The Stokke High Chair Is The Best There Is, Or Is It?

If you believe what the experts say, sitting down for dinner together is an essential  aspect of the family’s daily routine. This is the time to visit, to share stories, to commune and, of course, to eat. If there’s a young child present, sometimes he  or she can feel left out of the circle. A Stokke baby high chair, cleverly named the Tripp Trapp, is designed to fix this problem.

First appearing around the early 1970’s, a Tripp Trapp is just as desirable today as when it was first introduced. Maybe even more so. Functional, beautiful, trendy and stylish, this chair is truly a wonder of low-tech ingenuity and design. Built from the wood of the beech tree, it’s strong and designed to hold up to a lifetime of use. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some of the earlier models, thirty plus years old, to still be in use by many families today.

Probably the most significant design feature for a Tripp Trapp is what makes it so unique. Unlike the majority of high chairs that need to be set apart from the dining table due to their bulky design, this chair, like a typical dining chair, allows its occupant to sit up close right by the table. Baby gets to share the same eating surface as you, up close and personal. This makes a huge change in the dynamic of mealtime for the infant.

Researchers say that a sit-down family meal is among the best times for young children to improve their social skills and their language abilities. With a typical high chair, a baby is apart and separate from the family, in his own space. Not the best scenario. The Stokke chair changes all this. Now, the infant becomes more of a part of his or her family, making it easier for interaction and imitation to take place. And it makes mealtime easier and more pleasant for the parents, too.

This chair is designed ergonomically and provides the one sitting in it with a high degree of comfort and safety, with a variety of high chair pads available. Additionally, good posture is naturally maintained. Another great feature is that as a child grows, this chair will grow along with him or her. Through the employment of easy adjustments to both the seat and the footrest, any one of five unique sitting positions can be dialed in. It doesn’t matter it it’s a 6 month old who’s just learned how to sit up, or a 270 pound adult, this chair is easily configured for you to sit comfortably and at just the right height. And no worries about this unit being tipped over. Its design makes that practically impossible.

A Tripp Trapp doesn’t come with an eating tray. This would be inconsistent with the purpose of its design, namely to make it possible for the unit to be positioned at a table just like a regular kitchen chair or dining room chair. This allows the baby to be by the table along with the rest of the family,  which is so important for easy interaction and bonding. And, it becomes a lot less difficult tending to the child during the meal.

In addition to being completely functional, these high chairs are also quite elegant in appearance. With a myriad of colored finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your decor. Its trendy Norwegian looks will have many surprised to learn that it’s actually a high chair for babies by definition.

A Stokke high chair is awesome. It is unique and unsurpassed in the industry for both function and form. There is none better.