How To Rescue Your Closet From Disorder

A big number of us are probably guilty, in some way or another, of having a disorderly closet and without even showing a subtle hint of trying to organize all those piles of messy stuff inside. While a lot of homemakers may not mind the mess, just as long as they’ve got a closet space to ram all those clothes, gears, and accessories into, they are actually missing out on something very beneficial to their well-being. Organizing the closet and keeping it that way, undoubtedly, brings positive results that can benefit you in a lot of ways. You may or may not care about these benefits but honestly, wouldn’t they be appealing enough for you? Not only will you learn how to organize things inside your closet, you can also apply the same principles into other areas in your house and other aspects in your life as well. For all we know, the biggest stumbling block towards an organized closet is just plain laziness. Yes, I was guilty of that one before. The introduction of useful closet organizing aids such as closet organizers, which makes things easier to do, did not even budge me into action back then. But as lazy as we may get to be, all that we’ll probably need to hurdle over that stumbling block and finally get started doing things are some few simple tips. With that being said, let me share a very simple step-by-step guide that will help transform your closet from being disorderly into dazzling.

Before anything else, you might want to try to get some extra hands to help you pull this off. Your spouse and kids may be perfect for this. Do what you have to do to get them to help you. You can ask them politely, cajole them, or even coerce them into helping you out. However though, if this is not really possible, do not fuss. You can still do this on your own. Just condition your mind that doing this all by yourself may take longer to accomplish.

Moving on, here is the step-by-step guide:

1.    The first thing you have to do is to secure a few carton boxes of modest sizes. Six boxes with 3ft x 3ft x 3ft (or similar) dimension will be enough. You can easily buy these kinds of boxes in any of your local friendly stores. They are cheap to buy anyway and can still be useful in the future. Or better yet, you can also try to scrounge around the house (garage, basement, or attic) to look for similarly sized boxes. Just ensure that they are still clean and still usable.

2.    The next thing to do is to put some labels on the boxes in order to categorize them properly. You will be using these boxes to put stuffs in similar categories. By doing this, you won’t get the stuff mixed up unnecessarily. You can label the boxes as casual wear, underwear, suits, unnecessary stuff, stuff for disposal, and etc. If you happen to be short on boxes, just utilize the floor or the bed to place the stuff in groups.

3.    You will now have to get a pen and paper. Don’t wonder what they will be for. You will find out soon.

4.    This is the largest and time consuming task. You will now have to remove all those clothes, gears, accessories, and other stuff from the closet. The principle here is to totally empty out the closet so you could start with a clean slate. As you remove all the closet stuff, put them in a categorical manner inside those boxes you have just labeled. By a bigger chance, it is during this step that you will be utterly surprised to find those ‘missing items’ (such as the other pair of your favorite socks or your gloves) which you’ve been looking for back then.

5.    When all the items from the closet are already in their proper groupings or categories, it is now time to create a listing of the stuff that should go back inside the closet and those that should not. This is where your pen and paper are going to come handy. Most likely, you will find out that a big bunch of your clothes and accessories will not be needed anymore. As a general rule, if you have not worn that piece of clothing for a long time already (around 6 months) that piece of clothing should already go away. Make it a point to work with your list first rather than putting back the clothes inside the closet as you choose them. It is much easier to sort things out with a list.

6.    Once you have already finalized your list, put back all the clothes and accessories into the closet according to your list. Do not mix things up as you place them back into the closet or you will end up with clutter and mess again.

7.    After the last piece has been loaded back, you will now sense that your closet is now neat, tidy, and organized.

8.    Give yourself a pat in the back for a nicely done work.