Different Styles of Bangles for Every Outfit

There are different designs, sizes and shapes of bangles that you can mix and match or wear them on their own to match different outfits and occasion.  However, to choose the right one that would be a perfect match to the clothes you’re wearing or on which design will go well for an occasion will get you confused. The most popular styles of bangles in fashion today are the sterling silver bangles, solid silver bangle, silver bangle watch, antique silver bangle, mens silver bangle, silver hinged bangle, and the hammered silver bangle.  It is essential to understand about each piece of these popular bangles so you can easily choose which would best complement your outfit.

The 92.5% Sterling silver bangles are durable, versatile and created to enhance one’s personality.  They can be easily be cleaned when tarnished.  They come in a variety of designs and very fashionable to wear.  The more simple styles can be used daily and for any occasion.  You can mix them wood or bamboo or gold bangles for an elegant look. They would be a great match to dresses.  Their thickness varies from thin to thick but you just have to choose the right width that would be appropriate to the size of your wrist. Mixing it with gold bangles especially the thin sizes would look great for work suits that are of dark shades or on jeans and shirts.

The solid silver bangle come in a wide range of designs. Some are plain, patterned, elegant and some are even engraved or inlaid with resins, stones, gemstones or crystals.  Some even have charms attached to them. They come in different shapes like hexagonal, circular, waved, square, octagonal and spiral.  These styles of bangles are most popular among the young generation though you can also see them worn by a lot of movie or sports stars.

The silver bangle watch carries its own unique and luxurious design.  They are popular because of its function but also very elegant and fashionable.  The bold chunky ones complements perfectly urban fashion clothing’s and the more conservative designs would best fit an “evening gown or a simple pantsuit.”

The antique silver bangle can be a genuine vintage piece or it can be with antique finishing.  The genuine ones represents the era it was created and are expensive and can be purchased from antique jewelry dealers, online sites, auction house and garage sales.  Those with antique finishing can easily be bought in any department stores, boutiques or even online.  Both give out a classical appearance when worn without much glitz.  The more matured women prefer this kind of jewelry and are mostly worn during special occasions.

The mens silver bangles complements well with all types of skin tones and can be worn casually or on formal occasions.  It is becoming very popular among young men enhancing the style as well as emanating a sophisticated appearance.  They are designed plain and simple or embedded with gems, stones or crystals.

The silver hinged bangle gives one a glamorous and classical appearance that can complement everyday wear attire.  This type of bangle is securely attached to ones wrist which snaps when you put them on.  They come in different shapes like wishbone, hexagonal, oval and square with various designs ranging from spheres, tennis racket hinges, belt buckle, golf club and even dolphins.  The most elegant and expensive ones are made from solid Mexican silver.

The hammered silver bangle, on the other hand are highly popular to wear during spring and summer as they are a perfect match to compliment light sleeveless dresses.  They are wide or thin and hammered manually to give it a very unique design and can stand out on its own.

When you choose the right style of bangle to fit your outfit, it is important to think first and consider the color of the dress that would blend with the jewelry, if your clothes are short or long sleeved, the venue where to wear them, the occasion and the most important reason is what kind of look you are trying to achieve.  These things considered you will never look ridiculous with the choice made.

Where To Look for Great Deals on Men’s Engagement Rings

mens engagement rings

Most people who are looking to purchase any type of jewelry are looking for high quality jewelry or at least decent quality jewelry, but at the same time not have to pay an arm and a leg for a ring or any other type of piece of jewelry. Today it is becoming very popular among men to use engagement rings just like the ladies. Of course this practice is something more acceptable by the ladies than men because to most men engagement rings for them sound like something that’s very feminine like.

In actuality this trend is becoming popular especially in European countries where you see more females asking their male partners their hand for marriage. With this gesture they usually give them a men’s engagement ring just like she receives when she gets engaged. Of course the men’s engagement ring is made to look more masculine and they usually don’t have a diamond sticking up and sitting on prongs like women’s engagement rings have.

Most men’s engagement rings have diamonds, but they are inlaid usually in a channel set or they may come with a solitary diamond in the middle but inlaid. There are several styles of men’s engagement rings to choose from, but the places to purchase them are limited here in the United States unless you live in Europe or any other country where this practice is common.

Most people don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for jewelry and neither do they want to when it comes to engagement rings for men. The best source to find quality and affordable engagement rings of all sort is looking online. There are quite a few places online where you can buy cheap mens engagement rings. Being that there are quite a few online jewelry stores, they offer quite a bit of choice and sometimes even more than your local brick and mortar jewelry store.

Now in saying that you can find cheap mens engagement rings online doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. This is just merely referring to the price of the rings. Online jewelry stores such as Debebians.com and Superjeweler.com offer a wide variety of engagement rings for men, men’s diamond rings, and wedding bands. Of course they offer a wide variety of choices for ladies as well with prices for both men and women almost ridiculously low due to the constant online sales they have.

Including with almost dirt cheap prices you also get free shipping after you purchase 75.00 or more worth of merchandise. Another option to find dirt cheap engagement rings for men is looking at sites such as Ebay.com and Amazon.com. The fact that with these two sites you have the options of bidding for your jewelry item or buying it used will save you all kinds of money and will get you a great looking ring at the same time.

If shopping online isn’t your cup of tea you can also look into factory direct warehouse or outlet shopping mall where you can find great prices on many kinds of jewelry including men’s engagement rings if these types of rings are sold. Being that many local jewelry stores do not sell many engagement rings for men mainly due to the fact that this practice isn’t as abundant in the states, you will be able to find a good selection in men’s diamond rings which can also be used as engagement rings or wedding bands.

Men’s rings are becoming more popular among men not just for representing their wedding vows, but also for fashion statements. Although the trend of engagement rings for men isn’t completely here yet, if you are looking to surprise your man with an engagement ring look around first because you never know you might find the deal of the century on something that will become a great investment in the long run.

Heart Jewelry Or Diamond Ring?

Jewelry comes in many shapes, styles and price brackets and can signify many different things.  For example, a teenager might look at one of the many heart jewelry options and choose a heart pendant to give to his lovely girlfriend; a gold wedding ring is the traditional way of pledging commitment and devotion to your marriage partner; and diamond earrings can demonstrate wealth and sophistication for high-society ladies.

But to get the most from your purchase, it is very important when buying what can be a very expensive item to match the piece of jewelry to the individual for whom it is intended.  And if you’re buying for yourself, how do you know what is right for you?

Fortunately there are some basic guidelines to follow, depending on what type of jewelry you’re considering, and these can help even the most inexperienced buyer to make a great selection:

  • Personality and style preferences are perhaps the first thing to think about.  If the intended wearer is large as life and extrovert, that chunky gold necklace or those big hoop earrings could be just the thing.  But for an attorney or professional businesswoman, a more delicate necklace or a more understated pair of stud earrings could be essential.
  • Next, is there any existing jewelry to complement?  Buying a silver bracelet for someone whose jewelry box only contains gold pieces could be the start of a whole new direction for her – but it could also mean that the gift sits unused forever.
  • For earrings, think about face shape. If you’re buying earrings, make sure that the size and shape of the earrings complements the face shape.  People with oval shaped faces are lucky, because almost any type of earrings will suit them.  But avoid long, dangly earrings for long-faced people.  Round-faced wearers are not a good match for large, hoop-style earrings so go for something square or long.  Match a square-faced person with something softer and rounder.  Think about earrings with a broader base because they look good on a heart-shaped face.
  • Necklaces and pendants: give some thought to body size and shape.  Just as the face shape is most important for earrings, think about the wearer’s body shape and size before making a decision on necklaces.  A petite person may look good with a longer necklace, emphasizing length.  Larger necklaces holding bigger pieces of jewelry or pendants may look overpowering and be more appropriate to taller people.  If you’ve seen the intended recipient wearing a necklace before now, what looks right and what doesn’t?
  • Rings are all about hand and finger size:  a large, wide ring may look wrong and may be uncomfortable if it overlaps the knuckle.  Petite women need petite rings to match their hands.   Long fingers can look good if the ring has a wide band but oval setting are generally better for shorter fingers.
  • Bracelets follow a similar rule: delicate pieces for petite ladies, larger bracelets for average sized individuals and larger – more than one band if necessary to make the look effective.
  • Personal choice is what matters the most.  There is no absolute right or wrong, and once the issue of comfort is taken into account (for example, see the rings comment above), what matters most of all is that the wearer likes the piece of jewelry and feels good about wearing it.  Ultimately, that is where jewelry buying requires at least some personal knowledge of the individual for whom it is being purchased to be the most successful – and that can be the most difficult issue to get right.

There are so many different choices of materials and styles that choosing what to buy can in some instances be highly confusing.  And clearly, the budget available in conjunction with the prices of what you can find will be a major factor in your choice.  But following these guidelines as well as following your instincts will make sure that you buy a lasting treasure that the lucky recipient will be proud to wear for years to come.