Camden-Grey Essential Oils – Online Shopping Review

All the people who know me, are aware of the fact that I am a big fan of online shopping. Generally I trust the companies that sell their products online, and I have had great service so far, and to be honest I would never think that they would rip me off. Based on my experiences I could recommend online shopping to anyone, any time.  I am usualy the guy who hears someone bragging how cheap they bought something from a sale, and then I go and point at them that you could get it cheaper from this webstore, have it delivered to your front door for free by tomorrow, and also not bother leaving your house to place the order. When I hear stuff about companies like Camden-Grey Essential Oils that are ripping people off – it makes my blood boil.

Taking advantage off the fact that you are online – you can’t be personally visited – and in most cases you are in a different city, state or country is outrageous to me. I am an online entrepreneur, and I am sure that at some point my business is going to start selling a product or service to real customers that pay directly to me. This means that there is going to be customer relations involved, and this kind of stuff just does not go with me. I am pretty sure that Camden-Grey Essential Oils would not be behaving like this if their customers were to visit their shop and see the people personally – it is not so easy to hide behind e-mail blocking when the person complaining is standing in front of you.

The whole idea of internet shopping is to be able to trust the seller – they are going to deliver you the exact product that you ordered and it is supposed to be exactly as described on the website. If the essential oils don’t smell like grapefruit and ginger, you are not supposed to sell them as essential oils that smell like that. My friend David is not the only one to have bad experiences with Camden-Grey Essential Oils Inc. To me it seems like this company is making most of their money by double charging credit cards, shipping products that are not what described, and basically just ignoring their customer service. I would have to strongly advice you to stay away from them, and order your essential oils somewhere else.