Exploring ASP Help Desk Software

Any business owner will tell you that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. When problems arise, you need to make sure that you are able to nip them in the bud before they get out of hand. In the technology industry, businesses need to cater for customers that have a wide range of needs and abilities. This is the main reason that you see more and more businesses turning to help desk software as a way of dealing with customer issues. Whatever software package you choose for your help desk needs, you need to ensure that it is quick and easy to use. If it can be customized to suit your particular business needs, then all the better. It can be difficult for some business owners to justify the expense of this software in order to find out if it suits their needs.

Active Server Pages (or ASP for short), is a scripting engine that was developed by Microsoft. It’s main function is to develop web pages that are updated dynamically. It’s not surprising that there are more and more people and businesses turning to web based software as the technology gets better and more adaptive. The greatest benefit you get from using web based software is the fact that all you need is a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. With traditional applications, a software upgrade meant a visit to each users computer. With web based software this is no longer necessary. The cost of rolling out upgrades to hundreds of different machines can be quite large, so businesses in this situation can really benefit from having a system that can be updated from one central location.

There are a few different groups of people that need to be considered when looking at ASP help desk software. For example, IT management and even upper level management may need access to the data presented. As important as these different levels of management are, the first thing that should be considered are your clients. If the customer isn’t in the equation, then the software will not work for your business. Any decent help desk solution will have the customer at the heart of it’s functionality. It’s equally important that the software doesn’t become the focal point of the support process. Your customers should always feel like they are dealing directly with your support team. The majority of clients will tell you that they do not want to be dealing with automated service prompts. It is important to keep a level of human interaction in your help support.

Help desk software should be easy to use regardless of the technical expertise of the operator. Although there will always be the need to train help desk operators in the use of a new system, a robust software package should be intuitive enough to minimize the amount of training needed. Your staffs level of comfort with the system will be greatly increased if they are able to customize the software to suit their individual needs. So you should alway ensure that you have taken the user interface into account.

IT managers have needs that differ from other users of the help desk software. The most important aspect of help desk support for IT management is the accuracy and speed of the response. The system should be able to provide reports for IT management that give them a good idea of the duration of the ticket. The performance of each staff member should be available for management as a separate report, allowing them to identify problems within the system. As we sad before, being able to customize the system is a big factor. If flexibility is important to you, you are much better off getting help desk software that is custom made to suit your needs.

Best Web Hosting Reseller Program

So because of the style of my business, I have come in to contact with quite a few different webhosts, and I have had accounts in many of them. Currently I have three reseller accounts and four shared accounts – all of these are hosted with different providers. All of them are of a high quality but what I have to say is that one of them stands out because of it’s low price and high quality. This one is Hostgator. I don’t feel like there is any problem if I said that it was the best web hosting reseller program out there.

Why do I feel like this?

Many people who have any idea about the search engines, realize that with localized search results one of the factors that need to be taken in to notice is the location of the website. Their Reseller Hosting Package comes with the ability for you to choose between a big number of their servers in different locations. So if your customers company is located in UK they can choose to use a server that is located there and get more visibility for their website. This will help you get customers from all around the world and you will have better success as a web hosting reseller. Simply put – you will get multiple C-Class IP addresses, which means that you are going to have the SEO benefits as to offer for your clients.

Second is the reseller control center. Many hosting companies only use the WHM panel and don’t even bother to customize anything for their services. Hostgator on the other hand has their own Reseller Central v3 which puts you in charge of everything you want. If your clients want to migrate accounts to another country or to another server, they can just send you an e-mail or contact you via the Central Dashboard that they want to move. Then you just select their account and migrate it – the Reseller Central takes care of anything, and within minutes the account is migrated to another part of the world.

Third is their unlimited reseller program. This is unheard of, and no-other hosting company offers so low cost reseller accounts with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH and UNLIMITED QUOTA – this means that your fees will never go up – no matter how many customers you have. After a specific amount of customers all the money that comes in will be strictly profits!

Fourth is of course their high quality servers and excellent customer service. If you don’t know much technicalities about webservers, I will just tell you that Hostgator has recently upgraded all of their servers to state of the art machines. They are running enterprise level servers which makes this the best web hosting reseller program online.

Going with Hostgator will definitely be the last hosting provider that you will have to deal with – at least I can say that it will be the last one that I’ll ever use. Slowly I will get rid of all my other accounts as my prepaid deposits are done, and I will move all my websites and customers to Hostgator.

Basic SEO How To’s Interview

An interview with award winning marketer and SEO from Charlotte NC,  Kyle Whitford.

Does a typical website need SEO?

Well first of all SEO is search engine optimization, a process of taking your website from just being a static kind of brochure website to being relevant in the search engines like Google or Yahoo and MSN.

Search engine optimization is the process of taking your website from something that doesn’t mean anything to the search engines to something that has meaning to the search engines.

It’s really fairly simple if you focus on the purpose of your website and if you want it to be relevant to the search engines you can do that.

Do all websites need to be optimized for SEO

Most websites do need some kind of search engine optimization even if a website is,  say… a state-supported historic site that tends to be more bureaucratic type that is supported by the state and it literally is a brochure on the web, that’s fine and that’s okay but still it needs to have some kind of search engine optimization so that it can be found when it’s being looked for.

Or you can go all out when it comes to SEO and  optimize each page, thousands of pages with a whole lot of activity on the site in general with pages that change everyday, an informal blog, or in the form of some sort of guest posts.  The bottom line is if it is search engine optimized the site will go a lot further toward being a commercial success.

I have been able to take websites that didn’t show up at all on any of the search engines and put them on the front page of Google by doing some simple keyword placement.

Explain the three areas of SEO

Well since most searches, 80% or more, are done on Google then one of the main areas is to optimize your site for Google. you also want to include Yahoo and MSN but Google is the one that you really want to target your SEO.

There are three areas that you want to touch on.

One- Google maps you would like to be listed in Google Maps

Just go to Google Maps and see how to get your site listed and go through that process. Usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

The second area that you want to use for SEO is organic search using keywords that contain your industry or the topic that your pages are about. It also involves title tags and a few other things.

And the third area of SEO is pay per click advertising.  Yahoo and MSN both offer that service. Google offers this service and it is something that you can get very intricately involved in or you can hire somebody to do pay per click for you.

It can be very expensive so you really need to get somebody involved in who knows what they’re doing. Pay per click is a very powerful form of search engine optimization as far as somebody finding your product quickly.

It can be done in a day or two but really I would say that the more balanced pay per click campaigns would start to really bring results after about three weeks.

What about content?

Search engines look for relevant content, relevant …pertaining to a focused topic.  Content is important in the form of blogs.  Search engines are literally searching for content. A blog post would be… say a 250 word explanation topic of service whatever it is talking about 300 word explanation and the more that changes the better it’s going to be. The search engines will come back to your site and update what’s going on so if you would change topics every few days, at least once a week, you get more activity from the search engines.

Some people that I would recommend that you read are- Aaron Wall, he is one of the best for search engine optimization especially organic and Dan Theis. His last name is spelled THEIS. He has some free tutorials online. Search Google to find them. Or you can contact me for Charlotte SEO.

Best Low Cost Web Hosting

I know that I have been doing quite a few posts late regarding websites and hosting, and this is only to make it clear that the number one thing when you want to start a website or a blog, is to choose the best low cost web hosting company. There are many hosts out there and the quality varies a lot – just as much as the price. You can see hosts from $3 per month all the way to $20 per month, and you think think that the twenty bucks per month host is automatically more reliable and better than the cheaper one. Well based on my experiance it isn’t so.

When you want to find the best lowcost web hosting provider you want to be sure that you are not lured in with unnecessary functions from the host. Many of us need ease of use and if the company at hand is offering you all kinds of weird bargains that you don’t know anything about, the chances are that you aren’t going to use them. For hosting a website or a blog you will most likely be well off with a cPanel hosting – this is the front end from which you will control your hosting account. Basically once you are set up, you won’t have to login to your cPanel again, unless you want to add subdomains and e-mail acocunts. Even so I would still recommend you to search for a host that has cPanel because it’s ease of use.

Another important thing with the quest to find the best low cost webhosting service is the amount of resources that they let you use. Many hosting providers seem to offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space but unfortunately that is not always true. Even some of the so called best web hosting providers seem to suffer from problems of guaranteeing the unlimited bandwidth. Some of the so called best blog hosts guarantee a lot of things to get you signed in as their customer and they are doing that just to milk out people who don’t know much about the internet. I will tell you something about the things that you need to look at, and what many hosts don’t have.

There are things like the amount e-mail accounts and the amount of subdomains allowed that different hosts seem to limit. I will tell you right now from the start that these are things that do not tax their server resources to any extent, and if they are charging you for extra e-mail accounts or subdomains then they are doing it just to milk you for the money that you are spending. Today it is obvious that these should be free of charge and included in the monthly price that you pay.

All this being said I will have to tell you that they best low cost web host that I have been dealing with is definitely Hostgator. This is because of their honest service and high quality of servers. They have delivered all that they have promised to me and my friends, and they have done that with an affordable price. So if you are looking for the best cheap web host then they are definitely what you are looking for!

Best Web Hosting – Honest User Reviews

Many people want to have their own website and don’t know where to start. It is easy to get confused when there are so many options out there when it comes to hosting, and honestly it shouldn’t be so. If you are starting out with your website, or you are trying to get a new host for your website because the one that you have used is not so good, you need to ask the question what is the best web hosting company?

If you don’t know my history I will shed you some light on it. I have been building websites for a long time already, and I have built them a lot. I have experience with the most popular hosting providers on the internet and I know that when you want to have your own site, you want to host to be reliable and affordable. Not all of us have the luxury of making an income with our websites, but some of us are just building them out of interest or as a hobby. You don’t want to pay excessively because the costs are always recurring, and for that reason I would look for the best web host with affordable prices. One that I have been using for a good time already, that has proven to be reliable, affordable and solid is Hostgator – They Eat The Competition!

Even with their affordable prices they are able to offer every customer enterpriser level hosting and a support that beats any other more expensive web hosting company out there!

Use the Hostgator coupon code “bestonline” when you sign up to get a $9,94 discount!

Why do I think they are the best?

Even though I have experiences with quite a lot of different web hosts I have found that Hostgator always seems tu beat the competition. Why is this? Well quite honestly you won’t have much problems if you decide to go with one of the largest web hosting companies around – they have their setup already set up, and they know what they are doing. But the difference is that with Hostgator, you are dealing with the best customer service in the industry – once you will have a problem, believe me that day will come, you will have your website up and running in no time once you contact their support. For some of the companies that I have dealt with, it takes 24 hours to answer a simple support ticket – and this goes on between every response! So if you have to send a few messages with the one ticket, you are looking at wasting a wek trying to get your website back working!

If you are like me you have been looking for a good host for a long time already, and you have been building a few websites during that time. Some of your websites might be getting a good amount of traffic and you have noticed that the promises that some hosts make about unlimited bandwidth and 99% uptime aren’t always reliable. Even if they guarantee that, most of them fail to deliver, and this means that you are going to face the problems eventually. If the servers are not up at all times you are going to notice that your website is going to get all the visitors that it should. If the servers are down for a few seconds and that is the time that the search engine crawler bots choose to crawl your website only to find that it is unreachable, you are going to drop in the rankings for your keywords – meaning that it will take a long time for the search engines to send you visitors again.

I am going to spare you from a lot of technicalities here, but I will say that even if some hosts seem to have the perfect servers and setups when it comes to their hardware, it doesn’t mean that they have them set up correctly. You would be surprised at how many of the hosts out there are far from the best web hosting service there is, and how many of them are just people trying to make easy money by offering hosting. They have their servers set up in the garage they don’t know that much about computers and webhosting anyways.

It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for the best blog host or just the best place to host your static website at, you should make sure that you get the best possible service there is. Most of the hosts will charge you anywhere from $10 to $20 per month for shared hosting, and if you are looking for reseller hosting the price increases. Honestly you don’t have to spend that much, but you can get away with a lot less if you choose the best web hosting provider. It’s as simple as that.

Best Blog Host

Whether you are thinking of starting your own personal blog, or you plan to be blogging for money, the very first thing that you have to set up is hosting for your blog. This is the very core of your blog and it has to be reliable and functional. The servers have to be fast so that the visitors won’t experience lagging even if there are many people on your blog at the same time, and the servers have to be up at all times. Most hosts guarantee a 99% uptime, but based on my experience many of them fail to deliver it. One of the best blog hosts that I have used is Hostgator. which fulfills all of these criteria, and on the top of that it is very affordable – cheap even.

Many budget hosts have low cost hosting packages and in most cases you get what you pay for. Their servers are also cheap and the poor hardware shows as long loading times and server downtime when it is under a lot of stress. Also they are infamous of their customer service and support personell. Or the lack of it. Face it – something is going to be wrong eventually, and when it does you will have to be able to contact someone from your hosting provider. Best blog hosting means best support and best service.

High quality hosts are known to have great servers and great support and at the same time a large price tag. It is quite common for some of the best blog hosts to have a monthly fee of $25 or more. Sure you will get good service and good servers, but in the end could you get the same for less? I bet you can. Actually I know you can because I run this blog on a host that is both affordable, and reliable at the same time.

Why Do I Think HostGator Is The Best Blogging Host

I have gone through a lot of different hosts, and I don’t want to badmouth any company here so I won’t say any names but I will tell you what kind of problems I have had with them.

  1. I run a blog at a budget host once. It was great but I didn’t ever get the folder permissions set up properly so that WordPress would function properly. I couldn’t install my own plugins and updating photos to the server didn’t work. Once I contact support it took a week for them to respond to me, and they asked me to send them the photos by e-mail so that they could upload them for me. I don’t want to do that for every photo that I have!
  2. You want your blog to be available to the people who read it – the server has to be up. If you are blogging to make money this is even more important – once the server is down you are losing money!
  3. The host was slower than my grandmother! At times I was thinking whether the server was down, but no – it was just loading my php scripts. It took ages for the scripts to run, and that is not acceptable. People will close down the browser window before your blog even loads.

I have never experienced any of these problems with them, which I am proud to label as one of the best blogging hosts there are, even the best because of the affordable price! This blog is running on their servers, and it gets about a thousand visitors every day – I haven’t experienced any lagging or problems with the uptime! You aren’t going to pay $30 per month for your blog to be hosted, but instead you can get an unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space hosting account for them starting as low as $4.95 per month. Using the coupon code “bestonline” you will get a $9,94 discount – that’s basically two first months for free!

Most of the cheap hosts only offer you the storage space, and you are supposed to provide the rest. This means that you will have to manually install your blogging platform and you will have to upload it on the server via FTP. To make it easier they provide you cPanel hosting with Fantastico – it will take care of your installation and you will have WordPress, Joomla, and whatever you want to have running in no time without any hassle.

Are you thinking about starting more than one blog? Don’t worry because there are unlimited domains allowed as well! What are you waiting for? Go and get your HostGator  account!


Best Cheap Web Hosts

So since I am quite familiar with a lot of web hosts due to my online business, I decided to put up a list which describes my experience with them. The best cheap web host is something that is hard to find due to many reasons – mostly because we all have different opinions about cheap, and also the best, so I will have to remind you that I am not a technology geek – I can’t do everything with my server and for that I need an easy to use solution that works like I want.

#1 Hostgator

Can someone argue with me on this one? I have had most of my hosting experience with this web host, and I can honestly say that it is the best cheap web host around. You can get started with $0.01 for the first month if you use the coupon code wordpress and the rest of your time there is not going to be too expensive either. I had a shared account at first, and as my goals got a little larger, I decided to switch to a reseller account – it has been perfect by the way. They did all the work for me and transferred all the data just fifteen minutes after I sent the e-mail that I want to upgrade my account.

Using cPanel is not the only reason that makes their service so easy to use, but also the fact that the servers are set exactly like I want. For internet marketing you want the site management software of your choice (wordpress etc.) to function right out of the box, just like you want, and this is something that Hostgator has been able to provide each and every time. That is why I say it is the best cheap web host around.

#2 Fat Cow

After hearing about his company I immediately thought that it must be a joke for a hosting company – and I was proved wrong immediately. The problem is that you will most likely find a lot of Fat Cow Reviews that are saying that their services suck, but they are ready to offer you an affiliate link to BlueHost right after badmouthing Fat Cow. Even though they don’t have cPanel I was quite amazed at how simple and working their Control Panel is and it is allowing easy additional domains and so on. I once had a problem with adding a domain, which was caused by the fact that there was no problem, I was just hitting the back button and my browser cache showed me an old page without that domain in it. Their help desk solved my problem immediately “on the fly”. It is #2 best cheap web host online and since they have some great bargains every now and then, you can get great deals especially if you pay for a year in advance


#3 Bluehost

Many people are recommending Bluehost as the number one host to use, but even so I can’t do it. I think that they are saying it is the best just because of the fact that they have a better affiliate program than HG – it is easy to promote the product that makes you more money.

I have a few websites hosted on their servers and I have to admit that it is pretty much like HG when it comes to the reliability and ease of use, but in my case I would not rank it above it, just for the reason that I have more experience with other hosts and I can say for sure that they are performing great. With Bluehost, I will have to put it on spot #3 on the best cheap web hosts listing.

#4 APT Host

I have been talking about this previously somewhere, but to be a good hosting company, you don’t always have to be talked about. APT Host has never been down so that I have noticed it, and the service has been great so far. I have not had any problems so I can’t really comment on the level of customer service/their helpdesk, but no problems usually spells good service. Fantastico and cPanel are a good combination and there is no reason for any host to try something different. APT host has cheap shared hosting starting from less than $4/month so if you want a real budget host then they are the company to go to. I have to say that is was really close that I did not put them on the third place, because they really are one of the best cheap web hosts there are.

#5 Byet Host

Another great contender in the budget class. Byet Host has offered me problem free hosting for the price of $2,99 per month, and they also have free hosting accounts. They have also realized that if a solution is working there is no reason to change it. Hence cPanel. If you want to host your own blog and want a cheap and reliable service then this is good choice, and definitely one of the best cheap web host available.

Besides just the ones that are good, I would like to bring you some information about the ones that are bad, and deserve to be slapped. The number one is Dreamhost. They have been so cocky and caused people to lose a lot of money just because they did not like the website that they were hosting, that you should not take your business there no matter what is the offer. The thing is that you can always move away from a host but if they own your domain, you can’t take it away that easily. Always use another service for your domains than for your hosting, to make sure that they can’t decide to force you to keep a hosting account there, by not allowing you to take the domain name with you. For your hosting I would have to recommend Godaddy that offer a great value for the money, and if you buy domains in bulk, you will always get a discount and/or free privacy for your domains. They are simply the most trusted domain retailer out there!

If you want another to avoid it is Host Prise that has succeeded in keeping my site down for two months in a row now, and since their customer service probably works on the same server as the hosting, it is down also. I paid for a year in advance, and I have no way of contacting them and demanding my money back. Definitely not the best cheap web host there is – although it was cheap.

What are the 10 best free blog hosts

It is not easy to set up a list like this since there are always people who see things differently than I do, so I am going to make it clear that these ten best free blog hosts are based on my experiences, and my opinions. They don’t necessarily reflect the true quality of the hosts but instead it shows what hosts have been working for me the way that I have used them.

I will have to emphasize that free blog hosts always tie your hands when it comes to customization and flexibility. If you are about to blog about your two week trip to India, then it’s a great choice, but if you plan on blogging for a longer time you should definitely get a hosting account. You don’t want to build a large blog, only to realize that the free hosts limits start bothering you, and you are facing a very difficult process of moving your blog. HostGator is the best and most affordable blog host there is and that is why I recommend you to have a look at their offers.

Use coupon code “bestonline” at Hostgator to get ALMOST FREE BLOG HOSTING – a $9.94 discount!

For more info, have a look at this post about the best blog host there is.

1. Blogger

Had to be number one. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about blogspot blogs except that these days it takes some time to get them indexed. The templates that they offer are nice and SEO friendly, and clean like I prefee my themes to be. You can even display your own ads on the blog if you get enough targeted traffic in the first place. Most of the issues that people have with it is that it is not customisable enough, even though there is quite a lot of ‘widgets’ available. There is a wide range of themes available if you just use the Google to find them, and the ones that are already there are easily modified using their built in editor. Definitely the best free blog host there is but is suffering a little from the fact that the spammers have found it also. It is easy to create hundreds of accounts and hundreds of blogs, and that is causing the blogs to take a little more time to get indexed in the search engines.


Has always worked great for me, and if you are looking for wordpress hosting then this is a great service. They say that there are some limits to the amount you can use their services, but if you are not going to make it your flagship, then there is no problem. There are some of their ads displayed, but not too much. Overall they provide a good service for free. The registration is quick and reliable and there are still quite a lot of subdomains available so you can usually get what you want.

3. Vox.com

This seems to be a pretty trusted domain, since blogs are usually indexed quite quickly for a free service. Once again, it is not for professional blogging, but if you want to just write stuff down and even get some visitors for it, it is great. I have had some problems with the confirmation e-mails sometimes, but usually they have arrived within 12 hours. The layout is quite customisable but the themes are not. They provvide a wide variety of themes but I bet most of them don’t suite the eyes of the bloggers that much.

4. Dreamhost AppsAfter reading this dreamhost review I can not recommend it to anyone, and if you have any decent websites that are in any way associated with that company, I suggest that move away before any problems occure!

A great service to host a WordPress blog and a number of other apps. Completely free, and if you feel like you are going to make it with your blog, you can  easily upgrade to paid hosting ( DON’T ) and have total control of your blog. There is quite a good selection of themes already included, but with like most of the free hosts, you are not allowed to install any more. Registration worked perfectly.

5. Blogsome

Yet another wordpress bloghost. Works great but you are forced to display some of their adsense ads. If you are not going to build a blog that will be huge and used for monetization, then its a good way to get some property online with another C-class IP. Not too much thees to choose from. I have had no problems with them and the process of creating the blog was easy just like with almost all the WP-installs. There are some exeptions though.

6. Blogomonster – NOT A BLOG HOST ANYMORE

I usually don’t like free blogs that are not created to a subdomain, but with Blogomonster I have had my blogs indexed so quickly that I can’t really complain. WordPress hosting with no problems in the registration and tiny ads on the top and bottom of your posts


Basically a duplicate from Blogsome, with the exception that there are no ads displayed. The themes are boring and simple, just the way you should like them.

8. Bravejournal

It is always a good idea to spread your blogs to different platforms to give them a more variant profile. That is why services like Bravejournal are great because they have their own platform. The biggest problem with them is that you have to display a huge banner ad on the top of your blog, so if you are not willing to give anything back to your host for offering that free hosting, then it is not for you.  You can modify the themes quite a lot and they do boast a good selection of themes, but if you want to make your blog look good then this is definitely not the place for you.

9. WordPress.com

As much as people like it, I don’t. I have to agree that it has some street credibility and that the domain is powerful because they have a strict policy against spam. At the same time they are a bit too strict in my opinion – you can get easily banned from linking to a website that is monetized and does not look ‘legit’ in their eyes. They are not going to answer your e-mails but instead take your content and shut down your account. If you plan on building a blog there, it is a good idea to do backups of everything to avoid losing your content. Also if you have multiple accounts there and one of your blogs get deleted, there is a chance that they track your IP and wipe out the other ones too.

10. Blogdrive

This has got to be the ugliest free blog host that there is. The themes are pure pain to eyes that are used to fancy wordpress, and the permalinks to your posts are going to be simple 1.htm, 2.htm. The thing with this is though that it gets indexed also quite quickly. It has not been abused, possibly because of the crappy interface and the looks, but it works and gets the job done.

There are so many different hosts that I have used an I have some great experiences even with more than these and I would like to list them down here, so if you are looking for a bunch of free blog hosts, or are not happy with the ones that I listed here, you can choose yourself from the large variety offered.

There are a great number of other hosts available but since this is about the the 10 best free blog hosts, I am not going to mention them here. Many of them never sent me the confirmation e-mails even after multiple re-requests and some of them just did not get the blog set up correctly – it always displayed an error message. So if you want to have a wide variety of blogs, then there is your list – the best option is always to buy hosting so you can be in total control of your website, but if you are not willing to spend that extra money that would be spent on high quality affordable hosts like Hostgator, Fatcow or Bluehost then you will have to go with the free ones.