DTA Clothing

The best thing about DTA clothing is that their design has gone through the streets, colleges and high schools. It has matured and they are providing the most street credible clothing that there is. DTA Clothing has a name that derives from the words Don’t Trust Anything Posse, and they are a clothes manufacturer that has been around as long as from the year 1991 and they have formed a group of same minded people that design the clothes in an urban and modern style. If you want to find out more about their clothes check out these offers!

I was personally not that familiar with their line of products before I found them using the search engines. I was looking for stylish hats and I did find some nice looking caps from them. I am not a fan of the ‘urban teenager’ look and this is why the matured look of these clothes caught my eye. Not only are they good looking but also they do not boast that same over-the-top look that many of the t-shirts I see these days. Take Ed Hardy for example. They also manufacture great looking clothes but sometimes they go a little overboard with the amount of graphics and bling on the clothes.

Powermat Charging System – The solution for a wireless life

I previously wrote a post about the powermat charging system and today I am going a bit further. If you already are not familiar with this great product then read my previous article about it to get a more detailed view about it. There is a simple and a noble idea behind the product and the whole wireless charging system – they are hoping for all the electronic manufacturers to join their forces and start making devices which have a wireless charging unit already integrated, so that no-one should ever have to struggle with a pile of mixed up charger cords. This will not only make it easier to charge your gadgets, but also you are not going to have go through the cords when you are trying to clean your house.

Their product line is not that versatile yet, as they are a new company, but even so the items that they offer are useful and right on the money. Currently there are to different models of the mat that is used for the charging. There is a portable model and also a home/office model which is of a sleek and modern design. These mats both offer three charging spots, that can be used at the same time to give power to your chosen electronic gadgets. All you need to do is set your mobile phone, camera, Nintendo DS or other similar gadget on the mat and it will start charging it – well at least in the future, today you need to have an external wireless charging (WC) receiver for the product to function properly.

Powermat also manufactures these WC-units for a wide selection of gadgets. This means that you can find them for the products mentioned before, but also they offer an universal charging unit which has 8 different heads for different gadgets. Besides just offering wireless charging, Powermat is also promising faster charge times which should at least attract people with a lot of gadgets to keep powered.

10 Best ways to waste time while trying to make money online

There seems to be quite a large crowd trying to earn an income using the internet, and many of them are doing it because they want to stop doing regular work. It is a noble quest but it does require quite a lot of work and almost all of us find ourselves doing something that we are not supposed to do – we are quitly of spending our time with one of the 10 best ways to waste time while trying to make money online. (I am actually doing all of them all the time)

Reading the various MMO-blogs

Almost all of us are quilty of this and it is actually quite normal – you want to have an idea of what other people are doing to make that online income a reality. Every now and then you find a nice blog which you start reading, and sometimes you get hooked. I personally don’t read too many blogs but I do spend way too much time sometimes on the few that I read. You might think that you can’t spend too much time on a blog once you have read the post but oh yes, you can…

Commenting on the MMO blogs

Sometimes you really want to be social and you have to make a comment about the post that you just  read. It might be the fact that you appreciate what the author wrote, have more experience about it, have some questions about it or just want to let him/her know that you were by that blog. You want to socialize because the majority of your time is spent building websites and trying to shut everything social out from your life. Once you start to respect another internet marketer, it is normal to try to be friends with him/her because your thoughts are similar. Well, once you have made your comment it is time to waste some more time…

Wait for your comment to be published

Blogs which automatically approve of comments that are not spammy by nature are the worst enemy of people who refresh the page every five minutes just to see if their comment got through Akismet, and is approved by the author. I have definitely done this at some point of my life, and it has to be one of the most time consuming things you can do. At some point you might even think that you are not going start writing that ezine just yet because your comment might be published soon, and after that comes the…

Wait for your comment to be answered

It is approved now.. What next? Is he/she going to answer it? She must have read it because it is published! WHY IS HE/SHE NOT ANSWERING IT?! Well sometimes people just write comments that can not be answered, and sometimes bloggers just can’t be bothered to. If you commented on Griz’s blog you most likely did some digital fellatio and are waiting for him to ‘approve of it’. You are waiting for the nod of the head from the guru which is a clear sign of the fact that he now is your friend and in future you can bother him with any possible thing that comes to your mind. Comments are great and if you ask something that has not been answered in the post then it is excellent. But you if you claim to be a long time reader and are asking something that has been written 10 times in the 5 last posts and asked 20 in the previous comments, then you are most likely not going to be answered every single time.

Also because of the fact that some blogs get an insane amount of comments, it could be possible that the author did not just see yours – but if you think this is the case don’t go back begging for him/her to answer your comment, it’s not cool. I don’t get an insane amount of comments in any of my blogs, and that is why I feel obligated to answer all of them, even if they are those ‘fly-by’ comments “hi! nice post”. Well if they get through Akismet I do.

Waste your time on the forums

Do you really think that you can make money online reading forums? I am definitely guilty as charged on spending too much time on one of the various forums there are. The truth about forums is this. If you are reading forums like Digital Point or Warrior Forums, you are most likely not learning anything that you can use. There are a lot of people just gaming the forums and marketing useless crap to newbies who are trying to earn a passive income, and they are doing it simply because these guys are ready to buy everything you feed to them. If you identify yourself from the previous paragraph, it is a good idea to get out from there and forget about your username – forums are not going to provide you with any sort of income unless you are selling stuff to the readers.

I spend most of my time on Ben’s make money online forum and I concider it being quite a high quality forum, even though there is a lot of the regular crap there. The fact is that if you are a part of a forum and you are not there to ask questions, you are most likely going to give newbie advice to people who are even newer to the business than you are. Congratulations you have found someone who knows less of internet marketing than you do! I do give advice there and I do spend way too much time there, and I can honestly say that sometimes I think that I am a more experienced marketer than the guy asking the question. Well the problem is that I don’t know how much he is making, or how long has he been doing it. I can give advice that are based on something that I have learnt by doing, or something that I have learn by reading, or something that I have learnt by just trying to figure out. There are usually as many advice as there are people giving them, and you are probably going to get a wide view of peoples opinions if you dare to ask a question that is interesting, There is no one method that works, and there are many success stories and you are going to have to do the work to see the money, not change your methods every week.

Doing pointless keyword research

The Keyword Academy method for keyword research is actually quite great – build a large list of keywords before you proceed to work on that list. When you are constantly trying to do some keyword research and come up with new ideas, you are most likely neglecting the ones that you had last week, month or year. Do you have a website which is built, has a few backlinks but is sitting in the third SERP because you have had too many other great ideas to be able to get that one site making you money? I noticed that I have at least three websites that I have sitting in positions 12-15 for their main keyword, and I have not even done too much work on them. These are sites with potential and I am getting zero visitors because of the fact that I am too busy not promoting them.

Staring at the screen

There are moments when we feel like we are burnt out and don’t have anything to write or do. Don’t just stare at your screen and hope that you are going to get an inspiration on what to do next, but instead take a break or try to get that inspiration from somewhere. If you are spending most of your time writing articles then you are most likely not taking breaks. That is great if you can work like a madman, but if you are one of those guys who can’t write a word once they are done with what they had to say it is time to chill out a sec. You are not going to be efficent if you are working for six hours straight, you need a few ten-fifteen minute breaks once in two hours to be able to keep on working efficently.

Perfecting your MMO blog

Don’t get me wrong here – if you have tons of search engine traffic and are making a lot of money it is a great idea to try to hone that adsense placement and that theme to be able to make the most out of it. If you take a look at the most popular blogs there are, you are going to see a simple blog which is clear. This is because the owners are people who are actually making money online, and don’t have the time to do nice graphics for their header, or make their site look nice. They are doing this as their business, and if you would have a business of your own, would you prefere to spend your time telling a friend how you are doing, or would you spend your time trying to improve your business. People get it all wrong, and think that the MMO blogs are the actual business – they are not.

Not working because it might not work

There are times when you are uncertain about yourself. You will think that you are not going to gain anything from writing this article, and that this one blog that you create is not going to make you money. You will never know if something is going to work if you don’t give it a try. The funny thing with making money online is that usually the thing that you least expect to make you any income is likely going to be the one most profiting thing you ever did. If you think that writing about making money online is going to make money online and that building a niche blog around left handed scissors is not, then you are probably wrong.

Not working because it is too late

I see this asked over and over again on different blogs and it is closely related to the previous way to waste time while trying to make money online. You are afraid that your efforst are not worth anything and you think that you already lost that chance with that one blog because you started out the wrong way. WRONG. You can always go back, change the content and interlinking, build the support sites and reap the benefits, unless, you did something stupid and got a ‘permanent’ deindex.

If you don’t think these are the 10 best ways to waste time while trying to make money online then feel free to comment and add your two cents!

How cool is the Powermat Wireless Charger?

I am the kind of guy who likes his gadgets – especially if they come with an Apple logo. I have the iPhone, an iPod and before I started spending all my time building websites I was constantly looking for something cool that I could buy. Nowadays I have almost completely started searching the internet for anything cool, and I have made my life quite aschetic and try to focuse on the one most important thing. Well evne though every now and then something extraordinary comes up and I get excited. That is it this time? The powermat wireless charger has to be one of the most innovative things to hit the markets in the near past.

Why is it so great? Recently the electronic companies have been just trying to fill their gadgets with more specifications – I really don’t care if my mp3-player can edit videos, play 3d-games and has a very powerful processor so that I can do this all at the same time. Always bringing the latest invetion to the gadgets has gotten boring, and most of the big companies don’t even focus on making their players better, they just want to be able to succesfully add another great specification to it and make it work. Does anyone need it? Probably not but heck, now they can build up the specifications – list. This is most likely the reason why I like Apple products since they are not focused on selling you specs – they don’t readily advertise the hardware that their products have, they are more likely going to show you what it can do and how easy it is to use, and most of all how clutter free everything is.

Well even with the advances that the industry is making they have forgotten about one major thing – the charging. When you are the proud owner of a wide variety of different electronic gadgets you are going to need to have a charger for each. They are not compatible in most cases since for some reason no-one started to make universal standards – probably because they all want to be able to sell their own chargers. When you have 10 gadgets you have 10 chargers and you have to be constantly rotating them in your extension cord to get everything charged. You will have cords lying around and it is not going to look pretty. Well this is where the powermat wireless charger is going to make a difference.

The best thing about this product is that you can use it to charge all your small electronic devices. You don’t need to have a charger for them all, but instead you are going to have a small dock for each device which are going to make a contact with the Powermat and start the charging. For now you are going to need the wireless stations attached to the devices, but in the future manufacturers are hopefully going to integrate the wireless charging receivers in their devices to make them easily wirelessly charged. Think about it – you can wirelessly charge your laptop, cell phone, mp3-player and anything else when you just put them on the table after use. Get rid of the extra cords, and get a Powermat Charging System! You won’t regret it. Priced at just below $100 it might feel like a big investment to some, but remember that don’t have to buy another charger ever again.

The best online trading tips

The internet opens up quite a lot of new doors for us and it is easy to see the potential. There are advertisers promoting Forex Bots that are supposed to do give you perfect advice on when to buy a specific currency and when to sell it. Well most likely they are not best online trading tips around.

Someone who is new to trading can easily find advice on the internet. Besides just using Google to find it, you can search from article databases like Ezinearticles or go to investing related websites like MoneyWeek. There are more than enough tips and tricks to get you started, but if you are a complete newbite to the game, you need to learn a little about how it works and how to buy stock online for beginners.

If you are set on online trading then you should try to find a trading company that suites your needs. There are so many different ones online that I can only advice you to do a search engine search for it, and start looking for a company that you like. You should look at their prices and take notes about the cost per trade and also what kind of research tools they provide. Finding the best company is not the most important thing so don’t get stuck with it and also don’t think that finding the cheapest online trading company is something that is necessary.

Normally people get started in stocks by finding a company that they like and buying some of their stocks. They are hoping that some day the stock is going to be much more valuable and that day they can retire and go live in the bahamas. Well most people who actually make money in the stock markets are people who invest in companies with a potential, and instead of looking for something they like, they look at something that is going to make them money.

You need to be aware of what is happening around the world to be able to be successful trading online, so you should at least start reading newspapers and watching global news – that way you are not going to buy a piece of an oil company, when they are going to ban cars powered by gasoline in the next few weeks.

Set goals about the prices that you are going to buy with, and the prices that you are going to sell and stick with them. Usually the biggest mistakes are made when you start hoping for the stocks to climb up just a little more, and that is the moment the value takes a dive when every other trader dumps their piece of the cake. When you do this, you are not going to win as much as you could but you are not going to lose as much as you could. Don’t worry about the stock that you just sold, since you are going to lose your mind with it. If it climbs after you sold it, so what!

The last and most important advice is to not trust a broker. Learn the game yourself and have full control of what is happening with your money. Especially the brokers that have thousands of clients are not going to be able to take care of your cash, but they are more likely trying to play a big game and use all their clients to pump up some specific stock.

The best onlien trading tips are the ones that you figure out. Learn from your mistakes and also from your success – but bear in mind that the stock is not always predictable, and even if something worked before, it might not this time around.

What are the 10 best free blog hosts

It is not easy to set up a list like this since there are always people who see things differently than I do, so I am going to make it clear that these ten best free blog hosts are based on my experiences, and my opinions. They don’t necessarily reflect the true quality of the hosts but instead it shows what hosts have been working for me the way that I have used them.

I will have to emphasize that free blog hosts always tie your hands when it comes to customization and flexibility. If you are about to blog about your two week trip to India, then it’s a great choice, but if you plan on blogging for a longer time you should definitely get a hosting account. You don’t want to build a large blog, only to realize that the free hosts limits start bothering you, and you are facing a very difficult process of moving your blog. HostGator is the best and most affordable blog host there is and that is why I recommend you to have a look at their offers.

Use coupon code “bestonline” at Hostgator to get ALMOST FREE BLOG HOSTING – a $9.94 discount!

For more info, have a look at this post about the best blog host there is.

1. Blogger

Had to be number one. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about blogspot blogs except that these days it takes some time to get them indexed. The templates that they offer are nice and SEO friendly, and clean like I prefee my themes to be. You can even display your own ads on the blog if you get enough targeted traffic in the first place. Most of the issues that people have with it is that it is not customisable enough, even though there is quite a lot of ‘widgets’ available. There is a wide range of themes available if you just use the Google to find them, and the ones that are already there are easily modified using their built in editor. Definitely the best free blog host there is but is suffering a little from the fact that the spammers have found it also. It is easy to create hundreds of accounts and hundreds of blogs, and that is causing the blogs to take a little more time to get indexed in the search engines.


Has always worked great for me, and if you are looking for wordpress hosting then this is a great service. They say that there are some limits to the amount you can use their services, but if you are not going to make it your flagship, then there is no problem. There are some of their ads displayed, but not too much. Overall they provide a good service for free. The registration is quick and reliable and there are still quite a lot of subdomains available so you can usually get what you want.

3. Vox.com

This seems to be a pretty trusted domain, since blogs are usually indexed quite quickly for a free service. Once again, it is not for professional blogging, but if you want to just write stuff down and even get some visitors for it, it is great. I have had some problems with the confirmation e-mails sometimes, but usually they have arrived within 12 hours. The layout is quite customisable but the themes are not. They provvide a wide variety of themes but I bet most of them don’t suite the eyes of the bloggers that much.

4. Dreamhost AppsAfter reading this dreamhost review I can not recommend it to anyone, and if you have any decent websites that are in any way associated with that company, I suggest that move away before any problems occure!

A great service to host a WordPress blog and a number of other apps. Completely free, and if you feel like you are going to make it with your blog, you can  easily upgrade to paid hosting ( DON’T ) and have total control of your blog. There is quite a good selection of themes already included, but with like most of the free hosts, you are not allowed to install any more. Registration worked perfectly.

5. Blogsome

Yet another wordpress bloghost. Works great but you are forced to display some of their adsense ads. If you are not going to build a blog that will be huge and used for monetization, then its a good way to get some property online with another C-class IP. Not too much thees to choose from. I have had no problems with them and the process of creating the blog was easy just like with almost all the WP-installs. There are some exeptions though.

6. Blogomonster – NOT A BLOG HOST ANYMORE

I usually don’t like free blogs that are not created to a subdomain, but with Blogomonster I have had my blogs indexed so quickly that I can’t really complain. WordPress hosting with no problems in the registration and tiny ads on the top and bottom of your posts


Basically a duplicate from Blogsome, with the exception that there are no ads displayed. The themes are boring and simple, just the way you should like them.

8. Bravejournal

It is always a good idea to spread your blogs to different platforms to give them a more variant profile. That is why services like Bravejournal are great because they have their own platform. The biggest problem with them is that you have to display a huge banner ad on the top of your blog, so if you are not willing to give anything back to your host for offering that free hosting, then it is not for you.  You can modify the themes quite a lot and they do boast a good selection of themes, but if you want to make your blog look good then this is definitely not the place for you.

9. WordPress.com

As much as people like it, I don’t. I have to agree that it has some street credibility and that the domain is powerful because they have a strict policy against spam. At the same time they are a bit too strict in my opinion – you can get easily banned from linking to a website that is monetized and does not look ‘legit’ in their eyes. They are not going to answer your e-mails but instead take your content and shut down your account. If you plan on building a blog there, it is a good idea to do backups of everything to avoid losing your content. Also if you have multiple accounts there and one of your blogs get deleted, there is a chance that they track your IP and wipe out the other ones too.

10. Blogdrive

This has got to be the ugliest free blog host that there is. The themes are pure pain to eyes that are used to fancy wordpress, and the permalinks to your posts are going to be simple 1.htm, 2.htm. The thing with this is though that it gets indexed also quite quickly. It has not been abused, possibly because of the crappy interface and the looks, but it works and gets the job done.

There are so many different hosts that I have used an I have some great experiences even with more than these and I would like to list them down here, so if you are looking for a bunch of free blog hosts, or are not happy with the ones that I listed here, you can choose yourself from the large variety offered.

There are a great number of other hosts available but since this is about the the 10 best free blog hosts, I am not going to mention them here. Many of them never sent me the confirmation e-mails even after multiple re-requests and some of them just did not get the blog set up correctly – it always displayed an error message. So if you want to have a wide variety of blogs, then there is your list – the best option is always to buy hosting so you can be in total control of your website, but if you are not willing to spend that extra money that would be spent on high quality affordable hosts like Hostgator, Fatcow or Bluehost then you will have to go with the free ones.

What is the best Blu-Ray player for the money

BD-discs are making their appearance and there are many different players starting to show on the markets. This gets most of the consumers confused about which ones of them are worth the invest because we all remember the first DVD players. There are always machines that take ages to load the disc, and in the end if the disc has any scratches or dirt on the surface, the cheaper and lower quality models are not going to be able to read them. So if you want to be able to get the best experience from your blu-ray movies without spendin a fortune you are going to have to find the best blu-ray player for the money.

The cheapest blu ray player at the moment is most likely the Magnavox NB530MGX which is sold at Wal-marts for a price tag that is just under $100. At this price you would expect it to be be quite low quality but with the customer experiences there has not been too many complaints. There are people who have been using it for six to seven times a week with rented discs – which usually have scratches and impurities of the surface due to the mishandling of them – without problems. If you are just looking for something that can play the movies and do a good job at it then this is a player that you should look in to, since it is most likely going to be the best blu ray player for the money.

If you are looking for performance versus money and usability then the first serious player that hit the markets is still the best one. Sony Playstation 3 slim is the player which has most of the options – you can use it as a game console, surf the internet, media station, the list goes on – and it has the most powerful processor. Due to the fact that the low cost players are not packing as strong of a processor as the Playstation they are not able to produce as fast playback and good quality image as the PS3. You can also use it to store all your mp3-files via wlan and use your home theatre to playback your favorite music. There is so much you can use it for an with the constantly lowering price you will have the best blu ray player for the money if you decide to go with the PS3.

Best ways to use an electric treadmill

Many people are looking for that simple one thing that is going to give answers to their questions. When you are working out there is no one type of workout that is the best for any type of goal. If you are looking for it you need to make some compromises when it comes to the results. There are no best ways to use an electric treadmill but if you are looking to get the most in all aspects of your physical condition by doing one type of exercise, you will have to go with high intensity interval training.

This could be a little easier to perform outdoors since you are going to alter the speed quite frequently, and if possible you will have to run uphill every now and then. There is quite a lot of scientifical data which shows that a HIIT exercise is very efficent in increasing live enzymes which burn fat for energy, HDL cholesterol and also the aerobic capaciry of the individual as well muscle strength. You could say that it is an overall workout and when you do it with some other piece of fitness equipment, like an elliptical trainer, you will get even more out from it. This article is going to focus on doing it on a treadmill though.

A HIIT exercise consists of short intence sprints which are followed by low intensity intervals and by doing this you are going to recruit all your muscle twitch muscle fibers and all the slow twitch muscle fibers in one exercise. At the same time you are recruiting all your muscles since you are not doing an easy workout and your heart and lungs are going to work extra hard to deliver the oxygen to your muscle and the acids and other metabolic waste products out from your muscle. This will cause your body to consume an extra amount of calories during the exercise and post exercise. Meaning that the EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) which is the measure of the efficency of a workout, is going to be high.

When you do this type of workout on an electric treadmill you will start off with a jogging speed. This is something that you can easily carry on for a long time with being able to speak at the same time – you are not going to be out of breath. Running at the low intesity for about 30-40 seconds and then suddenly increasing the speed to your maximum and make the angle of the treadmill so that you are running uphill. This will cause the resistance to grow and make you extra hard. This will go for about 20 seconds, and after that you are going to switch the settings to the easier resistance and repeat the pattern. This is the reason why you need to have an electric treadmill with two engines,  so that you can change the speed of the belt as well the angle of the belt without stepping off the machine.

Normally a workout like this continues for 10-20 minutes depending on the level of the individual doing the running machine workout, and that is why it is important to start with lower goals. Your first workout could include doing five minutes with 45 seconds of low followed by 15 seconds of high intensity. Slowly increasing the high intensity period, and decreasing the low, you will work your way to doing 25 high and 35 low for twenty minutes. When you can do this you are most likey at top shape with low bodyfat and a good aerobic condition.

Remember that there are no best ways to use an electric treadmill, and that is why you should try to find out the ones that work for you. The exercise described above is something that is quite versatile and works for multiple purposes, but if you are willing to compete at some sport you should contact a professional coach who can plan you a proper training regine.

What is the best foundation for flaky skin?

As the winter and the colder weather approaches in the northern part of the planet, there are many people who are suffering from dry and flaky skin. When you are trying to treat such conditions you should keep in mind that it is not just about the lotions and creams that you use, but if you are wearing make up on a daily basis, it is important to choose a foundation for flaky skin to avoid making the problems worse, and to be able to look good.

When you are having a really dry skin in the face it is a good idea to have a routine which aims to prepare the skin correctly for the make up process. You should start first with exfoliating the skin properly with a gentle exfoliating cream. This will get rid of all the flakes and the dry surface of your skin, but also at the same time it makes your skin feel soft and moist. It is a good idea to add a light moisturizer after this to protect and to nourish the delicate skin. There are many different products that I could suggest for this but something like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is probably the best moisturized for dry skin and at the same time it might be the best anti aging cream around.

After the cream is fully absorbed you should use just a little bit of a foundation for flaky skin. Having large pores is going to make the choosing even more difficult and that is why I have to recommend you to look in the inventory of Napoleon Perdis for products to help with this condtion.

There are a lot of great brands that provide a variety of selections for different types of problem skins and companies like Lancome and Chanel are one of the best. Usually you should look for a water based product since they are more suitable for dry skin. Normally people try to avoid these well-known brands because they are so expensive, but the products last long – you can use the same bottle for months since you need to apply just a little. So in the end you are going to save money.

For the foundation there are many products that do the trick and I have found that usually it is more about personal chooses. You are going to have to try out quite a few products before you find the best foundation for your flaky skin. This is just something that all of us have to go through and there is nothing we can do about it.