Finding the Best Futon Mattress Frame

Futon mattresses have come of age in the past decade and are not the just the utilitarian type bedding that college student purchased during the 70s and 80s. Today, selections vary from the aforementioned stark and basic to elegant and tasteful fine furniture. The futon frame is available in many types of rich hardwoods, steel, and even faux wood materials. Pricing is like any other piece of furniture and runs the gambit from the low one hundred dollar range on up to over one thousand dollars for a luxurious queen-size bed frame. The concept of futon frame type bedding is not a new one, as folding hide-a-beds that also double as a couch have been around since the early nineteen hundreds, and have been the hidden guest bedroom for many homeowners through out the country.

Futon mattresses come in all the standard bed sizes from full to king-size, but you will be hard pressed to find a king futon frame, even though the mattress is available. Depending on your budget constraints you can spend up to over two thousand dollars for the top of the line Serenity futon mattress series. For the young adult just starting out, less expensive models are available around the one hundred dollar mark. Be sure and read the specifications on the product package before purchasing, as it is federal law that these mattresses adhere to a high standard of being flame retardant.

Queen futon frames and mattress combination’s are perfect for the young married couple in their first studio apartment where space is a concern and their bedroom has to double as a daytime living space. There are several models with drawers built into the frame and will allow you to quickly strip and store the bedding to restore the bed to it’s sofa position.

Buying a futon frame and mattress combination can save money, but you will probably want to purchase them separately so you can chose the furniture style of the frame to go with the rest of your living space, and insure you are getting a mattress with the correct firmness for support and a good nights sleep. Plan on spending three hundred and up on a frame that offers a little style and décor. A good firm mattress will also be in a similar pricing range. Check first with the standard mattress manufactures like, Serta, Sealy, and Temperpedic as they will first and foremost have proven products that will last longer than some imported mattresses that are deeply discounted.

The varieties of the wood futon frame to choose from are too numerous to list, and it would be prudent to narrow down your choices by performing a cursory search online before visiting local retailers. Print out your list of frame makers and their model numbers, and ask the retail clerk to see those specific frames, so you can examine the quality and design before making a final purchase selection.

Online classifieds and auctions are a great resource to save money by purchasing a used futon frame, but always option for a new mattress, as you will not know the history of previously owned mattress, and what may be embedded in the material. Only consider purchasing online if the used frame is within a short driving distance so you can personally inspect it before agreeing to purchase it.

The metal futon frame is great for that high-tech urban look, and is very popular among the young singles that want to make a statement in their living area. These frames are available in sturdy steel configurations, and are powder coated in several appealing colors. This will give your interior a fresh modern look that can be accentuated with chrome, and distressed metal accessories to bring the entire guest room or living space together as one big design statement.

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