Creating and Sharing Fireworks Pictures

Fireworks pictures display stunning arrays of abstract and geometric patterns and colors, and photographers are naturally drawn to any opportunity to try their hand at capturing them.  While anyone can make interesting shots of blurred light, composing and freezing fireworks for a marketable shot requires specific techniques, and some good equipment.

How to Make Them

The best technique to produce great shots of fireworks at night is to use a wide open aperture and set the camera on a sturdy tripod.  The ideal setup requires a tripod, cable release or remote infrared trigger, and a camera.  With film and digital SLR cameras, the exposure can be set to stay open recording multiple images on a single frame or capture.  This results in several consecutive bursts of fireworks being recorded.  If the camera is on a tripod on stable ground with proper focus, the light show will come out sharp and properly exposed.
With no professional quality camera available, a point and shoot digital camera is the next best option.  Most models on the market today, like the Olympus Stylus 1050, Nikon Coolpix, or any in the Canon Powershot series have scene selections for fireworks, or allow manual control.  If the exposure and aperture need to be set manually, experiment with exposures of 1/8 second and lower, and keep the aperture wide, at f5.6 or more.

An important consideration for a camera when shooting fireworks is control.  As long as your camera allows you to choose a scene setting, or adjust settings manually, successful fireworks pictures can be created.  If all else fails, set your point and shoot camera on a wall or stable surface, and set the self-timer to avoid camera shake.

Share Your Fireworks Pictures Online free

The biggest joy of photography, whether it is done professionally or as a hobby, is showing off your best shots.  Fortunately, there are many options for free photo sharing, and accounts are easy to set up.  Two of the most popular photo sharing sites are Flickr, and Photobucket.  These sites make signing up for an account extremely simple.

To get started, visit the Photobucket or Flickr websites, and follow the instructions.  With the free accounts, you get a generous amount of storage space, the option to upload from a mobile phone, and you can easily share photos uploaded to these sites on your Facebook or other social media page.

Making Money with Your Photos

There are dozens of stock photography websites, such as iStock and Shutterstock, looking for fresh and well made photographs for their databases.  These sites typically accommodate buyers and sellers.  For photographers, once you have registered a free account, and demonstrated your talents with a sample of your work, your pictures are available for sale.  When your photos sell, you receive anywhere from a 10% to 40% royalty.

These websites are ideal for people looking to purchase fireworks pictures, but for those who wish to sell them, a multi-pronged approach may be necessary.  Marketing pictures for greeting cards through Smugmug or PhotoStockPlus is an easy way to get professional looking materials for distribution.

Another way to earn revenue from selling your fireworks pictures could be do put together a calendar, or placing your photographs on coffee mugs.   There are services on the internet such as “zen print” that provide complete order fulfillment to satisfy your customers.   They will handle everything involved in the transaction.   From taking the initial order, to manufacturing the product, to order fulfillment.   All you will need to do is figure out where to cash the check.

Whether you are selling or making pictures of fireworks for pure enjoyment, keep shooting.  Nothing replaces persistence and meticulous effort in photography.