Getting Through the First Phase of the South Beach Diet

There are many people who decide that the time has come to lose some weight and look at the options available to them from the many different types of plans, programs and strategies that exist. One such option is the highly popular South Beach Diet which provides its customers with a three phase diet plan that enables them to lose the weight with a varied plan that can be very successful when its adhered to. The hardest part by necessity is the first of the three phases and it is this that people often fall down on. So let’s look at what you can do to help you get through the first phase of this diet plan and onto the next which gets easier and primes you for the final phase.

What makes the first phase so difficult is the restrictive nature of what you can actually eat. It only lasts for two weeks and is based around the theories that made such diets as Atkins hugely popular. It works on the basis that if you cut out carbohydrates completely from your diet, you force your body into its primitive instinctive mode of burning fats to supply the muscles with the fuel they need to keep working. Where the South Beach Diet differs from such restrictive diets as the Atkins and similar is that it only makes this restriction for the first two weeks, which is essentially the strategy behind Phase One of the diet. After this, carbohydrates are reintroduced slowly working on the basis that the body will have already lost a good deal of weight in the first phase and will continue burning fats well into the second phase to continue the weight loss at a slower, more leisurely rate.

So getting through that first phase is essential to making the diet work in the longer term. You can do this by firstly getting yourself into a positive frame of mind. A determined, persistent and forward thinking attitude really helps you to take the bull by the horns and face up to this phase with the right kind of motivation to see it through. At mealtimes, you should constantly remind yourself that you are doing this for your benefit because you want to lose weight and focus on the end result of you looking thinner, better and feeling great!

Cutting out a lot of foods that you habitually eat with meals that were probably a big part of the cause of your weight gain in the first place, like bread, pasta, potatoes, white rice etc may seem like a hardship at first. But in actual fact, you soon find that you don’t miss them so much and can get on with eating what you are supposed to eat with a renewed enthusiasm. Then when you tuck into the great tasting meals you are permitted to eat, you can enjoy them and forget that you are even on a diet.

While these restrictions apply for Phase One, they are relaxed in Phase Two, so you won’t have to go without for very long. When you look on the bright side and see the positive aspects to this phase, you’ll see how varied you can actually make your meals. Because you are allowed to eat lean meats such as steak and chicken as well as a variety of vegetables, you can get really creative and produce some truly stunning meals that you will be more than happy to sit down to. Before you know it, your first two weeks will have passed, You will be through Phase One, several pounds lighter and ready to continue on with Phase Two of the diet plan.

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