Top 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts

Soon it is that time of the year when we celebrate our grandmothers and grandfathers. What better way to remember your grandparents than buying them a gift. Our panel of experts spent hours making you this list. Here is our list of the top 10 best grandparents day gift ideas for 2010.

The Automatic Pill Dispenser:

At number ten on our list we have the automatic pill dispenser. It is great gift for any elderly person. Most of the time your grandparents need to be taking a lot of pills to manage their illnesses. They have high or low blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, diabetes medication and so on. Those are only the most common pills that many senior citizens need to be taking. A lot of the time they forget to take them, because it can be very difficult even for a young healthy person to remember to take certain medication at a specific time of the day. The automatic pill dispenser will sound an alarm when it is time to take the pills, so your grandparents will never forger. You can even get it with monitoring system that sends you a text message if they forget to take the pills.

The Odyssey 4-wheel Power Scooter:

On the ninth place we have the 4-wheel Power Scooter. When people get older they start to have problems in their joints. That’s because the articular cartilage is starting wear. It causes pain and swelling in the joints. That makes moving around difficult. That is why many older people rather stay at home than go somewhere because of the pain. The Power Scooter is great way to make sure that your grandparents can still move around. It improves the quality of their life, when they can easily go outside and shopping.

The Uplift Electric Power Seat:

The seventh place is reserved for the Uplift Electric Power Seat. It focuses on a problem that often faces the elderly. The couches and the chairs we use these days are very low. In fact they are so low that even for a younger person it is sometimes difficult to get up. Now imagine how difficult it is for a weak individual suffering from joint pain. Usually the problem is addressed by heightening each and every piece of furniture in the house, but the problem is that is your grandfather of grandmother faints, then it is a long way to fall down. The Uplift Power Seat is electric device that you put on the chair and sit on it. When it is time get up, it helps by rising the seat. It can handle 300 pounds so it works for even the heavier individuals.

The Maxi Aids Emergency Caller:

Number six on our list is the Maxi Aids Emergency Caller. It is a very helpful device and basically every senior should have one. It another great way to make sure that your grandparents get the help when they need it. Falling down is very common when you are older. Getting up and alerting help is not easy. That is why you need to have an alarm button in your pocket all the time. That way if something happens, you can easily press a button and the device automatically dials a number and calls for help with prerecorded message. It will do it until there is someone helping.

The Doro 330 HandleEasy Cell Phone:

We are already at number five on our list of the top 10 best grandparents day gift ideas for 2010. As you might have noticed, cell phones are getting smaller and more complex each year. For someone who has poor eyesight and is not used to using electronic equipment operating such a cell phone can be difficult if not impossible. That is why Doro has brought out this amazing device that is very easy to use and it has large buttons and an easy to ready display. The Doro 330 HandleEasy Cell Phone is a great gift idea!

The Aluminum Lightweight Rollator:

We are going towards the end of our list here at number four. A lot of the time keeping ones balance can be difficult for your grandparents. Losing balance and falling down is very dangerous to the elderly. Actually it is something that many do not recover from, because they can break a hip. That is why a rollator is great way to make sure that you grandmother and father keep their balance. When looking for a rollator there are somethings that you need to make sure. First of all it needs to be lightweight so it is easy to push. Aluminum the best material for this job. Secondly it needs to have for wheels for added stability. A lot of the time there are three wheeled models that can tip over easily. Thirdly there needs to be brakes. The Aluminum Lightweight Rollator that we have selected has all these things and more. It has a padded seat for extra comfort when you need to rest and basket for your belongings and shopping bags.

The Book Mate Adjustable Holder:

So we are at our top three. At number three we have the Book Mate Adjustable Book Holder, which great for everyone who loves to read books or magazines. For older people holding a book can be very tiring on their hands. Reading a heavy book like the bible can be difficult when you are getting weaker. This adjustable holder is great device that can be used in bed, on a chair and on a table. It helps to put the book or magazine or whatever you are reading (you can even use it on a Kindle wireless reading device) in more ergonomic position for your back, neck and arms.

The Ableware Pistol-Grip Remote Toe-Nail Clipper:

Okay only two now. Bending over to reach something gets more difficult each year we get older. That’s because the fluid inside the spinal disc diminishes over time. That is why we lose mobility on our spinal column. Lack of mobility means that seniors often have difficulties taking care of the feet. For us it might seem odd, but it is truly a great problem, especially with diabetics. At the worst case the lack of care cause result in amputation of digits or even limbs. The Ableware Pistol-Grip Toe-Nail Clipper is a great device that helps to keep care of feet when you lack mobility in your back.

The Omron HEM 780 Blood Pressure Monitor:

Here is the end of our Top 10 Best Grandparents Day Gifts For 2010 list. At number one we have the Omron HEM 780 Blood Pressure Monitor, which a great easy to use device for people of all ages. Blood pressure is the best indicator of heart disease and keeping your blood pressure low enough can help you have more healthy years in your life.