Portland Personal Injury Attorneys Ensure Fair Compensation

Many people in the Northwest, as well as across the country, have a do-it-myself attitude. There are, however, some situations you definitely do not want to solve on your own. Some situations are too big for one single person to handle and require the expertise and assistance of a Portland personal injury attorney.

These people are legal professionals who help their clients get compensated for major physical, emotional, and mental harm believed to be caused by a 3rd party individual, organization, or business.

Additionally, there exist specialized personal injury attorneys who only focus on a specific field within this practice.

Some of these specialized fields include medical malpractice, hospital negligence, asbestos claims, and workers compensation.  They all are in the same legal industry (personal injury)  but they focus on a specific niche within it.

When a person is involved in a bad car collision or any other accident he is entitled, under the law, to be repaid for those damages. The law states that he should be compensated for his pain, suffering, time lost from work, and future wages that he will most likely loose.  But, the quality of attorney you hire will determine just how well you are compensated.

You must also prove that an person or organization is not only liable but you must also prove to the courts that a an individual’s action or lack of action was the major cause of your harm.

It may sound easy but it is in reality a difficult feat to accomplish especially if the defendant (person being sued) has a good team of attorneys himself.

Both sides will attempt to discredit the other and the side who gathers enough evidence or is able to plead his client’s case the best will win.

Lets say for instance a person is driving and his gets rear-ended in a major automobile accident. He cannot work for months. To get to the point where he is even functional he must go through many sessions of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and deep tissue massages; not to mention he must receive an abundance of prescription medications to manage the pain while he heals.

Additionally, this person will have lost time from work and will be unable to work for at least several months in the condition he is in.

A good personal injury attorney has the job of making sure the person who hit him pays for these damages.  This will usually be through an insurance policy (auto, homeowners, workers compensation, general liability) but if that is not enough it will be from the actual person.

The person who caused to accident could have been on the phone, texting, no paying attention, driving erratically, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The attorney will have to do some investigation work and find out what it is so that he can prove to the courts that the accident was caused from negligence.

Maybe it was just an honest mistake.  It is still the job of any personal attorney to prove to the courts that the accident was caused because the other person failed to adhere to some sort of established driving law, which if followed, would have prevented the accident.

Whenever a person is involved in an major accident or any other kind of situation that can affect the rest of his life he needs a personal injury attorney.  Without one he is leaving himself open to attack.  The people representing the defendant will try to bully the plaintiff and make him settle.  Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to persuade a person who is suffering and in debt to take a significantly lesser amount than he should.  Keep in mind that the amount you are compensated for in the end will be determined by your attorney.  Choose well.

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Asbestosis Compensation Claim Eligibility

The following article is by no means intended to provide medical or legal advice. My wife received her breast cancer diagnosis in March of 2009. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer seven months later. My left kidney had to be removed through a laparoscopic robotic radical nephrectomy, because it was taken over by the primary tumor of my cancer.
Based on the pathology, there is a strong indication that my cancer started to develop around 20 years ago. This would pretty much exactly fall into a timeline where I was exposed to asbestos for over a year on a daily basis and at a high intensity. With that being said, I am not a doctor or expert, however, I developed a strong interested in researching the potential causes of kidney cancer. And one of those causes is asbestos exposure.

What is asbestosis?

Let’s first have a brief discussion about what asbestosis is, before we explore further any possible legal actions that affected patients may want to consider. Asbestosis is comparable to a chronic inflammation that impairs the lungs, and which is exclusively caused by a person’s exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a naturally occurring material which consists of interwoven toxic fibers. This material found widespread use for over 100 years and was mainly utilized in the manufacturing and building industries. To this day, we still find many asbestos containing materials, predominantly in houses that were built prior to 1980 and haven’t been modernized since. It is important to note that the majority of the experts clearly advised that asbestos products do not pose any harm as long as they remain undamaged. But there are primarily two scenarios which are responsible for people contracting serious illnesses because they have been exposed to asbestos: and unsafe living environment because of damaged asbestos containing product and occupational contact. In other words, employees who are exposed to this potentially hazardous material form the group that is associated with the highest risk. When asbestos is being handled or processed, it releases its toxic fibers. Anybody on site or close proximity is at danger of inhaling or ingesting the harmful dust particles which ultimately end up lodging in or nearby the lungs. As a result, an affected individual may develop severe diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer and the fatal cancer mesothelioma. All asbestos illnesses are known for their long latency period. They lie dormant and a patient may not exhibit any signs or symptoms for up to several decades after his initial contact with the material.

Who is eligible for an asbestosis compensation claim?

Anybody who has been diagnosed with any of the aforementioned diseases, and whose health condition can be directly linked to someone else’s neglect or misconduct, might have the legal grounds to seek compensation through a compensation settlement claim.

The dangers of asbestos exposure were known to the industry and corporations, and widely communicated by the medical community. Doctors and scientists vehemently warned that being exposed to the material was the reason why more and more people got sick and developed diseases that were solely linked back to frequent and long term contact with asbestos. However, some companies knowingly and willing fully decided not to install the appropriate safety measurement to protect their employees adequately.

And in such cases an asbestos victim is advised to seek legal consultation to have his rights protected.

Finding the right asbestos lawyer is crucial to your success

Seeking monetary compensation for your personal injuries caused by asbestos exposure is not an easy endeavor. It is strongly recommended to consult with a specialized mesothelioma lawyer or asbestos attorney law firm right after your diagnosis is conclusive. Time is of essence, as the statue of limitations – which can differ from state to state and jurisdiction – only allows for a certain amount of time (usually 2-3 years) in which a claimant needs to come forward to be considered for a compensation settlement.

The settlement can be obtained either through a negotiation between your lawyer and the defendant’s insurance company, or may need the involvement of a judge and jury in case a before trial agreement can not be achieved.