrel. But speaking of Crates and barrels, if you can’t afford stools, then look for some crates or wooden barrels and made your own.