Bulk Wood Pellets For Sale – a Cheap Green Option

The recent oil leak which isn’t even under control yet, in the Gulf of Mexico, has reminded us all that we need to get rid of the chains that fossile fuels come with. We need to find more innovative and renewable sources for energy, and wood pellets is a great option. Many people realise the fact that you can get great deals online and for that reason alone they seem to be saving quite a lot of money in their heating bills.  All you will need is a good fireplace where you can burn them. but also you can get a boiler to use them to heat your water. This way you can save oil! Face it – the price for oil isn’t going down, but instead it’s going up! You will have to find an alternative way to heat your house before the prices are too high – byt then every oil related product will cost quite a lot.

Shopping online is quite easy, and when it comes to buying pellets, it is probably the best option. You can find the best price for wood pellets online, as the sellers can focus on moving larger quantities especially for people who want to heat their house during the whole winter. What you don’t want to purchase are those pellets that cost less than $5 per 20 lbs since based on my experience and the experience of others, they do not provide such a powerful heating power, and also they don’t burn so clean. They leave a lot of ash behind, and for this reason alone you should try to avoid them – a lot of ash in your fireplace will make it necessary to clean it before every refill, and this will not only consume time but also your fireplace, boiler or stove –  wherever you choose to use wood pellets. Also since they provide less heat you will have to use more of them, and usually the amount that would usually last easily over a cold winter ends up depleting in the middle of a mild winter – you don’t want that to happen, especially if you are alone somewhere far from civilisation. Only get high quality wood pellets that are mad

What are wood pellets?

When we are using pellets as a prime source for energy, we aren’ depleting any stores of anything for simply our heating needs. They are made from compressed sawdust where the dust goes through a hammer mill to be squeezed – if you have a lot of sawdust because you are working as a carpenter or something similar, you can even get your own mill to make your own pellets. The excess sawdust that comes from various sources is simply gathered and processed to get bulk wood pellets that are then either distributed directly to merchants, or they are repackaged and branded. So it’s a green option also because of the fact that we are using leftowers to make the pellets!

Even if the price of all fuel is climbing rapidly, pellets are still maintaining their low price and are becoming the most energy efficient, least polluting way to heat practically anything.

Where to find bulk wood pellets?

What can I say. Searching for anything in bulk isn’t that difficult, and you don’t have to even leave your home. Check out this link to Amazon if you don’t believe me. There you can find some of the cheapest pellets out there, but you also have a wide range to choose from – you aren’t limited to just one or two products, but instead you can choose from a wide variety of suppliers. Since the whole process is handled through a very large webstore, you can trust on the fact that each and every seller are providing you some premium customer service – if anything goes wrong Amazon will take their products off their website and they will get your money back really fast – since they want to uphold a reliable service.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I suggest you use those large websites for your shopping – they come with a clear customer service policy. With a fishy small supplier, you aren’t going to get that and when something goes wrong it can go really wrong.

What are the best bulk wood pellets online?

Keep in mind that you want me to give you an honest opinion on the best product on the market that can be found with a decent price tag. Well I will have to go with Clean Burn 100% Premium Pellets since they have a really low ash content, but also a really low moisture level. This means that they will burn really clean without much or any smoke, and when they are gone, they are gone – nothing to clean up! Also I have noticed their heating power to be quite superior to many other products out there. They cost less than any other type of fuel out there, and simply put they are the best of quality out there. I suggest that you stock up on them and get a years supply at once  – it will end up taking no more space than 4′ x 4′ on your garage, or in your backyard – they are neatly packaged in 40lbs bags which you can easily pick up and carry to your fireplace or boiler or stove. If you are looking for bulk wood pellets for sale, then this is the best offer that you are going to find!