Making Custom Homes Custom

Custom homes, simply put, have something unique in the floor plan that changes it from a cookie cutter design to a personalized design. A home always begins with an idea. There are three reasons why people decide to build a home. One would be because they simply cannot find a home that possesses the qualities they are looking for, second is they cannot find a home in the location they desire, and third deals with the new factor- some homeowners just want to build and entirely new home, one in which they have made every choice and selection.

Home qualities range from the quality of the building materials that went into a home, to the floor plans themselves.

In the real estate world, “Location, location, location”, is a cliché that is very true. Realtors and online are both great places to look for property and to view what is available.

And third, the ‘new’ factor- we all like new things, new carpet, new kitchen cabinets, new paint, but a whole new home is a thing of wonder.Having the opportunity to choose square footage, styleof home, arrangement of rooms, and even light fixtures and paint canmake the stress of building a new homeworth the time and effort.

No matter what reason is encouraging you towards the step of building your own custom home, let’s look at the floor plan and location more closely. Location may delineate if you decide to build a three story home or a ranch. For example, in Texas many homes are built in the ranch style, single level, instead of a two story. Due to the heat and the wind, a floor plan with a wide hallway from one end of the home to the other allows the breeze to pass through the home. Also the lower roof line has less wind resistance when coastal storms such as the devastating Katrina pass by the coast. Homes built in town may tend to be two story. With less square footage per lot, it is sometimes better to go up and reduce the footprint of the home. The footprint of a home is the outside dimensions the foundation of a home. This would leave more open ground space around the home. Also, typically it is cheaper to go up than out with a floor plan. The reason for this is the cost of excavation and cement for the basement and footers. If about half of the square footage of the home is on the second level, then the basement footprint of the home would be about half the size verses having a ranch.

Some pre-manufacture red home companies claim to give all the benefits to their customers that a custom home builder can offer. To some extent you can arrange your floor plan if you do not purchase a home that is already built, but there are other drawbacks. The top one in my opinion is the quality of the double wides or pre-manufactured homes. Their life span is only a fraction of what a well built stick frame or brick home offers. With close inspection most of these homes have very thin tubing for plumbing, fixtures are of a very low grade, flooring and floor joists are minimal, and minimal wiring is usually installed. Yes, these homes pass inspection, but for my home I would want a much higher standard that just ‘passable’.

Custom homes are well worth the wait if you have the opportunity to build the home where you want it and with the materials you choose. Cheaper is not always better. Just as everything, pre-manufactured homes have their place, but standard construction homes will serve their owners for a much longer time.