Best Low Cost Web Hosting

I know that I have been doing quite a few posts late regarding websites and hosting, and this is only to make it clear that the number one thing when you want to start a website or a blog, is to choose the best low cost web hosting company. There are many hosts out there and the quality varies a lot – just as much as the price. You can see hosts from $3 per month all the way to $20 per month, and you think think that the twenty bucks per month host is automatically more reliable and better than the cheaper one. Well based on my experiance it isn’t so.

When you want to find the best lowcost web hosting provider you want to be sure that you are not lured in with unnecessary functions from the host. Many of us need ease of use and if the company at hand is offering you all kinds of weird bargains that you don’t know anything about, the chances are that you aren’t going to use them. For hosting a website or a blog you will most likely be well off with a cPanel hosting – this is the front end from which you will control your hosting account. Basically once you are set up, you won’t have to login to your cPanel again, unless you want to add subdomains and e-mail acocunts. Even so I would still recommend you to search for a host that has cPanel because it’s ease of use.

Another important thing with the quest to find the best low cost webhosting service is the amount of resources that they let you use. Many hosting providers seem to offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space but unfortunately that is not always true. Even some of the so called best web hosting providers seem to suffer from problems of guaranteeing the unlimited bandwidth. Some of the so called best blog hosts guarantee a lot of things to get you signed in as their customer and they are doing that just to milk out people who don’t know much about the internet. I will tell you something about the things that you need to look at, and what many hosts don’t have.

There are things like the amount e-mail accounts and the amount of subdomains allowed that different hosts seem to limit. I will tell you right now from the start that these are things that do not tax their server resources to any extent, and if they are charging you for extra e-mail accounts or subdomains then they are doing it just to milk you for the money that you are spending. Today it is obvious that these should be free of charge and included in the monthly price that you pay.

All this being said I will have to tell you that they best low cost web host that I have been dealing with is definitely Hostgator. This is because of their honest service and high quality of servers. They have delivered all that they have promised to me and my friends, and they have done that with an affordable price. So if you are looking for the best cheap web host then they are definitely what you are looking for!

Best Cheap Web Hosts

So since I am quite familiar with a lot of web hosts due to my online business, I decided to put up a list which describes my experience with them. The best cheap web host is something that is hard to find due to many reasons – mostly because we all have different opinions about cheap, and also the best, so I will have to remind you that I am not a technology geek – I can’t do everything with my server and for that I need an easy to use solution that works like I want.

#1 Hostgator

Can someone argue with me on this one? I have had most of my hosting experience with this web host, and I can honestly say that it is the best cheap web host around. You can get started with $0.01 for the first month if you use the coupon code wordpress and the rest of your time there is not going to be too expensive either. I had a shared account at first, and as my goals got a little larger, I decided to switch to a reseller account – it has been perfect by the way. They did all the work for me and transferred all the data just fifteen minutes after I sent the e-mail that I want to upgrade my account.

Using cPanel is not the only reason that makes their service so easy to use, but also the fact that the servers are set exactly like I want. For internet marketing you want the site management software of your choice (wordpress etc.) to function right out of the box, just like you want, and this is something that Hostgator has been able to provide each and every time. That is why I say it is the best cheap web host around.

#2 Fat Cow

After hearing about his company I immediately thought that it must be a joke for a hosting company – and I was proved wrong immediately. The problem is that you will most likely find a lot of Fat Cow Reviews that are saying that their services suck, but they are ready to offer you an affiliate link to BlueHost right after badmouthing Fat Cow. Even though they don’t have cPanel I was quite amazed at how simple and working their Control Panel is and it is allowing easy additional domains and so on. I once had a problem with adding a domain, which was caused by the fact that there was no problem, I was just hitting the back button and my browser cache showed me an old page without that domain in it. Their help desk solved my problem immediately “on the fly”. It is #2 best cheap web host online and since they have some great bargains every now and then, you can get great deals especially if you pay for a year in advance


#3 Bluehost

Many people are recommending Bluehost as the number one host to use, but even so I can’t do it. I think that they are saying it is the best just because of the fact that they have a better affiliate program than HG – it is easy to promote the product that makes you more money.

I have a few websites hosted on their servers and I have to admit that it is pretty much like HG when it comes to the reliability and ease of use, but in my case I would not rank it above it, just for the reason that I have more experience with other hosts and I can say for sure that they are performing great. With Bluehost, I will have to put it on spot #3 on the best cheap web hosts listing.

#4 APT Host

I have been talking about this previously somewhere, but to be a good hosting company, you don’t always have to be talked about. APT Host has never been down so that I have noticed it, and the service has been great so far. I have not had any problems so I can’t really comment on the level of customer service/their helpdesk, but no problems usually spells good service. Fantastico and cPanel are a good combination and there is no reason for any host to try something different. APT host has cheap shared hosting starting from less than $4/month so if you want a real budget host then they are the company to go to. I have to say that is was really close that I did not put them on the third place, because they really are one of the best cheap web hosts there are.

#5 Byet Host

Another great contender in the budget class. Byet Host has offered me problem free hosting for the price of $2,99 per month, and they also have free hosting accounts. They have also realized that if a solution is working there is no reason to change it. Hence cPanel. If you want to host your own blog and want a cheap and reliable service then this is good choice, and definitely one of the best cheap web host available.

Besides just the ones that are good, I would like to bring you some information about the ones that are bad, and deserve to be slapped. The number one is Dreamhost. They have been so cocky and caused people to lose a lot of money just because they did not like the website that they were hosting, that you should not take your business there no matter what is the offer. The thing is that you can always move away from a host but if they own your domain, you can’t take it away that easily. Always use another service for your domains than for your hosting, to make sure that they can’t decide to force you to keep a hosting account there, by not allowing you to take the domain name with you. For your hosting I would have to recommend Godaddy that offer a great value for the money, and if you buy domains in bulk, you will always get a discount and/or free privacy for your domains. They are simply the most trusted domain retailer out there!

If you want another to avoid it is Host Prise that has succeeded in keeping my site down for two months in a row now, and since their customer service probably works on the same server as the hosting, it is down also. I paid for a year in advance, and I have no way of contacting them and demanding my money back. Definitely not the best cheap web host there is – although it was cheap.