Everything You Nevre Knew About Ghostly Apparitions

There are many people that are under the impression that apparitions are just ghosts, while an apparition is said to be a ghost that is not always the case. There are several little known facts about apparitions.  An apparition or ghost is a form of the human mind that has survived the death of the body; whether it is what most people call the soul or consciousness of that person has not been definitively proven. Some call it the personality or the spirit that has been left behind on this plane of existence even if the body has died.

  • One little known fact about apparitions is that the apparition seen is not always that of a person that has passed away. These types of apparitions are called “living apparitions”. The term that is used for a “living apparitions” is called bilocation, pretty much a fancy name for being two places at the same time. Some “living apparitions” are said to be intentional while others are not even aware that it has even occurred. It has been said that people have experienced bilocation trying to communicate with someone that is aware of the fact that they are trying to be contacted, sometimes calling it an out of body experience.
  • There are also apparitions called Pseudo-apparitions, or fake apparitions if you will. Another little known fact about apparitions is that true apparitions will show awareness and intelligence, while a Pseudo-apparitions does not seem to be aware of its surroundings and does not seek interaction. Pseudo-apparitions are repetitive almost like the replay of a ghost video; some would call it a residual imprint. A residual imprint is thought to be the imprint of energy left on a certain location, more often than not it is the scene of a horrific event. The true apparition will always attempt interactions with those that it has appeared to, and show awareness and intelligence.
  • Some apparitions are called apparitions in crisis, this has happened with living apparitions as well as true apparitions. This could very well come in handy one day. There are stories out there of people who have been in a situation near death, and a loved one will “see them” and where they are in time to send help. The person in crisis or near death has said at the time they only thing they could think of is their loved ones or close friends. Could it be that sending your thoughts out with intention to someone you have a connection with one day save your life?  The next fact about apparitions is about true apparitions or ghosts. This often occurs within a day or two of dying or actual death. There are many reports of ghosts visiting a loved one to give one final farewell or giving the person they are appearing to some important piece of information; like the location of important documents such as a will.
  • The absolute best little known fact about ghosts is the one that suggests that apparitions can be seen from different eras or dimensions. This form of apparition is very rare, and is said that they are as frightened of us as we are of them. An apparition from a different time or dimension is considered to be a true apparition in the sense that they will try to interact with those that can see them. The thing that makes an apparition from a different time or dimension is that they will attempt to convince the person that they have appeared to that they are the ones that have died.

There are many things that you will find out about ghosts or apparitions. Finding a credible paranormal research study, can give you many more little known facts about apparitions. Good luck and happy ghost hunting.

Celebrating Christmas in the United States

Christmas celebrations traditionally begin after Thanksgiving Day (third Thursday in November). On the following Saturday, a spectacular parade takes place in New York City with the arrival of Santa Claus marking the start of the festive season and a great Christmas.

Christmas was originally a strictly religious celebration that marked that birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December. In the last years it has also become a commercial as well as a secular season; department stores, shopping malls and small shops elaborately decorate their establishments and induce customers to spend “freely” on Christmas gifts. However, for many people Christmas still holds a major religious significance. It is the occasion for an annual family gathering throughout the whole country and an atmosphere of generosity and goodwill known as the “Christmas Spirit” emerges.

The Jewish celebration of Hanukah is celebrated around mid December, and the Afro-American celebration of Kwanzaa falls around the same period. Santa Claus was originally based on St. Nicholas, a European bishop known for his generosity. He used to give gifts to the poor people in the neighborhood during harsh winters. In the United States, the image of Santa Claus is represented as a jolly large man with a white beard wearing a red suit. He delivers the Christmas toys in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeers, flying around the world the eve of Christmas.

Many families in the United States decorate their homes with colorful lights, bright ornaments and the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, the children awake to find their gifts wrapped in colorful paper under the tree. The young ones place empty stockings hanging off the fireplace only to find them filled with candy and small toys.

During the holiday season, families also decorate outdoors placing lights on the small trees and hedges around their property. Neighborhoods take a festive look and appear really colorful and jolly every evening. Some people surround their homes with thousands of lights and also place a figure of Santa, Rudolph and snowmen, lit and full sized, in their gardens, front yards or roofs. Many churches and houses also use light decorations in order to commemorate the humble birth of Jesus. Suburban neighborhoods in the northern states become indescribably beautiful while the snow is falling and millions of colored lights shine in the houses and surrounding trees.

During the season, many people exchange Christmas cards and greetings. The cards are mailed to friends, neighbors, relatives and business associates during the month of December. When receiving a card, it is not always necessary to send another back and if you want to send a Christmas card and are not sure of the religion of those who receive it, always choose a card without religious issues to avoid offending the recipient.

Typical activities for the month of December include shopping for Christmas gifts or Hahukkah and Christmas parting. At parties people will find themselves surrounded by plenty of food, drink and joy. Christmas Eve and Christmas day are reserved for the family, whether they are near or far, who gather together for the annual celebration. People bring a small gift for the family and if there are children in the house, sweets and small gifts are greatly appreciated.

During the week after Christmas, the stores are filled with customers who exchange their gifts and take advantage of clearance sales. On New Year’s Eve there are plenty of parties taking place in restaurants, bars and clubs throughout the United States. Some cities hold great outdoor parties that end with the fireworks at midnight. One of the most famous parties takes place in Time Square in New York. New Year’s Day marks the end of the holiday season and people stay at home recovering from the night before.

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Has The Recession Affected IT Training?

In recent times, the budget, management, and operation of corporations when it comes to training, has undergone monumental change. There are changes in almost every sector of the corporate world with banks, corporations, and multi-national companies struggling to cut costs, improve efficiency, and stay on top of the economic recession. Training is also changing. The amount of money that companies choose to spend on training, especially in the IT section is diminishing. It is not that companies are no longer training their staff, but they are looking for quality, not quantity. The key word to describe the coming trend is adaption.

How did the recession change the attitude of corporations in regards to development and training?

Training and development budgets are always some of the first to see cuts in the face of recession. The challenge many companies face is trying to keep their regular sales and marketing strategies afloat while continuing to grow by training their staff for more responsibility. In the face of impending financial difficulty, however, many companies choose to keep their momentum in sales and operations and consequently cut their corporate training budgets. On the other hand, companies choose to look at their corporate training as one very important function to keep up in the event of a recession, and instead are looking for ways to get the most from the money they spend on training.

The general idea behind training employees is to acquire skills in the company’s employees to better handle corporate needs in the fast changing market. With employees that are more knowledgeable of business demands, the company can better cope with the changing world and advance in more arenas. While many companies are resorting to cutting their training budgets, including IT training, they are not cutting out training altogether. In fact in a way they are more specifically targeting their corporate training to include employees who they trust will benefit the most from training for the good of the corporation. So while they are minimizing budgets, they are adapting to the economic restrictions by maximizing on the quality of the training.

Business is changing rapidly as is seen by the recent economic events, but how exactly are those changes affecting corporate trainers, specifically IT training companies?

In simple language, the changes that are forcing the biggest multi national corporations to change are causing the training companies to greatly adapt as well. The cut in a lot of company’s corporate training budgets means that trainers are going to miss out somewhere. With less money going around in the training market, companies that offer corporate training are going to be forced to adapt to the market.

Corporations are going to be looking for the best quality training they can get in times of recession, even if the amount they will spend on training is decreasing. This means that we will most likely see a decline in the amount of companies offer IT training, or any training for that matter. However, the companies that do remain will remain with much tougher competition and pressure to perform at the highest level. Ultimately the training corporations that remain will be the ones that can adapt and deliver what corporations world wide are looking for.

In conclusion, the world is changing. The recession has hit every multi national company in some way. The trend we will be seeing in the near future in regards to corporate training and IT training companies is one of adaption. Corporations seeking training will adapt their budgets but also up their demand for quality, and the training companies that will survive have to adapt to fill that need.

The Art of the Tea Party

Most American’s lives are rushing by too quickly to stop and take formal tea breaks. But I think we could really learn something from the English, who originally perfected the art of high tea. I’m not referring to their dinner or supper, which is often called “tea.” I’m talking about the elaborate practice of high tea, which takes place at 4 pm and usually involves unique sandwiches, rich bite-sized desserts and, of course, pots of tea. Supposedly the practice of high tea began with England’s Duchess of Bedford, who got into the habit of having tea and treats in her sitting room at 4 o’clock each day. After a while, she started inviting her friends and a tradition was established.

Nowadays, high teas usually take place in actual tea rooms or high-end hotels and on cruises, where extravagance is the norm. But there’s no reason to restrict the practice to those locations, because it can just as easily be practiced at home. Why would anyone want to go to all that trouble, you say? There are several reasons. First and most important, most of us deserve far more leisure, relaxation and pampering than we usually get. Since life travels at the speed of sound for most people, having a reason to stop and relax at a scheduled time is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. The second reason is related to the first, in that stopping to relax can have great health benefits. Stress is the source of a huge number of health problems in our industrialized society, so ritualized relaxation and pampering can only be a good thing. Think of the tradition of taking siestas in the afternoon in Latin America and you’ll get the idea.

For those who don’t have a clue how to host a high tea, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Naturally, you should have a beautiful tea pot (or more than one, depending on how many people you’ll be inviting).
  • You should also have a tea cup, saucer and tea plate (equivalent in size to a salad plate) for each guest, plus a few spares. These can either match the tea pot or form an interesting eclectic mix. If you don’t have what you need already, charity thrift or consignment stores are wonderful places to find a wide variety of options.
  • If possible, use actual silver pastry or dessert forks. It’s not mandatory but it does provide a lovely sense of occasion.
  • If you’ll be inviting people other than your inner circle, you’ll need tea party invitations. These can be of any style that suits you, but try to key the design to the type of people you’ll be inviting. The more formal or important your guests, the more formal the invitation should be.
  • Provide a variety of finger (translation: small) sandwiches on platters. To make finger sandwiches, any type of sandwich can be cut into quarters diagonally. You can use just about any type, but cucumber sandwiches are traditional. Personally, I would stay away from peanut butter and jelly, because that just isn’t the right tone for high tea.
  • Bite-sized desserts should be served alongside the sandwiches. (No one will be worried about finishing their meal before eating treats, because high tea doesn’t qualify as a meal.) You can purchase or make petit fours, which are about one-inch square multi-layered cakes of any type and with any kind of frosting. They are often pastel-colored, though, with delicate icing decorations. Small fancy cookies also qualify.

Even though the tradition of high tea is rather formal, your version of it doesn’t have to be. After all, we’re trying to use the occasion to relax. So casual clothing is acceptable. Also, although it seems in contrast to normal etiquette, it’s quite common to eat high tea treats with your fingers.  If a piece of dry cake is too large to eat in one bite, it’s perfectly acceptable to break it into smaller pieces with your hands. Any larger, softer cakes should be cut apart and eaten with a dessert or pastry fork.

As you can see, hosting high tea isn’t that hard; it’s more of a mindset. You’ll probably find that if you get into the habit of treating yourself at least once a week to a high tea, you’ll become addicted!

Five Reasons Why Marriages Fail

No one can accurately predict which marriages will last and which marriages will fail. It’s been said that there are as many things that can cause problems in a marriage as their are couples who are married. While that may be an exaggeration, the truth is what may cause a problem in one marriage may not in another, but there are five main areas that seem to be the top indicators of future marriage problems.

While no one gets married expecting the marriage to fail, there are a number of marriages that are almost doomed from the start. Teenage couples or couples who marry because there is a baby on the way are battling against the odds. Teenagers lack the maturity to face many of the challenges that married life will bring and often have money problems that create major stress on the relationship. A couple who is just beginning to learn to live with each other are generally not ready for the changes that a baby will bring to the marriage. A teenage couple with a baby on the way is an almost certain disaster. That is not to say that couples who are in these situations will always see their marriages fail, just that these conditions will make having a successful relationship more difficult.

Many married couples face a brick wall when they try to resolve any issue they have. In order to solve marriage problems couples must be able to talk things through and reach a solution through agreement or compromise. Communication breakdown is one of the main reasons for failure to be able to find a solution. Minor issues can and will become major issues when communication is absent.

Our marriage vows are a commitment. So many people forget that marriage is a commitment that should be taken seriously. When you are totally committed to your spouse and to your relationship, you make them top priority. Decisions are made based on “us” and not on “me”. It is a sad fact that many people today take that walk down the aisle with less than 100% commitment to the marriage and their partner.

It’s somewhat amazing, but many people think that they can change their partner once they are married. Accepting your partner for who they are is so important. If there are doubts or things about someones personality that bother you before you are married, I can promise you that those things will be magnified when you are living everyday side by side with that person. If you cannot accept your partner “warts and all”, the best course of action is to end the relationship before a wedding takes place.

While trust is the last thing that we will talk about, that doesn’t mean it is the least important. There have probably been more marriages torn apart over actions that destroyed trust than all other causes combined. A marriage built on a foundation of trust, combined with open and honest communication almost assures a successful relationship. Likewise a marriage where there is doubt and distrust where one or both of the spouses keeps secrets and tells lies almost assures a marriage that will fail.

As was mentioned no one can accurately predict the success of any marriage, but there are many factors that can contribute to the success or failure of the relationship. Beginning a marriage at a young age or for the wrong reason, being unable or unwilling to communicate about issues affecting the relationship ,not being totally committed to the relationship, thinking you can change your partner and being an untrustworthy spouse are all indications that the marriage will be problematic.

Portland Personal Injury Attorneys Ensure Fair Compensation

Many people in the Northwest, as well as across the country, have a do-it-myself attitude. There are, however, some situations you definitely do not want to solve on your own. Some situations are too big for one single person to handle and require the expertise and assistance of a Portland personal injury attorney.

These people are legal professionals who help their clients get compensated for major physical, emotional, and mental harm believed to be caused by a 3rd party individual, organization, or business.

Additionally, there exist specialized personal injury attorneys who only focus on a specific field within this practice.

Some of these specialized fields include medical malpractice, hospital negligence, asbestos claims, and workers compensation.  They all are in the same legal industry (personal injury)  but they focus on a specific niche within it.

When a person is involved in a bad car collision or any other accident he is entitled, under the law, to be repaid for those damages. The law states that he should be compensated for his pain, suffering, time lost from work, and future wages that he will most likely loose.  But, the quality of attorney you hire will determine just how well you are compensated.

You must also prove that an person or organization is not only liable but you must also prove to the courts that a an individual’s action or lack of action was the major cause of your harm.

It may sound easy but it is in reality a difficult feat to accomplish especially if the defendant (person being sued) has a good team of attorneys himself.

Both sides will attempt to discredit the other and the side who gathers enough evidence or is able to plead his client’s case the best will win.

Lets say for instance a person is driving and his gets rear-ended in a major automobile accident. He cannot work for months. To get to the point where he is even functional he must go through many sessions of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and deep tissue massages; not to mention he must receive an abundance of prescription medications to manage the pain while he heals.

Additionally, this person will have lost time from work and will be unable to work for at least several months in the condition he is in.

A good personal injury attorney has the job of making sure the person who hit him pays for these damages.  This will usually be through an insurance policy (auto, homeowners, workers compensation, general liability) but if that is not enough it will be from the actual person.

The person who caused to accident could have been on the phone, texting, no paying attention, driving erratically, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The attorney will have to do some investigation work and find out what it is so that he can prove to the courts that the accident was caused from negligence.

Maybe it was just an honest mistake.  It is still the job of any personal attorney to prove to the courts that the accident was caused because the other person failed to adhere to some sort of established driving law, which if followed, would have prevented the accident.

Whenever a person is involved in an major accident or any other kind of situation that can affect the rest of his life he needs a personal injury attorney.  Without one he is leaving himself open to attack.  The people representing the defendant will try to bully the plaintiff and make him settle.  Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to persuade a person who is suffering and in debt to take a significantly lesser amount than he should.  Keep in mind that the amount you are compensated for in the end will be determined by your attorney.  Choose well.

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Endangered Alabama Waterdog

The Alabama waterdog is one of the most unseen creatures. They have become nearly extinct in the portions of Alabama where they call home due to pollution of the air and waters, as well as disturbance from mines, industry companies, and urban activities that go on in the surrounding areas. This also gives them only a select place to live since the pollution has covered most of their previous lands. This can become a problem during mating season, and trying to stay alive in the area as well. This amphibian is one of wonder, and it is amazing how far they have come since they first came about. This endangered waterdog came from a linage of salamanders dating back to ancient time, and diverged from all other amphibians of its kind around 190 million years ago when the Jurassic period was still going on. This species is secretive, and they are also nocturnal allowing them to hide under organic materials all day without being seen, and coming out at night to get food, water, and anything else they may need. They are not out in the warmer months of the year, and come out in the winter months. The heat makes them inactive, and rarely seen. There is only a little information on this species, and it is thought that their mating month is in December although the species has no repopulated to do the destruction of their habitat preventing them from doing so. If you have a chance to spot one of these creatures then you’re in luck since it is one of many freaky weird animals that are out there. Animals endangered in an area can lead to problems, and trying to keep a species alive is difficult to do when you do not know much about them. These waterdogs are just one of many.

The Alabama waterdog is one of the most unseen creatures. They have become nearly extinct in the portions of Alabama where they call home due to pollution of the air and waters, as well as disturbance from mines, industry companies, and urban activities that go on in the surrounding areas. This also gives them only a select place to live since the pollution has covered most of their previous lands.

Unfortunately this can become a problem during mating season, and trying to stay alive in these areas as well. This amphibian is one of wonder, and it is amazing how far they have come since they first came about. This endangered waterdog came from a linage of salamanders dating back to ancient time, and diverged from all other amphibians of its kind around 190 million years ago when the Jurassic period was still going on.

This species is secretive, and they are also nocturnal allowing them to hide under organic materials all day without being seen, and coming out at night to get food, water, and anything else they may need. They are not out in the warmer months of the year, and come out in the winter months. The heat makes them inactive, and rarely seen. There is only a little information on this species, and it is thought that their mating month is in December although the species has no repopulated to do the destruction of their habitat preventing them from doing so.

If you have a chance to spot one of these creatures then you’re in luck since it is one of many freaky weird animals that are out there. Animals endangered in an area can lead to problems, and trying to keep a species alive is difficult to do when you do not know much about them. These waterdogs are just one of many.

Strengthen Your Computer Skills With Online IT Training

Online IT training is becoming more and more popular. Whether you want to improve your skills for your current job or are looking to set up a business from your home, computer training online may be the answer. Over a million people worldwide take part in it computer training online either from their office or from the comfort of their own home.

IT computer training courses promise to improve your computer skills and efficiency as well as allow you to earn certifications and CEU’s. Obtaining up-to-date knowledge is a benefit for anyone in the competitive employment market. Online computer courses are a inexpensive way to gain proficiency in computer skills.

IT training enables you to learn at your own pace. In the majority of cases you will acquire knowledge in the very latest software and technology. Knowing a variety of computer skills will be an advantage in your current job situation or the stepping stone you need to move into a different job situation. Many online computer courses result in accreditation, certification or Professional Development Units.

While there are a number of online self paced and interactive computer training programs, some groups also offer CD and DVD’s to accompany their it courses. Multi-user or company discounts are also available. Buying into one of these programs for your employees can only mean a big plus for your company.

Computer IT training packages usually offer unlimited access for up to a year. It also offers the opportunity to take a course more than once if need to do so. Since the programs are online, a course can be taken anytime and anywhere you have a computer handy. There is nothing required other than your PC and internet explorer. Having the ability to control your own pace with each course allows you to breeze through courses quickly or do a little at a time.

Courses available online vary from group to group and package to package. Most include the latest in Excel, Microsoft programming, Comp TIA, Internet Explorer, Internet Marketing, Java, Java Script, Photoshop, Power Point, Web Design and Publishing, Office, Lotus and Windows.

Online IT training will not only strengthen your computer skills but will also help you to become an invaluable employee or a successful entrepreneur. If you are choosing to stay with your current company, strengthening your computer skills may be the justification you need for a promotion or pay raise. If it is your business you are hoping to start, online computer courses will give you the skills you need to step into the World Wide Web with confidence.

One last thing to remember if you are intending to book yourself on to any distance learning course such as these is that you really need to be focused if you wish to realistically finish the program.

Of course it is nice to think of studying your desired discipline in the comfort of your own home however what many people tend to forget is that home can be a very distracting place at times. If you feel that your home life will get in the way of your studies then maybe it is a better idea for you to consider attending a classroom based style of education.

At the end of the day, you can always try online IT training out for yourself first on a trial period basis, if you find you can do the course then there is no need to throw in the towel. Just remember to stay focused, study hard and remain disciplined throughout and you will achieve everything you set out to achieve for your career in IT.

Why Is Chemistry Important to Nurses?

Nurses need a good understanding of chemistry, physics and mathematics as well as biology and all nursing courses include these subjects. To understand the way the body works at a cellular level and to understand processes such as the action of enzymes, the role of sodium in the body and how the body keeps the blood pH in balance needs a good understanding of biochemistry which itself is based on chemistry.

Some of the processes that a nurse will need to understand include the way that glucose is metabolised in the body and what goes wrong in a patient with diabetes. A nurse also needs to be able to interpret the results of blood tests that may be ordered by a doctor and be knowledgeable enough to be able to explain and advise her patients when things go wrong with their health. Chemistry is at the heart of all the processes occurring in the body so, in order to understand how the body works in both healthy and sick patients, this knowledge is crucial.

How is glucose metabolised?

Glucose is a small chemical consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen ions formed into a ring. Our bodies use glucose as an energy source and after a meal the glucose levels in the blood rise. As the blood glucose level rises insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, lowers the blood glucose level by transporting it to the tissues where it is needed for energy. For those patients with diabetes the pancreas has lost it’s ability to produce insulin and the blood glucose levels remain dangerously high. To diagnose diabetes a glucose tolerance test is used. After fasting overnight the patient is given a drink containing a measured amount of glucose and the blood glucose levels are measured over a few hours to see how the body is metabolising it. In  a patient with diabetes the blood glucose levels will remain much higher than in a healthy patient.

Blood pH

It is vital that the pH of the blood is kept balanced in a very narrow range. pH is a measure of the acidity of the blood with a pH of 7 being neutral, below 7 being acidic and above 7 basic. Blood must be kept within pH 7.35 to 7.45 and this is maintained by a buffer system which uses carbonic acid in equilibrium with carbonate ions. Buffers play a big part in maintaining, not only the pH of the blood, but many other homeostasis systems in the body. A buffer is a substance that keeps the pH fairly stable when small amounts of acid or base are added. In the blood a complicated system involving carbonic acid and carbon dioxide keeps the pH within healthy limits.

The Sodium/Potassium Pump

The cells in the body need to be kept balanced by moving sodium ions out of cells and potassium ions into cells. The mechanism to do this is called the sodium/potassium pump. Both the sodium ions and potassium ions are being moved against a concentration gradient. A sodium ion is positive as it has eleven protons in its nucleus that are positive and ten electrons around the nucleus that are negative. Overall then it has a positive charge and we call it an ion. Anything that has a charge due to an imbalance between the positive protons in the nucleus and the negative electrons is called an ion. Potassium ions are also positive. Now the cells need less sodium ions and more potassium ions so a mechanism is needed to move the sodium ions out of the cell and the potassium ions into the cell. As this is taking place against a concentration gradient, energy is needed and this is supplied by a molecule known as ATP (adensosine triphosphate)


These are just two of the many examples of why chemistry is importance to nurses. To be a good nurse a thorough understanding of the processes in the body at all levels is crucial.

More Information On Care Homes Required As The Elderly Population Increases

As our elderly population increases so does the number of older people who need to sell their homes to pay for residential care homes themselves. The most recent research in the UK states that 70,000 homes are sold each year in order to pay for care homes. Very few people seek professional advice on the matter of probably one of the largest financial commitments they have ever made – which is paying care home fees. Care home fees can be very high and the sooner elderly people address it, the more chance they have of making arrangements at the right time.

Whether you are being funded or paying for your care homes privately, there is a lot of information you must understand so that you know what you are rightfully entitled to in the way of local authority or NHS or welfare benefits. There are also specially designed financial products that can undertake to meet the shortfall in income to cover the cost of care at the outset often requiring just a part of your capital to be utilised to meet care costs releasing the remainder for the eventual inheritance that so many older people wish to leave.

Care homes in England are regulated by The Care Quality Commission and are classified by the types of services they are registered to provide. Details of care homes including the services for which they are registered are available from The Quality Care Commission and from your local authority.You can ask your G.P. to arrange for an assessment of needs to help you and your care team decide what kind of care will be required. If you have been given a diagnosis of dementia, this assessment will recommend the type of care for you. Homes are classified by type of care: one type is nursing and the other is residential. People with dementia might qualify for either type of care.

When choosing a home, it might help to consider the location and how accessible the home is to those who want to visit. Moving into a different environment is disorientating for anyone; for people with dementia, the impact is much more severe so contact with people who are familiar becomes essential.

The quality of care is another key factor. You might find it useful to consider what that might mean beyond basic physical care. Would you want to participate in communal activities? Would you object to someone of the opposite sex or someone much younger performing intimate personal care? Are there any factors that relate to your beliefs and customs that need to be observed? It will be important to spend time at any care home you are considering. What is the quality of interaction between staff and residents? Are residents engaged in meaningful activity?These questions will help you to frame your choices. Regular assessments from your care team will help to ensure that your ongoing needs will be met.

The most important thing is to ask for help when you feel you cannot cope any longer and to talk to someone about it. It might be possible to access more home care that would lighten your load and make it possible to care more easily. You could choose to have some respite care for the person with dementia and then you could return to caring for him or her. You can ask your GP or Social Worker to do a further needs assessment to see if the person with dementia is entitled to extra support.

Carers are also entitled to an assessment of needs to help them in their role as a carer depending upon their circumstances.