What is the best Blu-Ray player for the money

BD-discs are making their appearance and there are many different players starting to show on the markets. This gets most of the consumers confused about which ones of them are worth the invest because we all remember the first DVD players. There are always machines that take ages to load the disc, and in the end if the disc has any scratches or dirt on the surface, the cheaper and lower quality models are not going to be able to read them. So if you want to be able to get the best experience from your blu-ray movies without spendin a fortune you are going to have to find the best blu-ray player for the money.

The cheapest blu ray player at the moment is most likely the Magnavox NB530MGX which is sold at Wal-marts for a price tag that is just under $100. At this price you would expect it to be be quite low quality but with the customer experiences there has not been too many complaints. There are people who have been using it for six to seven times a week with rented discs – which usually have scratches and impurities of the surface due to the mishandling of them – without problems. If you are just looking for something that can play the movies and do a good job at it then this is a player that you should look in to, since it is most likely going to be the best blu ray player for the money.

If you are looking for performance versus money and usability then the first serious player that hit the markets is still the best one. Sony Playstation 3 slim is the player which has most of the options – you can use it as a game console, surf the internet, media station, the list goes on – and it has the most powerful processor. Due to the fact that the low cost players are not packing as strong of a processor as the Playstation they are not able to produce as fast playback and good quality image as the PS3. You can also use it to store all your mp3-files via wlan and use your home theatre to playback your favorite music. There is so much you can use it for an with the constantly lowering price you will have the best blu ray player for the money if you decide to go with the PS3.