The Drawbacks of a Round Glass Kitchen Table

Don’t fall for the pretty shine of glass and the minimalistic modern aesthetic! You may regret it if you do. Out of all the types of kitchen tables out there the most dangerous one to own has got to be the round glass  table. Glass tabletops have a few qualities that make them impractical to own and sometimes even dangerous to eat at. This is especially true if you have small children that may use the surface for school projects or crafts. It also could be an issue if your family routinely passes around heavy serving or casserole dishes.

Here are some major concerns with any round glass kitchen table:

Rapid Change in Temperature

When you are out there on the prowl for a new kitchen dining table set you will notice that there is an abundance of styles. You can find kitchen tables in square shapes, rectangular shapes, and round shapes and you can find all of those shapes in varying sizes and made out of different materials. As you peruse the plethora of options you might find yourself inclined to purchase a round glass  table for your home and why not? Glass tables are refined, sturdy, and modern. Who wouldn’t want to have one? After all, aren’t all products in this modern world safe? Isn’t every product tested to make sure it can withstand any and all events? With all the stories we’ve heard about faulty products and dangerous recalls, maybe we shouldn’t be so trusting.

Glass Shatters

If you live in a place that has temperatures below freezing you know that it is always a bad idea to thaw the windshield of your car with boiling water. The rapid change in temperature from cold to hot will crack the glass of your windshield and force you to replace it. This is usually an experience that only requires one hard lesson to make sure it’s never forgotten. Glass  tabletops have this susceptible property to rapid temperature change as well.

How often do you take the pot right off the stove and place it on the table to serve? How many thanksgivings does it take to shatter a glass tabletop with a fresh out of the oven boiling hot turkey? Just one. If you aren’t careful about what you place on your glass kitchen table you are opening the door to the possibility of it being shattering. So remember, if you opt for a glass table top make sure you utilize a trivet to protect it from extremely hot cookware.

Heavy Dishes Can Cause Broken Glass

Do you have young children? Do you enjoy throwing dinner parties? Do you serve a lot of casserole dishes? Well, if you plan on sitting around a glass kitchen table you might want to leave those heavy dishes in the kitchen. If a heavy dish is dropped or too much weight is place on the glass surface it can easily crack or shatter the table top and send shards of glass all over the place. How often have you cringed when a heavy dish has been set down with that solid clunk? You feel it in your bones and usually shoot someone a disparaging or sharp look. If you feel that you absolutely must decide on glass as your dining surface, look to make sure that the table top is affixed with a label that it is made with a safety glass so that if it does break at least it will not shatter into large jagged pieces. If it is not labeled as such, assume it isn’t as safe as it could be.

If glass doesn’t sound like a good idea for your home then don’t risk it. There are too many options to risk the possible hazards that can be associated with this type of top.