Baby Gate – Easing Baby into the Big World

As your baby gets older, he gradually outgrows the confines of the crib. The biggest sign that he may already physically and emotionally too big for his crib will be that he cries every time you try to keep him there. That will be the moment for you to start thinking of using a baby gate to create a bigger environment for him to circulate in.

Of course you could go out and get him a play pen. However, the chances of his staying in that pen are not too good either. As baby grows up, his vision becomes clear. And because baby will want to touch what he sees, he won’t stay put in that play pen.

The better option will be for you to make his entire bedroom his crib. Installing a baby gate at the doorway of his room will allow you to let him lose in the room without having to worry that he might go out the door and head for the stairs.

There are many websites that feature catalogs of baby gates. If your browse through them, you will probably find a baby gate in that collection which is precisely the shape, color and material that you are thinking of for your baby’s room. Otherwise, you might try having one custom-made for you by those same companies.

The best materials to use for the baby gate will be rust proof metal or wood. If you are looking for a wooden baby gate, be sure to check the wood for splinters. Soft wood is preferable in this regard because, although soft wood dents easily, they will not produce splinters which can pierce into the baby’s skin. Soft wood will also be less heavy. These means even if the baby gate should be dislodged and fall on the baby, it will probably not harm him.

Metal baby gates should be rust-proofed. This is because babies love to bite at objects.
The saliva may cause the gate to rust. In this case, you may have to remove and have the metal buffed to remove rust. This task cannot be completed instantaneously so the baby will end up with no baby gate to keep him in the room.

You also need to be sure that any paint that was applied to the baby gate is non-toxic. This is to prevent the baby from getting poisoned.

You have considerable flexibility in installing some models of gates. Specifically, these are the models which consist of panels, which may be positioned at varying angles relative to each other. With this type of baby barrier, you can either curve the gate around the door or set it straight across the door.

Gates may also be installed in two ways. They may either be detachable or permanent. A detachable baby gate is simply held tightly in place at the door. Permanent gates are attached by nails and other devices. You should use permanent baby gates if your baby stays on the second floor of the house. This is because the baby won’t be able to shove it out of place when he wants to go out of the room.

Gates come in a wide range of prices. The prices are lower for the simple designs that only require the buyer to snap the lock down. These gates will normally run around $20-$30. The more complicated gates will run around $30-$80 depending on the features and the stability of the gate.

You should really look at all the baby gate options so that you know what you are getting and so that you know you are getting the best deal possible. Gates are a great tool when used right and when the buyer has looked at most of the options on the market. This way they will be able to find what is going to work well and keep everyone happy.