What Is The Best Gun Safe For The Money?

People usually want the cheapest gun safe they can find, but really do not want the cheapest lousy tin box there is. You actually want the best  safe for the money and that is a completely different thing. You want quality with an affordable price. Some people buy standard safes, but I would advice against that. Standard safes are not made for guns.

That means they are not padded to protect the gun and they are not tough enough. That is because in some situations a gun or a bullet can accidentally be fired inside the safe. That is why you need a safe that can withstand the impact. Gun safes are also fire safe for the same reason. So what is the cheapest high quality gun safe on the market these days. Well that all depends on what you are looking for. There are smaller safes also known as pistol gun safes. They only have room for a pistol or two and it is the best choice for a person who owns a gun for home protection purposes. Medium sized gun safes can hold many weapons and even valuables like jewelry, cash, passports and so on.  The biggest safes can hold rifles and shot guns.

There are also different types of locks available for the safes. There are the basic key lock safes. These types of safes are best for rifle gun safes, because you can make copies of the keys. That way multiple people can store their weapons in the same place and all of them have access to it. It is great for hunters and hunting lodges. Then you have the classic combination safes.

It is a good choice for medium sized safes. You can open it without a key. So you don’t have to carry around a key. The newest type of safe lock on the market is the biometric safe also known as the fingerprint safe. It the most secure of the three and it is the best type for a small pistol gun safe. It is very quick to open in a life threatening situation compared to the two. There is no code that you can forget easily in a stressful situation and there is no key to look for. You just swipe you finger across the reader and the safe opens. As simple as that.

It is also the best lock type if you have small children in the house, because they can take the key when you are not looking or they can even guess the combination. As fingerprints are unique, there is no chance they can open that safe without you knowing. There have been too many cases of  children getting hold of guns and accidentally shoot themselves or someone else.

Best Price For RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

If you like to shoot guns then at some point you will start want to load your on shells, instead buying new ones and paying a lot of money for it. Everyone knows that RCBS reloading equipment is the best available and  the best model is the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit, but where can you buy it for the best price? Like with anything these days, you can get the best deals online. There is no chance that small gun shops can compete with large online stores, especially with items like this. You can save hundreds of bucks by ordering it from an online store.

To get the best price for RCBS Rock Chucker, you should ask around your local stores to get an idea for the price range. It usually varies between 450 to 500 dollars in the smaller stores and between 400 to 450 dollars in the larger stores. That might sound good, but you can get it for less than 400 dollars in online stores and that includes delivery. So there is no reason to buy RCBS reloading kits from local stores if you want the cheapest price. Sure you might know the guys who are selling the stuff and you might knock 50 buck off by haggling, but the reason you want to load your own shell is to save money. So why would you want spend more money on the equipment?

If the Rock Chucker Supreme is too expensive for you then the Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Press Kit is a cheaper alternative for you. It offers you the same basic capabilities as does the Rock Chucker, but it costs over 250 dollars less. It is great for hunters who are just starting to reload their own shells.

If you are a beginner with shell reloading then you might want to get the legendary Hornady Reloading Handbook which has already reached it’s 7th edition. It will tell you everything you need to know and more. It has detailed instructions for all types of shells and guns. It is also a great gift idea for a beginner hunter and it is something that every gun owner should have.

One thing that any reloader needs is an accurate scale. The Frankford Arsenal Reloading Scale is one of the best on the market. It is very precise so you can make sure your shells are loaded with the exactly same amount of powder. It’s also light and durable, which makes it easy to carry in your backpack.

Best Price For Bushnell Elite 4200

Are you trying to find out where to buy the Bushnell Elite 4200 for the best price available? It can be difficult to find great scopes at an affordable price, and that is why I want to take the time from my day to write you this article and help you find out these magnificent rifle scopes at an affordable price.

There you can easily find the size of scope that you are looking for and can find the best price for it at the moment. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for 3-9x40mm scope or even 1.25-4x24mm matte black riflescope with a rainguard – you can find it there.

One thing I can tell you, and that is that you can’t spend too much on a riflescope – this tool will make a difference in you hitting and missing. The high quality optics that Bushnell use in their scopes makes it possible for you to hit the targets you want to. It doesn’t matter if you use your weapon for hunting or for your hobby, these are the best scopes you can get.

Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5-10x50mm

This is really a flexible scope, and you could be using it even on a handgun.

These scopes with small magnification are often used in shotguns, but since this is quite versatile and goes all the way up to 10x magnificaition you could use it even as a hunting scope.

The 50mm lens radius is still within normal range, and this means that you’ll get the best out of this scope when used in daylight. Since it is from the high end, you can be sure that even when it get’s a little bit darker you can see clearly. The only difference that the lens radius makes is the amount of light that it collects – hence large lenses work in dark conditions, and small ones work in light conditions; you don’t want to get a migraine because of too much light.

Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9x40mm

This range for your scope is pretty much standard, and you can’t choose a better scope than this for your white tail deer gun or if you are looking for something to use with mule deer or even antelope.

Many people can’t argue with that, and clicking the above link will show you were you can get the cheapest price on the internet for this one.

This comes with a standard radius and works great when used to shoot at your targets during the day. You will have to keep in mind that if you want to use it after hours of sunlight, you will have to get a bit larger lens.

Bushnell Elite 4200 8-30×40

Should you be shooting at prairie dogs or even fixed targets at a long range, this kind of a scope is the best for you.

Remember that with a minimum of 8x magnification, you should be shooting at something that is far away. This type of scope can be useless on really hot days, because the hot air makes the air vibrate, and then you can’t see anything through the scope.

Since this scope is still of a normal width (40mm) it is great to be used during the day for hunting of for your shooting training. Since the lens is not too big like some of the huge ones that you see today, it works great in normal lighting. If you would be looking at something that could be used in darkness. you would like to go with some of the ridiculously huge lenses like 80mm.

It is also important that a powerful scope like this has good parallax control, and the Bushnell rifle scopes have top of the line parallax.

Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 Tournament Edition

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, and dramatically lower those scores, you might consider investing in a laser rangefinder. Several companies are now marketing laser rangefinders developed specifically to help golfers see more of the course before taking their shots.

It’s a great way for duffers to avoid nasty surprises before they tee off.

Problem is, there is a wide range of golf laser rangefinders to choose from. How do you know which rangefinder is right for you?

You can’t go wrong with a Bushnell Yardage Pro Golf PinSeeker 1500 Tournament Edition. This model of rangefinder is powerful, accurate and easy to use. It also boasts a longer battery life than most models.

Of course, you’ll pay for this quality: The Bushnell Yardage Pro Golf PinSeeker 1500 Tournament Edition ranks as the company’s most expensive rangefinder.

Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of this particular rangefinder:


  • The Bushnell Yardage Pro 1500 effortlessly trains in on the course’s flags.
  • Experts rank this product as the most powerful and accurate rangefinder that you can buy.
  • Users don’t have to worry about keeping the rangefinder perfectly steady as they use it. The Bushnell Yardage Pro 1500 can give you an accurate view even when it’s not held perfectly steady.
  • The product boasts a long battery life.
  • The PinSeeker 1500 is rated as legal for tournament and handicap play.


  • The Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 is not exactly light. In fact, it’s the company’s heaviest rangefinder.
  • It’s not cheap, either. This is a top-of-the-line rangefinder, and you’ll pay for it.

Before investing in a Bushnell PinSeeker 1500, you’ll have a decision to make: How much are you willing to spend on a rangefinder to boost your golf game? That’s because the Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 is one of the most expensive rangefinders on the market. It’s certainly the most expensive Bushnell model currently available. However, you do get a lot for the money. In fact, those who’ve used this rangefinder say that it is the most effective one that a golfer can buy.

You’ll also have to contend with extra weight and size. The rangefinder is too large to carry in your pocket, so golfers will have to place it in their golf bags or carts. The Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 weighs 10 ounces, so it’s not the lightest tool on the golf course. Again, though, that might be a small price to pay for such a powerful tool.

The PinSeeker 1500 is one of the easiest rangefinders to use. Golfers simply have to point the rangefinder around the flag at they are aiming. It will then lock securely onto the target. The PinSeeker 1500 also boasts one of the strongest lasers on the market.

This tool also comes with two modes: PinSeeker and Scan. In PinSeeker mode, golfers can use the rangefinder to calculate the distance to the nearest object, even if there are other objects, such as trees, surrounding the target. Scan mode allows golfers to move the rangefinder to continuously update the distance while you move from one object to the next.

Thanks to its powerful laser, the PinSeeker 1500 can read distances as far as 1,500 yards away for reflective surfaces, 1,000 yards for trees and 400 yards for flags. The tool comes with a magnification level of seven times, and also features RainGuard coating that prevents its lens from fogging.

Battery life is another positive of the PinSeeker 1500. The tool requires just a single 9-volt battery. Our testers have used the rangefinder for 10 rounds and it still hasn’t run out of power. They’ve also spoken with golfers who’ve used the same battery for more than a year without having to replace it.

In summary, the Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 is a top rangefinder for any golfer seeking accuracy, power and effectiveness. Yes, you’ll pay a bit more. And yes, the rangefinder is a bit heavier than normal. But once those scores start dipping, you won’t mind those negatives a bit.

To learn more about the Bushnell PinSeeker 1500 and how it compares to the Bushnell Pro 1600 go to Golf Laser Rangefinder Review.

What is The Best Biometric Gun Safe?

In the past biometric safes would end up costing an arm and a leg, but since the prices have come down so much, people can really afford to have this nice piece of home safety in their own houses. If you have any guns at all in your home, you really want to have a biometric gun safe to avoid your children or any other people from accessing them. Using a regular safe is definitely a risk since the combination can always be cracked, and they have some other bad sides to them as well.

The worse part is the worse part of your life, and it is the reason why you have a gun in your home at the first place. You want to be able to defend yourself, and your family, in case someone enters your house without permisson. This could be a burglar or it could be someone who is looking to harm you, and when it is the latter you need to be able to quickly access your weapon. If you would then have to start typing or spinning the combination of the safe you would risk being too slow, or forgetting the combination out of pure panic.

The best biometric gun safes do not come with a combination lock, but instead a fingerprint reader that allows quick access only for the person who is authorized to access the safe. GunVault is the leading manufacturer with gun safes, and in this area they are also lightyears ahead of anyone else. Why is this?

If you need a smaller safe, Try out the Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe

Fingerprint readers are notorious for giving out errors and also in some case false accepts. These safes have a built in computer that can store up to 30 different fingerprints – this could be your family, or you and your wife or husband. There is a really powerful CPU inside that quickly scans your fingerprint and keeps a log of your prints and updates them. That way small changes in your skin will not be unnoticed and they aren’t going to result in false rejections, which could end up being fatal when you need to have quick access to your hand weapon. This CPU is powered by a battery inside the safe that charges itself from the external AC or DC power supply, though you don’t have to worry about someone opening your safe during a blackout, since the battery will last for a year even if it isn’t connected to a power output.

There is a thin foam wall inside the safe to keep everything you store there in mint condition – they won’t get bruised and they will not scratch while they are stored. Besides just this these safes are extremely close fitted, making it almost impossible to get them open in any other way than by opening them with your fingerprint. The 16-gauge metal that is used in the walls guarantees that no-one will open the safe with any tools that can be found inside the house.

These are definitely the best biometric hand gun safes that are around, and if you doubt my word, have a look at them yourself. Depending on your needs they have  a few different models. If you have just a handgun that you need to keep in the safe, you will most likely be okay with the Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe that will easily store your pistol and a magazine or two for it. If you want to keep something else in the safe also – which I suggest you do, at least passports and other important documents – you are most likely going to be well off with Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe that also comes with some extra space to keep these necessary items in – you might also want to have a good place for ammunition, and this extra space comes in handy with that. Isn’t this something that you were looking for? How about have a look at a fingerprint door lock instead?

A Guide To Ballybunion Golf Club In Ireland

Ballybunion Golf Club in the south west of Ireland was founded in 1893 and for a great many golfers it is one of the most beautiful and idyllic links-style golf courses in the world. It regularly finds itself included in the top fifty courses in the world by most golfing magazines (even as recently as 2005, it made the number 7 slot in Golf Digest).

There are two championship golf courses to experience at Ballybunion Golf Club, both of which are served by a single club house. The first course built was the Old Course in 1893. The second is the Cashen Course which was created in 1984, although its greens and fairways have nestled in admirably over the intervening years so it hardly looks any different from the Old Course.

To clarify one point, it is the Old Course which normally ranks highly and the one to play if you are stuck for time. That said, The Cashen Course can provide an equally challenging and thoroughly enjoyable game of golf especially when the Atlantic breeze is factored into a game.

Both of the courses are traditional links style courses with their own character that follow a winding path alongside the beach. This part of the coastline receives strong ocean winds and extra difficulty is provided in the form of a variety of dunes (some of which provide for enjoyable blind second shots), pristine greens and undulating fairways.

The club features a driving range, a chipping green with bunkers and putting greens to practice on prior to a round of golf. If anything, the club house does prove to be a slight disappointment for some golfers because of its modern styling. This may feel a little out of sync with the long heritage of the course (for some people) but it is a comfortable clubhouse with every amenity to enjoy a great round of golf and perhaps some dinner and a drink afterward.

The Old Course starts with a first hole featuring the strangest of hazards along the right hand side – an old cemetery. The pace of the opening nine is dictated in part by the prevailing wind on the 4th, 5th and 6th holes which all play in the same direction into the wind. This makes almost 1,500 yards into a head-wind that can be a draining start on the opening holes.

That said, the 4th hole is a picture perfect par-5 with a blind second shot over the dunes. For the uninitiated, there are white stones placed on the large mound that rises 25 feet above the fairway that marks the line to take. Similar place markers are located around the course to aid on the several blind shots at Ballybunion Golf Club.

The unique 5th hole (known as the Dell) is a 190 yard par-3 hole with a blind tee shot – a real rarity in on a par-3 even for Ireland. Fortunately though, the hole has a sloping green that channels long shots back to the green surface (so aim to play long rather than short). Just with the fourth hole, the pitching line is indicated from the tee with a large white stone on the obstructing sand dune.

The back 9 at the Old Course has just as many challenging holes to play but most play with the wind on your back so it can prove less daunting. But I won’t spoil the surprise for you in this article by going into exacting detail of some of the challenges on the back nine, as that would only spoil the fun of discovering the course for yourself.

The sister Cashen Course at Ballybunion Golf Club is admittedly not as challenging as the Old Course but is worth the visit as the terrain has been put to equally good use and the fairways and greens are just as consistent as on the Old Course.

With many other great golf clubs in the region, the area has the range of courses to offer a very enjoyable golfing holiday. And while some would consider this region of Ireland to be relatively remote, this only adds to the fun of playing golf in such a picturesque and unspoilt setting.

A Guide To Traditional Irish Cuisine In Doolin Ireland

It is a fairly safe bet to say that Irish cuisine is perceived on the world stage as being bland thanks to the many ‘potato-related’ jokes and quips. Thankfully, the boom that the Celtic Tiger economy gave to Irish society also brought an appreciation of European and World cuisine that has prompted a huge resurgence in restaurant attendances and restaurant openings. This article shines a spotlight on the coastal town of Doolin Ireland which is leading the way in culinary terms for its range and depth of dining options and picks out some of the gems to be found in the area.

What will possibly surprise the average visitor to Ireland are the wonderful dining options that can now be found outside the bigger cities, in the coastal towns and country villages. One village that is leading the way is Doolin on the Irish west coast.

For many years the town has been known for its traditional Irish music which attracts musicians and music fans from all over the globe. But it is now the food in Doolin hotels, restaurants and pubs that is starting to draw in a new wave of culinary tourists.

In the heart of the village sits Cullinan’s Hotel and Restaurant. Their menu focuses on using the seafood and shellfish caught off the nearby coast and delivered daily to the local Doolin harbor. The overall spirit of the menu is one of classic Mediterranean spices and flavor combinations that really complement the fish used.

As with many restaurants in the area, using locally sourced produce is a matter of great pride in supporting their local suppliers and the standard of produce is quite high thanks to the region’s strong farming heritage.

For more romantic dinners, food lovers head to the 15th Century Ballinalacken Castle (a hotel and restaurant) a short drive from town. Their standard and a-la-carte menu is a wonderful parade of French-style dishes that make great use of the beef, veal, fish and organic legumes from the region. Dining here is made just that extra bit special thanks in no small part to the regal decor of the castle’s dining room along with the panoramic vista out across Galway Bay (sunsets on summer evenings are particularly nice here).

If you are simply unsure of what type of dining option you and your group wishes to enjoy then a visit to the Aran View Hotel north of Doolin village has plenty of options. The informal option is to go for the bar menu of wholesome pub fare and enjoy the best views out to the Aran Islands (from which the hotel and restaurant took its name). It is worth noting that this hotel bar is family friendly with a laidback atmosphere and occasional music sessions on summer evenings. The hotel restaurant provides a slightly more formal option which caters for regular and a-la-carte dining options for a proper sit down dinner.

And finally, a trip to Doolin Ireland would not be complete without experiencing the musical entertainment in its bars. It is possible to combine the music with informal pub fare in most of the bars in town. If you were to choose but two, then McGann’s Pub and Restaurant or O’Connor’s Pub both provide great music and hearty pub fare with menus full of scrumptious seafood chowder and Irish stews, along with other Irish favorites. The one proviso is to get along before the music starts as these pubs are renowned for their traditional Irish music so the bar has a tendency of filling up quickly most evenings.

Whether you are rushing off to the Aran Islands or heading off to see the nearby Cliffs of Moher, it is worth taking a time-out and making a stop in Doolin to sample some of the best seafood in Ireland.

World Cup 2010 Information and Analysis

The 2010 World Cup is nearly upon us — it starts Friday June 11 and the 64 matches of the tournament are played over the following month.  The tournament culminates with the World Cup final match that will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 11, 2010.  This World Cup marks the first time that the most prestigious sporting event on earth will be held on the continent of Africa.  South Africa won the right to host the tournament, and they have prepared for years by spending enormous sums of money to upgrade their national infrastructure and the stadiums where the actual matches will be held.

The first round of the tournament is known as the “Group Stage” as each of the 32 nations was drawn into eight groups of four teams.  Within those groups, each team plays the other teams in their group once and the two teams with the most points (a win counts for three points and a tie counts for one point) advance to the Round of 16.  For reference purposes, a team generally needs at least one win and one tie out of the three games to advance, and often it takes two wins out of the three games to advance.

Analysis by group:

Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay and France.

France would have to be the clear favorite to advance out of Group A.  Mexico and two-time World Cup winner Uruguay will both feel they have a significant chance to advance as well.  World Cup host nations have a history of far exceeding expectations (England won their only World Cup when they hosted in 1966 and France won when they hosted in 1998 for instance), so don’t count out the South Africans.

Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea and Greece

Argentina is the overwhelming favorite to advance out of this group – though they did have significant trouble even qualifying for the tournament, so that must concern even the most passionate Argentinean soccer fan.  However, it’s hard to imagine a team led by World Player of the Year Lionel Messi and attackers such as Carlos Tevez being denied.  Do not be surprised if any of the remaining three teams qualify for the Round of 16, as they all have had success in recent major touraments.

Group C: England, United States, Algeria, Slovenia

This particular group is one of the most interesting of the eight.  On paper, England and the United States would seem to be the favorites to advance.  However, the schedule is setup such that they play each other first, so the loser of that game will face an enormous amount of pressure to either win their last two games or at least get a win and a tie and hope for the best.  Because of this, it seems hard to believe that both nations would qualify for the Round of 16.  England seems to be the favorite to advance, though the entire nation is holding its collective breath hoping that Wayne Rooney can stay healthy.  He’s easily one of the top five players in the world and they need him to shake off his leg injuries.  Algeria and Slovenia are relative unknowns, but they’ve both shown in qualifying that they can pull off significant surprises – expect one in this group.

Group D: Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana

This group appears to be one of the weakest on paper.  Germany must be favored to advance, though a recent World Cup ending injury to Michael Ballack must be concerning.  Ghana would have been a popular pick to advance, but their best player Michael Essien was ruled out of the tournament through injury.  That is devastating to their chances.  Serbia and Australia must now feel they have a real chance to advance and anything is possible in this group.

Group E: Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

The Netherlands is always a team loaded with individual talent, though they’ve never been able to translate that into a World Cup championship.  Expect their talent level to at least carry them through to the Round of 16.  Denmark is usually an unfashionable team, but they topped UEFA Group 1 in qualifying, beating out Portugal and Sweden, so they are clearly in top form.  Japan and Cameroon both should have a shot to advance, though the Netherlands and Denmark would likely be favored.

Group F: Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

Defending (and four-time) World Cup champions Italy will advance out of this rather weak group.  New Zealand has never won or tied a game in the World Cup and Slovakia is making its first appearance.  Paraguay should be the second team to qualify from this group, as they endured a difficult South American qualifying campaign to qualify and their opposition in the World Cup shouldn’t be as challenging.

Group G: Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal

This is known as the 2010 “Group of Death” as Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal would all be favored to advance if they were placed in nearly any of the other seven groups.  It is therefore impossible to say who will advance out of this group, but we know we’ll see some of the best players in the world such as Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kaka.

Group H: Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

Spain will almost certainly qualify for the Round of 16 as they are the defending European Champion and they are just absolutely loaded with talent.  Honduras seems to be the weakest team in this group, though they have always shown themselves to be a formidable opponent when playing the US and Mexico in CONCACAF qualifying.  One would suspect that either Chile or Switzerland would be the second team to qualify out of this group, but anything can happen.

The favorites to win the World Cup are Spain and Argentina, though any of about ten nations can realistically expect to win the tournament.  It should be extremely exciting, and for the first time ever all 64 matches will be shown live on US television in high definition.  All 64 games will be broadcast on either ABC, ESPN or ESPN2

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Biometric Gun Safe

It should not be a tough decision when you are trying to decide to get a biometric gun safe or not. In the past they were more costly than a traditional gun safe but that is no longer true. There are also many advantages to owning biometric gun safes over the traditional safes that people used to store their guns. One must need to decide first what reason they own their guns for before they decide which gun storage technique is right for them. People own guns for all different types of reasons and those reasons will determine how they need to be stored.
If you have you gun for home and personal protection then first and foremost you need to have quick and easy access to your firearm. If you can picture your state of mind when faced with the stressful possibility of defending your home from an intruder then you will realize that you may not be thinking clearly. You will be trying to figure out who is breaking in and what they want. You will be thinking about if they have a gun or some other type of weapon. The last thing you need to do it try and figure out where the key for your gun safe is so you can get your gun and defend your home. With a biometric gun safe all you need to do is swipe your fingers over the scanner and then the safe opens right up for you.

The ease of opening is one of the main advantages of owning a fingerprint gun safe but one of the other advantages is that you can grant access to other people if you desire. Most of the biometric gun safes out there have fingerprint memories so you can store a number of different fingerprints that will open up the safe. This is very beneficial if there is more than one responsible adult residing in the household. This way if one adult is not home for some reason the other can have access to the firearm in the event of an emergency. This also cuts down on the amount of keys that will be floating around for the safe.

If there are children present in the home that is being defended then that adds a different dynamic to the needs for security. Children have a tendency to explore and be curious about all things in the house. As we discussed previously, you are going to need to have quick access to your gun inside your gun safe. This causes most people to store the key to their gun safe right near the safe itself. This totally defeats the purpose of locking the firearm up in the first place. Children that are on an adventure inside the house will usually be able to locate that key and figure out what it’s for. Then if you hide the key is a totally separate place you are severely extending the time it will take you to get to the gun when you need it.

This is why owning a biometric gun safe has many advantages. If a few playing children find the safe their fingerprints will not be recognized by the scanner on the safe. There really is not much that they can do to get inside to the firearm. In the event that you need the gun it just take one placement of your finger to pop open the safe.

It would only be fair to address some of the disadvantages to owning a biometric gun safe as well. Most of the safes are battery operated. This means that from time to time the battery will need to be changed. A good rule of thumb is to change the battery every time the clocks need to be changed, just like your smoke detector. One other possible disadvantage is the possibility of a false reading. This happens when the opening mechanism does not recognize the fingerprint you provide. This is very rare now with the newer safes and should not be a major cause of concern. The advantages of owning a biometric gun safe vastly outweigh the disadvantages.

If you want to learn more about biometric technologies, then have a look at this post about fingerprint door locks for more information.

Constructing The Functional 72 Hour Survival Pack: Tricks Of The Trade

If you have not noticed the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters seems to be getting exponentially more devastating with each passing decade.  Emergency preparedness planning is becoming more important everyday.  One of the quickest and most effective things you can do is to get a survival pack.  These are backpacks typically have all the essential supplies you would need to survive to live for 72 hours after a catastrophe.
Always be sure that your survival kit is light enough to carry in the event that you must leave your home quickly. It is feasible that not everyone will be in the house when there is an emergency, so the kit must be light enough for everyone to tote it.

Everyone should have an individual kit that is monitored for the appropriate clothing changes at least once a year.  Packing the materials in a Ziploc bag is a smart move in the event of some type of emergency flooding situation.

Be sure the kits are light enough to carry around for a period of time. You cannot be sure what type of emergency you will face.

Make sure some type of flashlight is easily accessible in your backpack gear.

This is a brief primer to assist you in sticking to the essential items that must be included in a 72 hour survival kit, and also to tailor the contents to your own requirements. An item that one person sees as crucial, someone else may dismiss.

Emergency storage containers:

A powerful, rugged kit is ideal for adults. For the little kids, just a small backpack is perfect.

A pail is a useful tool to include some important items in your 72 hour kit. You can include some cooking utensils, and it can also serve as a commode if the situation requires it.

Include some type of barrel liners as well as toilet tissue to supplement the use of your pails to create a usable and functional toilet.


Water is without question the key item to have in a disaster.  While you can survive for a reasonable period without eating, you must have water. The suggested quantity for survival is one gallon daily to allow for consumption and other uses.

Plastic water containers are very portable and convenient for easy storage. Put a couple in each of the backpacks. While they won’t solve all your problems, they serve as a great thirst quencher if you need them quickly.

In the event you are short of water, water purification tablets are cheap and simple to tote around.

Food & Supplies :

High calorie energy bars are small enough to pack easily, and they have a shelf life of five years.

“MREs”, also known as military meals, can prove to be very useful. These items are also edible for up to five years.

Dehydrated food meals – these packets are also convenient for easy storage and preparation. All that you do is add hot water, and you have a meal in 15 minutes. These packages will last forever. But you must have water on hand. If part of your emergency kit is in cans, bring some type of can opener.

Warmth & Shelter:

This is addressing the need to be relaxed and comfortable. Bring items which will not only provide enough heat, but that also make you feel comfortable.

A favorite sleeping bag or emergency blanket is ideal for this purpose, and easy to pack. Seeking the best quality out there:

Butane products are the perfect portable tools to provide heat for cooking and warmth. The butane containers can be placed in your survival kits.

Hand warmers are ideal to have and can provide heat for several hours.

Having matches or a reliable lighter is a smart move in an emergency.

Having a waterproof poncho is critical in the event of a storm. In the event that you don’t have access to a poncho, you can improvise with the use of a large trash bag.

Light Sources:

Multi function flashlights can double as a radio a well as providing a light source.

The importance of 100 hour candles: These items are ideal for three purposes – a light source, a heat source, and a cooking tool, and they are effective for four days.