Different Styles of Bangles for Every Outfit

There are different designs, sizes and shapes of bangles that you can mix and match or wear them on their own to match different outfits and occasion.  However, to choose the right one that would be a perfect match to the clothes you’re wearing or on which design will go well for an occasion will get you confused. The most popular styles of bangles in fashion today are the sterling silver bangles, solid silver bangle, silver bangle watch, antique silver bangle, mens silver bangle, silver hinged bangle, and the hammered silver bangle.  It is essential to understand about each piece of these popular bangles so you can easily choose which would best complement your outfit.

The 92.5% Sterling silver bangles are durable, versatile and created to enhance one’s personality.  They can be easily be cleaned when tarnished.  They come in a variety of designs and very fashionable to wear.  The more simple styles can be used daily and for any occasion.  You can mix them wood or bamboo or gold bangles for an elegant look. They would be a great match to dresses.  Their thickness varies from thin to thick but you just have to choose the right width that would be appropriate to the size of your wrist. Mixing it with gold bangles especially the thin sizes would look great for work suits that are of dark shades or on jeans and shirts.

The solid silver bangle come in a wide range of designs. Some are plain, patterned, elegant and some are even engraved or inlaid with resins, stones, gemstones or crystals.  Some even have charms attached to them. They come in different shapes like hexagonal, circular, waved, square, octagonal and spiral.  These styles of bangles are most popular among the young generation though you can also see them worn by a lot of movie or sports stars.

The silver bangle watch carries its own unique and luxurious design.  They are popular because of its function but also very elegant and fashionable.  The bold chunky ones complements perfectly urban fashion clothing’s and the more conservative designs would best fit an “evening gown or a simple pantsuit.”

The antique silver bangle can be a genuine vintage piece or it can be with antique finishing.  The genuine ones represents the era it was created and are expensive and can be purchased from antique jewelry dealers, online sites, auction house and garage sales.  Those with antique finishing can easily be bought in any department stores, boutiques or even online.  Both give out a classical appearance when worn without much glitz.  The more matured women prefer this kind of jewelry and are mostly worn during special occasions.

The mens silver bangles complements well with all types of skin tones and can be worn casually or on formal occasions.  It is becoming very popular among young men enhancing the style as well as emanating a sophisticated appearance.  They are designed plain and simple or embedded with gems, stones or crystals.

The silver hinged bangle gives one a glamorous and classical appearance that can complement everyday wear attire.  This type of bangle is securely attached to ones wrist which snaps when you put them on.  They come in different shapes like wishbone, hexagonal, oval and square with various designs ranging from spheres, tennis racket hinges, belt buckle, golf club and even dolphins.  The most elegant and expensive ones are made from solid Mexican silver.

The hammered silver bangle, on the other hand are highly popular to wear during spring and summer as they are a perfect match to compliment light sleeveless dresses.  They are wide or thin and hammered manually to give it a very unique design and can stand out on its own.

When you choose the right style of bangle to fit your outfit, it is important to think first and consider the color of the dress that would blend with the jewelry, if your clothes are short or long sleeved, the venue where to wear them, the occasion and the most important reason is what kind of look you are trying to achieve.  These things considered you will never look ridiculous with the choice made.