Green Tea Weight Loss Pills – The Magic Bullet?

Green tea is one of the herbal supplements there is for weight loss. To be successful in losing weight, you need to take action now!

With they way that the modern society is developing it is hard to see a cure for the growing epidemic of obesity that has struck the developed countries. People are more overweight and more unhealthy than ever.

Most of the diseases like diabetes mellitus type 2, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, high blood insulin, metabolic syndrome and so on, could be remedied with just diet and exercise. It is not just the adult population that is suffering. All of these are affecting our children as well.
Diabetes type 2 was known before as the adult type diabetes, but there have been cases with nine year old children suffering from it. All because of bad eating habits. There is no way that children could be blamed for this.

It is their parents that feed them all this junk. So, now it is more important than ever that people would start losing weight. Still, extended periods of dieting and a strict work out regime can be very tough to handle. The physical aspect of losing weight is not the toughest part. It is very hard psychologically.

That is why people are spending large sums of money on green tea weight loss pills, hoping for easier and quicker fats loss. But are they good for all they are hyped for?

For last two decades there have been scientific studies showing the potential of green tea weight loss supplements. Still, what sometimes works on studies, does not necessarily mean that it works in a real life situation although studies try to mimic real life as well as possible.

That is why many people have started to question the health benefits of green tea. They have used green tea with no noticeable weight loss. There are three main reasons for that. Firstly people are not dieting while using green tea weight loss pills. They expect their excess weight to shed while they are on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer. I can tell you that there is no drug or herbal supplement that will do it.

You still need to diet and exercise in order to lose weight. Supplements will make it easier. You will get results quicker and easier, but no way you are going to make any progress if you are not willing to make an effort. The second reason is that people do not buy the good stuff.

They always try to save money and buy the cheapest alternative there is. The thing is that cheap supplements do not have near as much epigallocathecin gallate (EGCG, the substance responsible for the health benefits) as the more expensive ones. So you are wasting you money on cheap pills that are filled with dried tea leaves rather than the more potent extract.

Third reason is the dosage. If you want to get the benefits, you need to take enough of EGCG. Only one tablet is not going to do it. You need take two pills three times per day to get the weight loss benefits.

The health benefits of green tea pills are quite well documented. Green tea has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity, which improves blood glucose levels and blood insulin levels. These are very good news for insulin resistant people, people suffering from diabetes, metabolic syndrome or overweight.

The benefits do not stop there. Green tea diet pills will also boost your metabolism, increase thermogenesis and increase lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells for energy consumption).It is also very beneficial for suppressing appetite. As our body has an ingenious system that tells us when we need to eat. It signals this be making us feel hungry Overweight people have a history eating too much and eating too much junk food. That kind of eating habit will affect this delicate system.

Your signals are going to get mixed. You are going to feel hungry even if there is no need to eat. Green tea helps with this by suppressing the feeling of hunger. You can go for longer without feeling the desire to snack. Another thing that bother people while dieting are cravings, especially carbohydrate cravings. You can feel a very strong desire for cake or candy even though you have just eaten a meal and you are feeling full.

Don’t worry tea is going to help with that also.Don’t think that the health benefits stop there. Studies have shown that green tea protects you from various types of cancer including breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer and even skin cancer (only when applied topically). It is also a very potent antioxidant that is going to protect you against those nasty free radicals.

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